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  2. i cant find it there?...just a Wilco 737 forum... Do you know anything about the Airbus not holding localiser on final?...I'm wide right every time...
  3. I purchased everything except KSAN/color from FeelThere; pretty much did step-by-step main program, airports, then color packs and all was OK until I found that since I chose a non-default install location G:\, I ended up with one of the color add-ons IIRC in the wrong folder. Simple fix, but you DO need to pay close attention when the install is going on. When in doubt and issues abound, reinstall.
  4. Is is provided by Simconnect? It never has been. Normally you need to looks at the charts. Pete
  5. If you read my first reply you'll see I said 3114 (first). First means write 3114 FIRST! As described in the Offsets documentation, the PARAMETER goes in 3114, the CONTROL into 3110. Please look again! If you can't set a value, what value is it going to send? Pete
  6. Hopefully Simmarket will soon release Traffic3D_Sounds for the new Ultimate Traffic Live. If you purchase it please make a backup copy,as you will need it because every time UTL releases an upate,they tend to re-install their default sounds.
  7. They are great reference cards! I appreciate all of the work you've put into them.
  8. Gotcha. I see what you mean. I'll make the change later today.
  9. I didn't save the logs, but I had an 'amusing' issue with the game yesterday. I gave a plane pushback clearance from Terminal 8. It pushed back and I thought it was done pushing and I gave it taxi clearance. Next thing I knew it was going around in a circle again... and then it got pushed backwards... into the Terminal Building.... and it kept going... through the parking and roads in the center of the airport... through more parking. Then it went down along Terminal 4, across taxiways, and I deleted the plane finally as it was crossing the intersection of Runway 13R-31L and Runway 4L-22R. Then I just had the tug sitting there... but that didn't cause any issues and I continued dealing with flights.
  10. Michi10, Where are you going for the manual? When I pull up the manual and go to Controlling Basics, it's the very first sentence under mouse commands "On all screen scroll wheel is zoom."
  11. When I go to the manual, here is nothing about zooming or other things. Sorry but this does not help me. There are only the commands, multiplayer installation, etc. But from the setting zero. 'Ve Read the whole manual and found nothing I've been looking for. But as I've already noticed a few things here, and mistakes about mistakes. Point 1 .: On each taxiway intersection the airplanes rotate 2 times around the own axis very clearly one sees it at the KJFK on the taxiway Y umnd FB ruchtung 22R. Then on Taxiway A and V as well as on the taxiway B and V. The nice thing is that it continues crashes in total 50 times itself counted that is no longer funny because here you go straight times in -40,000 point. Point two: If I give a plane the Starderlaubnisnis and I look at the way it starts So it falls to me right at the end of the runway on which also the plane so turn this once around its own axis. As well as the one who is closely watched the start, you can see that the plane crosses a tram at a short time and brakes 2 cm backwards. Very conspicuous from the runway 22R, 22l, 4l, 4R, 31R and 31L. The next and that is now really the overhammer every time I give the starter permit to a flight company and another plane has not even set on the runway is here even at the time it is a crash that is however in the real not so me Have me a video times viewed from the KJFK and there the aircraft on the runway 22R and 22L and there are also no crash the the come not even times into the traverse. Please check in the programming there is something wrong. Since wewe it super a patch with these troubleshooting to make.
  12. Hi Peter, as usual you were right: I have not still understood what I was originally doing wrong, but rewriting that app piece now things are working as expected. Also about the 2nd point you are right.. but you know.. as you more eat as much more you would eat :) By the way I solved the problem reading the AI table to get the info related the flight number. Thanks again Joe
  13. Fr. Dane, Great. Glad you have it working! I'm always happy when I can help! Paul
  14. I'm not sure how it's programmed, and I'm not a programmer.... but with that being said, I think it would be awesome if they could design the core functionality of the game (i.e. what planes mean while taxing, how to interpret the commands, etc.) and leave it open (or design an API) so that other users can design their own airports. I know it'd be a bit of work still, but I've seen some amazing things on the web that people have done when dedicated to it. I think then they could focus on improving core functionality of the game and still work on 'official releases' of airports. I think it could be the best of both worlds. Again, it'd have to be designed that way. As far as improving core functionality of the game, I'm not saying it's bad. I've been loving the game so far. But I've seen people ask for the ability to tell aircraft to continue across runways without using the 'Hold short of...' workaround. I think it could also be nice if you had the option of doing 1 job, or you could do multiplayer with more than 2 people (From some research I've done since getting enthralled with this game, I've realized that LAX has 2 different ground positions... 1 for the northern section and 1 for the southern section, and there's a handoff line running through the airport. Again, just my 2 cents, and not a knock on anyone. I too am in FrankFly Dk's shoes in that I feel that my airport may never be created (Denver International Airport).
