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  2. Pete, Yes, the GSX menu opens on the second try. Dont worry too much though as I am reverting back to P3D V4.1. Im having just too many issues with 4.2 at the moment. Thanks anyway
  3. Some Issues of The Axis Assignment

    Yes please. Because if that has the same problem with DirectInput, then the problem is likely to be a Registry thing defining the device. The solution might be to uninstall the device and its driver completely, using the Windows Device Manager, then re-booting with it attached so that it gets re-registered. Did you ever install any software for it? If so, uninstall that too and try without. Pete
  4. Does the GSX menu open correctly? Are you using P3D 4.1 or 4.2? Pete
  5. Some Issues of The Axis Assignment

    Thank you very much! Yes you are right. Of course! They are attached to this comment. It was set to Raw Input. Should I check the other one instead? https://youtu.be/HelcGmMwwmw This is a short screen recording demonstrating the issue. 0:14 is the moment when I moved the yoke but not well-detected. 0:56 is when I moved the yoke but not detected by the axis assignment page. Interestingly, 1:00 is when I moved the yoke and the movements of axes were detected, but in a strange way. In particular, the changes in numbers shown were exceptionally gradual, slowed and delayed. I suspect that this is caused by the lack of driver tuned by the yoke manufacturer. Without calibration via either Windows or P3D setting, the range of axes' parameters are not well-defined which may lead to FSUIPC's failure to detect the yoke. Actually I thought I could directly do all calibration and axis assignment work via FSUIPC, could you please clarify if I misunderstand how it work? I hope this can help you understand more about the issue. Anson FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.JoyScan.csv FSUIPC5.log
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  7. Steam update 2/20

    Does this update also work for non steam users by reinstalling the link in the mail?
  8. 'Slight' glitch at KPHX

    Everything worked fine when I first installed KPHX. Then I suddenly started having the same problem. I realized it started just after a Windows 10 upgrade so I tried the Microsoft Solution. I deleted the Feel There directory and reinstalled the latest version of each program. I have not had this problem since (knock on wood).
  9. Hi Pete, I am running just the FSL Airbus and GSX. All other menus appear as does the FSUIPC menu. But if I click on that option nothing opens. Thanks Keith
  10. That is very strange. FSUIPC requests DialogMode from SimConnect and it isn't supposed to open the dialogue until SimConnect tells it that the mode is operative. Can you tell me what other P3D programs or addons you have running? Are there other entries in the AddOns menu? Pete
  11. TOPER Web - Support

    Hello, i too purchased an subscription through sim market and did not receive a token john Gaffney jmg225eharm@gmail.com
  12. Tower 3D Pro - Aircraft / Liveries

    Craig, re your list of RC packs & their airport relativity. Thanks, I have been looking for that for a long time to see which packs relate to which airport. Now for some E75 liveries. Oh well we can only hope. Kev M
  13. Tracon 2012 SE on Steam Just updated

    .Hi Vic Are you referring to the schedule file issue, if so isn't this an issue with real traffic not Tracon SE. It would also be great if the change logs could be shared when updates for Feel There products are posted to save us wasting our and your time trying to find out what's been changed Regards Wayne
  14. I have installed the latest module which certainly helps with the simconnect issue. However, I cannot open the FSUIPC box within the sim anymore. I click on FSUIPC from the menu bar and nothing happens. I cant get to access the options at all. Thanks Keith
  15. Tracon 2012 SE on Steam Just updated

    Hi Wayne, Some user reported problems with Real Traffic and Tracon!:SE. It was addressed by this patch. Vic
  16. Some Issues of The Axis Assignment

    Can we revise what is going on please. After a three week gap I need a summary of exactly what you have: You have several devices, and all are working fine, with FSUIPC assignmets EXCEPT the Yoke. But the buttons on the Yoke are okay, it is only the two axes (for aileron and elevator). Is this correct? Can I have a fresh sight of the INI file, the LOG file and the Joyscan CSV file, please? FSUIPC actually reads one batch of data from each device at regulsr intervals (normally 20 times per second). That one batch of data includes all button sttes, all POV values, and all Axis values. They are never read separately. It is the nature of DirectInput. Note that P3D has two modes -- a normal DirectInput mode and a "direct mode" where it reads the USB ports itself and analyses the input (similar to the way the FSUIPC Lua plug-in "HID" functions can be used for non-Joystick devices as well as Joysticks). When you checked the Yoke in P3D which mode was it set to? Pete
  17. FSUIPC v5.122

    FSUIPC5123d works like a charm. The file is here: http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC5123d.zip Mario
  18. FSUPIC 5.123

    FSUIPC5123d works like a charm. The file is here: http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC5123d.zip Mario
  19. FSUIPC5123d works like a charm. The file is here: http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC5123d.zip Mario
  20. Issue with FCUIP5 with P3D V4.2

    Pete, You're Awesome! FSUIPC5123d works like a charm. The file is here: http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC5123d.zip Mario
  21. Pete, You're Awesome! FSUIPC5123d works like a charm. The file is here: http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC5123d.zip Mario
  22. Track the origin of a called event?

    Ok, thank you so much for the answer. I'll keep on testing to see if I can figure out whether or not there's a hardware event that triggers it. It has happened to me on two different (Carenado) aircraft, and on two similar flight plans.
  23. Steam update 2/20

    It also appears it fixes the beacon and aircraft light remaining on after parking at the terminal.
  24. FSUIPC Window not visible

    Hi Pete, Thanks for your reply. I'm not really sure what happened with the crossed out bit, as it was not intentional. I'll try what you suggest over the next couple of days and post again with my results. Regards, Mick
  25. ERJ175 Nav Database Load Issue

    I located the folder FSX/feelthere/ND and in that folder is a file cycle_info.txt that shows the AIRAC cycle 1802 as the title. Screenshot attached (using 2 monitors so it took screen shot of both) of contents of ND folder.
  26. So... So what is the final Navigraph AIRAC install path in FSC10's folder tree ? Do we just point to '...\FSC10\Database' and let 'er go...or do we need a subfolder somewhere ? OK...that wasn't too hard. Just point the Navigraph Data Manager to the main FSC10 folder and it will automatically install to the '...\FSC10\Database' folder.
  27. Steam update 2/20

    Addressed taxi route calculation issues related to 3.1 update.
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