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  2. Cannot move windows to other monitors

    Yes, I can if I open them with Admin rights. But it doesn't always work, sometimes, most in fact, I just get a flash of the screen and then it disappears. Alan
  3. Saitek Elevator Trim with FSUIPC

    Search for "ButtonRepeat" or pg 19 in the FSUIPC4 for Advanced Users.pdf. That should do it for you.
  4. Cannot move windows to other monitors

    Hey Alan, The reason why you are not getting the log files is most likely the root of the original issues, something is preventing an access to that folder (antivirus, fierewall), can you please use my solution as a workaround. Thanks, AJ
  5. Tower!3D Pro - KLAS Terminal_E Issues

    Hey Mike, We are working on KLAS SP, we will release it as soon as we can. Thank you, AJ
  6. Tower!3D Pro - KLAS Terminal_E Issues

    Vic, when will the KLAS SP be available? Mike
  7. Tower!3D Pro - KLAS Terminal_E Issues

    Hmmmm - it's probably not termlimit because I was able to get a 744 at each of the gates. Must be something else. Happy debugging! :)
  8. I just ran a session at KLAS and noticed I was not getting any arrivals at Terminal E. As best as I can tell, there are 14 gates assigned to Terminal_E. I started my session at 19:00, and noticed just a few planes at Terminal E. Looking at the log ASA621 was at E5, VRD483 at E10, and VRD919 at E13. Theoretically, that leaves 11 gates available. However, every arrival that was to park at Terminal_E got a no free terminal message: At 18:49, BAW275 a 744 failed to arrive because of a no free terminal message. At 18:54, WJA1352 a 73H got a no free terminal message. At 19:01, ASA620 a 73W got a no free terminal message. At 19:35, WJA756 as 73W got a no free terminal message. There are obviously open gates, so there must be something in the way that these gates are defined (?possibly termlimit?) that is keeping them from being used. I'm hoping this is an easy fix and can be added to the SP for KLAS. Thanks! output_log.txt
  9. I've got a registered copy of FSUIPC and I'm using the left up/down button on my Saitek yoke to control up/down elevator trim. The ""control to repeat while held"" is checked, but the trim seems slow to react to the button hold in either direction. Is there a way to control the repeat rate so I get a faster response? Thanks!
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  11. LAS Southwest planes at terminal E?

    Go pick up the custom schedule I've already created for LAS. It fixes ALL the terminal problems that exist with the stock files.
  12. register FSUIPC5

    thanks for the reply. Looks like the credit card it coming out again from P3Dv4 ...could have bought a real airplane for as much as I've spent already lol --aaannnddd done
  13. TQ6 ADV- A/T disengage

    AT Arm means ARM the A/T. You need A/T disengage the one operated by the buttons either side of the throttle handles. Oh, exactly as Thomas found for you. :-) How did you miss those? Altough there are two (one button either side) the should do the same thing. Pete
  14. register FSUIPC5

    Hi, yes you have to buy a new registration key for FSUIPC5 as it is a new product developed for the new P3Dv4 64 Bit version you bought. WideFS7 is not new developed for FSUIPC5, it's key you bought for to use it with FSUIPC4 will still work using it with FSUIPC5. Thomas
  15. I have a paid version for FSUIPC 4 (latest version 4 release) but I changed sims to P3Dv4 from FSX over the past couple of days. I downloaded and installed FSUIPC5 and when I went to enter my product key info for 5, it will not validate version 5 saying my key is invalid, but WideFS validated fine. I have the copy of the email with my receipt and key info for both FSUIPC and WideFS on it. How can I register version 5 of FSUIPC? Do I have to buy FSUIPC AGAIN just to update to version 5?
  16. Hi, any older version than the most recent is not supported, pleas update to lates FSUIPC 4.972 Install_FSUIPC4972.zip Did you try just to confirm to run FSUIPC? Thomas
  17. TQ6 ADV- A/T disengage

    Hi, the A/T arm switch is on the MCP but not the Disengage switches, they are on the Throttle levers. Throttle levers are located on the Control Stand, PMDG used term. Thomas
  18. LAS Southwest planes at terminal E?

    Thanks crbascott, I did not think of using the logfile to check gate usage. I have only used it to check errors, usually when my "real" schedule won't load it tells me where it stopped. Question here deleted, I was changing the topic of the OP.
  19. CUSTOM (REAL) Traffic #2 -- KLAS !! FREE to the Community!