  15. Now live at FSPilotshop: Simon
  16. Thanks, for the update. Regard´s
  17. I do support for a 3D Modeling program for a living and I'd like to ask what version of Windows you are running? Newer OSes have .NET Framework 3.5 as part of the Windows Operating System (I think this applies to 7 as well as 8 and 10). Go to your Add/Remove Programs list and then click on the 'Add or Remove Windows Features" link on the left side of the screen. Scroll down and look for .NET 3.5. If it's unchecked, go ahead and check it and say OK. Then Windows should add it in.
  18. Hello Pete, I was looking at FSUIPC variable list to find infos about ILS category. I see in the map in P3D when you select an ILS comes the information if CAT3 or different, but I can't find this info in the variable list. Is there any chance to have it available? Thanks
  19. Hello Paul Thank you for that excellent information. I found the cameras.cfg (rather than the aircraft.cfg) file in C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 and added one at the end before assigning a button to it in FSUIPCv5. It worked, so the problem is now solved - thanks to you! Best wishes Father Dane
  20. Thanks Pete for quick reply, Prosim can send two offsets for one trigger but I'm not sure about the order in which it sends them. I can see what 3110 is but what is 3114? Also, it doesn't allow me to send a value, or do I assign the value to the offset in FSUIPC? CK
  21. If you can make Prosim to send the correct values to offsets 3114 (first) then 3110, both 32 bit U, then you can in this way tell FSUIPC to send the keystroke. That's the easiest, but I don't know if Prosim can be told to send two things for one trigger. Otherwise you'd need to write a small Lua plug-in to read the "spare" offset and send the same control to 3110/3114. You must use the provided User Offsets to avoid clashes -- any from 66C0 - 66FF, as documented. Pete
  22. Hi, I've done some searching but can't find an answer so far. RAAS Pro by FS2Crew allows the RAAS system to be turned on and off using the Water Rudder Toggle control (Ctrl+W by default). I want to be able to send this keystroke to P3D when my Prosim AC Power gate is active (so that RAAS is active when AC power is on and inactive when AC power is off). Prosim doesn't allow a gate to send keystrokes to P3D directly, but it does allow a gate to send an FSUIPC offset. They've told me I can set a spare FSUIPC offset to be sent when the AC Power gate is active and link this offset in FSUIPC to the Ctrl+W keystroke. Prosim Options are: FSUIPC 8 BIT U FSUIPC 8 BIT S FSUIPC 16 BIT S FSUIPC 16 BIT U FSUIPC 32 BIT S FSUIPC 32 BIT U FSUIPC FLOAT 32 FSUIPC FLOAT 64 I have worked out how to get a keystroke to send a FSUIPC offset, but I need to know how to do it the other way round.. Thanks in advance for any assistance. CK
  23. Something is wrong in your app then. There's no difference in reading any offset from any other. You just get what is there. Of course what it looks like depends on how you define it. I thought you only wanted altitude and heading? You've got those and more. FSUIPC only reads the airline/flight details for aircraft within its TCAS range, and that is in the TCAS tables. You'd need to search there for more details. FSUIPC's done the laborious part of identitfying the nearest. Pete
  24. HI Peter, the offsets work great, only issue is that I have to store them in a file written with a LUA becasue, very strange, I'm not able to read them as all the other offsets im my app (I use the SDK for VB). In that case the resut is always 0. A last question: is there a way to translate the FSUIPC_ID of the aircraft in its tailname (airliner/flight number)? Thanks again Joe
  25. You could do it using a Lua-plug which uses an event.timer for the required number of seconds and then checks the AGL before using the appropriate offsets to save a flight. Really, though, if you are getting pauses (presumably because you are using a PMDG or similarly compex aircraft which freeze the sim?) I'd recommend turning autosave off. Save flights now and then manually if you think your system is liable to crash. You don't need to go into menus, just press ; and enter a name. That's effectively all autosave is doing. And surely it is far better to suffer a pause knowingly, at a time of your choosing, that one imposed on you whilst you are busy flying? I could actually very easily add a HotKey assignment you could use to make FSUIPC do a Save, in the same way as Autosave but not timer based. To me that would seem to be far preferable. I've not used Autosave for years, not since sims became reliable enough not to keep crashing. That's the real solution. Pete
  26. A small trap for schedule creators is A/C arriving & departing using the same flight numbers. This is mostly "Express" or "Connection" type operators. In Tower 2011 & 3D is probably the same, if one operators A/C arrives & departs in the same session with the same flt nbr, the departure one may not move from the terminal or be ignored because the game has already handled an A/C of that operator with that flt nbr. What I do is go through the schedule & change any duplicate flt nbrs on one operator to make them all unique. That way all flights are recognised. To do this I import the .txt file to Excel & manipulate it there, then convert it back to a .txt file. All this might seem old hat to the older players but might be of value the newer guys making their own schedules. Kev M
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