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  2. Using CTRL+ALT+R, as you stated? Please also see previous message which overlapped with yours. Pete
  3. I'm not getting those lines. I see LINDA reporting: 175126 LUA.1: LINDA:: [START] Loading System Configuration files 175142 LUA.1: LINDA:: [START] WARNING - All LUA logging switched off !!! 175142 LUA.1: LINDA:: [START] Go to Setup LINDA to switch on (if required) And I've gone to LINDA.exe's "Settings" but see no option for extra logging? Additionally, as I asked before, when and where am I supposed to see the "Ready to go captain" message? Because I've not seen it yet. Maybe it isn't running properly here? I do get "LINDA READY" though. Please also see previous message. Pete
  4. Sorry for the conclusion. When I have been talking about LINDA restart, I mean the LUA restarting only. This is to load the modules for different aircraft, changes in device assignments/configuration, to overcome other issues or, in my case, to reload edited code for testing purposes. Most users do not need to restart unless they hit a problem. Send to please.
  5. Yes, but why would I want to restart LINDA in FS without FS running? Makes no sense to me still, sorry. Well, I might indeed have to release an interim update without first fixing this*, but I don't like leaving it. It needs tracking down. I've made a test version which should log the actual argument and the Windows error number returned at the actual place where the file is opened. Lua code uses a C/C++ run-time library function (fopen) rather than the CreateFile Windows API function I always use, so there's another layer of code involved, but that shouldn't matter. I'll provide the test version via email if you don't mind. Please send me an email i can respond to. Pete * The need for an Interim release is mainly to get the Goflight facilities properly tested by others. Goflight have now supplied me with a GFDev64.dll which works well, and I've tested it thoroughly here, but only with RP48, T8 and P8 units, the only ones I have left.
  6. Hi gwdoc, AeroSoft and we will ensure that the publication will take place very simultaneously. Regards, Volker
  7. There are 2 elements to LINDA. The GUI (LINDA.EXE) which is started manually or via the entry in [Programs] block of FSUIPCx.ini. GUI actions can be carried out with the flight sim running. The LAU element is triggered by the ipcReady.lua file which calls \modules\linda.lua which in turn runs \modules\linda\system\init.lua. A restart is also triggered on load a new aircraft or scenario. Sorry for the confusion. The LUAxx.dll are used by the LINDA Editor only. The 2 files is how I inherited the code - I leave it well alone. Thank you for your efforts. Please don't waste any further effort. I can handle the issue by forcing a second restart if I detect the invalid argument error.
  8. Sorry, how does FSUIPC load LINDA with no flight simulator running? I don't get the question. Please see my previous messge, which seems to have overlapped with yours. Pete
  9. Referring to the above, from your first meassage, I note there's a gap of 235 mSecs between the Kill and the Error. I've searched the complete source of both FSUIPC itself and the built-in Lua code. There is no errors message starting "cannot open" except in the LFS (file system) library where the code it is in is actually not included unless the system is not a "WIN32" one -- which all Windows systems are these days (even if supporting 64 bit too -- even all the 64 bit Windows API DLLs have "32" in the names. In any case the format of the non-included "cannot open" message is "cannot open <path>: <windows reported error for the error number>", so not like the one you are seeing. Might Linda be invoking external Lua interpretation somewhere? I see two DLLs in the Linda\Lua subfolder -- lus5.1.dll and lua51.dll. Could they be involved? Since I seem unable to track down where to put any specific logging I don't think i can proceed to help without being able to reproduce it. Pete
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  11. Hi Pete Interesting as Guenseli has also reported the problem. Do you have a Flt Sim running? This is needed to 'load' the restart process. The pathname listed immediately below 'Aircraft module detected:' and 'Calling Initialisation...' contains the argument ("Path =linda/system/init") used in RunLua(path). The error seen (module not found) is a corrupted read of a file name. I will look at that.