    Hey Joe, Great stuff on this. Just completed a 24 hr period, midnight to midnight, using 25R for main departures and 25L for arrivals (and 19L and 19R for most of the local stuff) which watching Flight Radar recently seems to the current preferred actual operational set up. As I don't get my headset until Xmas not set up speech yet so using keyboard it was quite a challenge at times! Being in the UK the Speedbird and VIrgin Atlantic flights stood out to me but noticed that you get the departures in the late afternoon / evening schedules but don't seem to get the corresponding arrivals into the airport to form these departures? May be others but these stood out to me. Also the Thomas Cook (Kestral) and Condor departure didn't seem to have an arrival either but this may be down to arriving on a different day anyway. It may be because I obviously didn't play in an entire 24hr session and completed this over the last week or so in 2 or 3 hr sessions which was exhausting enough at times!. It may be due to the way that the game reloads each time you start a session but couldn't see the arrivals in the custom schedule and thought this was based on a days actual real life operational session? G
  20. KLGA Issues #SimSmithDesign

    Kev, this is good work - I've noticed this issue too lately. Two suggestions to get this in front of FeelThere (instead of SimSmith) - a separate topic (as you mentioned) and log files ("no log no bug").
  21. LAS Southwest planes at terminal E?

    From what I've seen at all the airports is that any airline assigned to more than one terminal appears to use one terminal over another. And some gates are consistently used over and over. All of this is most easily evident at KATL. The sim engine determines actual gate usage, but I haven't figured out the method to its madness. It does, however, appear to be more sequential than random. if you are really interested on what is happening with your schedule, the output_log.txt file will show you exactly each gate that is used, how often, and what arriving planes are to be used for later departures. And, keep in mind, because the sim loads six hours worth of flights, gate availability (no free terminal) will be an issue no matter what schedule you use. Regarding Janet, you could create even a new code or modify an existing one (assuming you want to hear a callsign other than Continental). Doesn't really matter.
  22. KLGA Issues #SimSmithDesign

    The too short subject has been brought up in other topics so it might be worth a topic on its own. (Vic) I have tested KLGA Rwy 22 arrivals using ATC Joes' schedule with two of each A/C type in the schedule. One I allowed to turn off normally without any additional commands. The second I requested : vacate runway left onto taxiway C Below is the table of results. A/C type, normal turnoff, with vacate command. 319,E,OK 320,E,OK 321,D,2 Short 717,E,2 Short 736,E,OK 737,E,OK 738,E,OK 739,E,OK CR2,E,2 Short CR7,E,2 Short CR9,E,2 Short CRJ,E,2 Short E70,G,OK E75,E,2 Short E90,E,OK ER3,G,OK ER4,G,OK Hope this helps. I will try KPHL when I get a chance unless someone else can try it & report the results. Kev M
  23. TQ6 ADV- A/T disengage

    Dear Sir Dowson, you are great, but I am a greenhorn- step by step I tried: 1. buttons + switches by FSUIPC options and settings 2. Press A/T disengage buttons on both sides of the handles levers = : 0:3 3.select for FS controll: a must have, otherwise not to acitvate the custom control selection 4.control set to 70012( 69632 + 380 work out) =SDK folder MCP: AT arm switch 5.control sent when button released: AP Panel speed off result: pressing disengage button on throttle handles will only activate A/T on MCP- never disengage it. Not to find any number in the SKD folder list about AT disengage arm switch. I have done anything wrong, but what? Please help best regards Willi
  24. Hi All, I have already emailed Volker. To bring this thread to a conclusion, the problem was never with FSC, but due some mysterious hiccup with Bitdefender. Despite previous settings, Bitdefender seemed to have been preventing FSC from writing to C:\users\jim\documents without generating its usual warning message. I uninstalled FSC from the C drive, reinstalled into D:\, tried a save, caught a warning message from Bd, set it straight, and FSC is all good now. Cheers, Jim
  25. Hallo Pete, after a long time of running FSUIPC4 4.957 b very well, now I got this message ( see above ) when starting FSX. Windows says it ist not recommended to start that program. I installed FSUIPC again ( not deleting the old one ), it run well again a few days, now the same problem. FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4 Install.log
  26. LAS Southwest planes at terminal E?

    ATControl-Joe, I totally understand the real life aspect. But I have wondered the same thing, SWA is assigned to terminal E in the stock 'las_terminal.txt' file and yet they never go there. I just bought LAS during the sale so I have not made many changes. I have noticed that Southwest, Jetblue and Delta are all assigned to E in the stock file, yet I have never had an arrival go to terminal E. I have a flight aware schedule from 07:46-09:00 and for SWA I have 26 departures and 19 arrivals. At the start of the game I have between 3-5 SWA in terminal E, but have Never had an arrival go there, they all go to C (only talking about SWA not the Delta or Jetblue). Is there something else in the game that determines where they go. I know the terminal.txt needs to be changed to reflect real life, but curious why planes in the terminal.txt don't go there. It's obvious the game is reusing planes since C does no have enough gates to handle the schedule I have, and that is fine, even realistic, just curious if you have any ideas. Thank you for making a custom LAS schedule, I just downloaded it. Just for your info, I added the WWW "Janet" flights shown in the Flight Aware files by reusing the Continental code. I don't think Continental exists anymore do they? I added them to the Cargo terminal since I don't know where they actually go and there are a lot fo free gates there.
  27. KLGA Issues #SimSmithDesign

    There have been reports at other airports with the "too short" during vacate instructions. I don't think its a KLGA issue but something in the game engine. I have not ran across this one yet but I will post a log when I encounter it.
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