  12. Hi Volker, thank you for your quick answer and clarification. When Rev. 9 is ready, will it also be availaible on the Aerosoft support page the same time ? With greetings gwdoc
  13. Same as the FSUIPC Console log then. I must have done between 10 and 20 restarts, everyone the same, no error reported. Where is "Ready to go" displayed? I wasn't watching the P3D screen. Should I have been? Do I have to wait a while after each restart? I searched the FSUIPC4 log after closing P3D. The only error, in one of the restarts, was this: 224345 *** LUA Error: E:\Prepar3D v4\Modules\linda/system/init.lua:118: module '0lib-aivlasoft' not found: Odd that it occurred just the once. I've just counted the occurences of "beginning "E:\Prepar3D v4\Modules\linda/system/init.lua"" -- 15 restarts, with just that one error above. Sorry, but I need to reproduce it to find it. Can you log the actual "argument" being used for each Open, Load or Run request? Or shall I try and locate the place within the Lua where the Open error is being diagnosed, and log the reason in more detail there? Pete
  14. The problem affects both versions you have. The latest beta build is the one I am working with. The LINDA Console (Verbose logging) is a repeat of what is logged in FSUIPCx.log but is displayed in real time so you can see the error after a restart (CTRL+ALT+R). Every second or third restart should highlight the error. The subsequent restart should run ok (through to "Ready to go, Captain").
  15. Thank you Pete, that is great news. Brian
  16. You can only register WideFS (in the FSUIPC Installer) using one license. The license is for the SERVER, not the CLIENT. You can have as many client PCs (running WideClient) as you want. There is a limit, but it's quite high. I have up to 12 at any time with my cockpit set up. Pete
  17. Pete, I have two licenses for WideFS, I accidently bought the second one after a reinstall on PCs etc. Can you advise if FSUIPC will send data to 2 PCs from the flight sim PC using both licences. The reason for this is to allow data to be fed into my streaming PC as well as my navigation PC. Kind regards, B
  18. Questions about this. I've installed LINDA 3.0.0 (did it not happen with the earlier one you gave me?): Why do I need to see a red highlighted line in the LINDA console? You said the error is an FSUIPC reported one so it should appear in the FSUIPC log, shouldn't it? Do I have to do the restart many times to generate the error? Pete
  19. Found the problem. A 32-bit pointer in a structure expanding to 64-bit (of course). Missed it, sorry. It will be fixed in interim update 5.103b (or later). Check the Download Links subforum over the next couple of days. Pete
  20. Hallo gwdoc, The Internet operator was faster than the software developer. We write an announcement in our forum when revision 9 will be published. Regards, Volker
  21. MOVED FROM FAQ SUBFORUM! Hello Guys, I want to make a home cockpit and planning to put some PLCs to control throttle quadrant, radio etc. can someone please help me as in how to send events and read data from fsx using Fsuipc. I have practically zero knowledge of VB or any programming language. If anyone can guide me to some previously discussed topics for the same, will be much appreciated. Thanks Gaurav
  22. Hallo Volker, on the homepage of Flightsimcommander there is a link to new version 9.6. Rev. 8. If one follows the link download here, you will see a version 9.6. Rev. 9 ! After downloading you will see that it is still Rev. 8. What is going wrong ? With greetings gwdoc
  23. As an aside with this, I've just turning on Content Error reporting, and i get 999 entries! I susepct it would be a lot more if it counted any higher. These include one caused by FSDT's AddonManager, a couple of XML sysntax errors in LM's own "DISConfiguration.xml" file, errors loading DLLs from the default P3D ProgramData folder (TargetInfo.dll, Fsury_1500.dll), one about the RAASPRO.DLL installed by the P3D4 version of PMDG's 747 being 32-bit not 64-bit, and the other many hindreds complaining about MyTraffic6 aircraft CFG files with "Duplicate Key Names". Pete
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  25. What are the symptoms? Have you reported these to PMDG? Did you uninstall the original completely before installing the updated 747? Pete
  26. Probably because only FSUIPC is querying Payloads so its offsets are correctly populated for applications to access -- as it has done, using the correct SIMCONNECT requests, and code unchanged, since 2005. It is easy to blame FSUIPC. I get used to it (though it is really depressing). But in this case it should be obvious that it is down to something changed in the P3D HotFix. I have added appropriate comments to the thread you referenced. Pete
  27. What is the most common operation at KSAN - rwy 9 or rwy 27? If it is, as I fear, runway 27, what is the strategy to avoid conflicts on taxiway B? I was surprised to see that aircraft exiting runway 27 block taxiway B.
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