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  2. Hi Pete, please can you Post your Settings for me: I use UT2 with P3D 3.4 HF3 [Traffic Limiter] TrafficLimit=xx AirportPreference=xx GroundPreference=xx NearerPreference=xx PlannedAirportsPreference=xx Thanks from EDDM Frank
  3. I have downloaded all my real colour add ons to pro, and they all seem good to me.
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  5. Harvester, I dont know if there is something wrong with my install then because as you say when the camera is lit it moves close to the action but even when not lit the camera moves to the latest activity even though it does not change view position from tower. Please have a camera that does not follow anything automatically. as for the blurry, did you change any graphics setting outside of Tower 3D in your graphics settings to get rid of the blurry. You mention Antialiasing, but thats (from the top of my head now since I am at work) not a setting within Tower3D? In any case, I already have max settings in Tower3D and still blurry. mike
  6. Incredibly, my failure to notice the 'High Alt' and 'Low Alt' boxes to the right represent my entire issue. Thanks for your patience and your assistance.
  7. ok so upon further tinkering. I finally got the CDU to communicate with FSX with the VRInsight software. the Problems was when I installed the software I put it on my D drive not my C drive. It apparently doesnt like that too much. Second when I installed the CDU module the stock path was wrong, it wanted to create another VRinsight folder inside the VRinsight folder instead of merging the 2 folders. now the only probelm im having is its not saving the location of the CDU window but I will work on that another day. Thank for the help Pete!
  8. I have re-downloaded the real color add-ons and it looks like there have been no version changes since I purchased them a week or two ago. Are the current versions of Real Color good to go with Pro? A post (see below) indicated a possible issue. Anyone else experiencing this or is Real Color behaving like a pro for everyone? Thanks!
  9. Check out the thread below where Vic is a little more specific on the discount. I'm in the same boat as you - I have Tower!2011, Tracon!2012, 25+ add-ons, and decided to hold off on Tower!3D until Pro came out for the very same reasons. Heck, I even bought the 3D add-ons when they were on sale recently knowing Pro was around the corner. But, no discount applies nor did I expect it to.
  10. Ok so this version still has the blowing trees no matter what the actual weather is?? That is not good. Is there a way to turn that off?
  11. If the little camera icon is lit then you will get close ups of the action. Make sure the camera icon is dimmed if you do not want this. As far as the blurry ... Try the different Antialiasing options. The default one was very blurry to my eyes as well. Also, If you have an Nvidia card you can easily use dsr. (with 0% smoothing) I run the game at 3840x2160 on a 1080 monitor, then just turn off all Antialiiasing.
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  13. Pete, I have the latest versions of FSUIPC4 and WideFS installed on my P3D system. I’m running an ATC package called Pilot2ATC (P2A) on a networked PC, and I have a Cougar Joystick on my P3D sim PC What I would like to do is create a “press to talk” capability from my Flight Sim PC (using the Cougar and assigning a button press thru FSUIPC4), and send a held down keypress over the network to be intercepted by WideFS on the network PC and pass on to Pilot2ATC to communicate a request/response? Is this possible? Bill Clark
  14. My receipts and downloadlinks are from bmtmicro and is mentioned in those docs to contact for support.. If I recall correctly I've bought most of them via the Feelthere newsletter(email) so I suppose is the most likely source... To make things absolutely clear: I own tower2011 tracon21012 and 8 or 9 addons. I do NOT own tower3d because I waited for voice and multi-monitor.. Tnx WIllem edit: clarification of ownership
  15. I think this version should be promoted as a voice only product since a lot of the commands cannot be selected via the mouse. To get the full features, you either have to type the command in or be able to speak it. Unfortunately, I am not good at either one. Otherwise it does look pretty. RickyJ
  16. Sorry, Mario, for grumbling. That actually was the only item outstanding. I don't like making a main release knowing there may be a problem, that's all. But I realise you couldn't help a lot because of other commitments. So i shouldn't have grumbled. And no one was actually complaining about the release not being forthcoming, so there was no need. Hope you do locate the problem some time, though. I suspect it's getting stuck in one f those functions (debug/trace will surely show) and not actually ever reaching the event.sim and able to ever wait. Pete
  17. Just purchased tonight and had a few sessions. As a new 3D controller ( I played a lot with the 2D 2011 version) Overall I am pleased but I have a few observations. The most importat first!! Is there a darn camera that is completely still :) and just moves whenever I move the mouse. Both the cameras selectable from the menu moves in one way or another, following aircraft and god knows what. Its driving me crazy. I want the mouse on my control to dictate any movements. Also a wish for better future quality addon airports. Much more interested in sharper less blurry airports than moving trees, the airports to be honest are a bit blurry, even the pyware. Much rather more sharp images on ground and buildings than those moving trees, seems like its always storm out there no matter what weather. Finally the voice system seem to be the same from 2011 version. Nothing wrong with that though, one of the most responsive and best voice and voice recognition on the market still in my opinion. Love it but guys, that robotic pilot voice on the other hand :) same as Tower 2011, what is that about. How about spice it up and let us use some Ivona text2 speech voices, get a little variation out there. Again though, I can see much work has gone in to this and I dont regret purchase a second.Good job Vic & team mike
  18. Thanks for your help Pete, Sorry if I made you waste your time but I'm not the only one in this forum asking you things about FSUIPC system so if you delayed a release about 6 days is not my fault.
  19. You run the bat file and it produces a game.log file. The log file is what you need to post.
  20. Has anyone else had this long string of spoken computer code instead of speech output from flights before they give the proper response at the very end of it?
  21. Do I just paste that long bat file here at the end of a message? Mike
  22. Any help with this, the screens disappear but to where. I have clicked the icon to move the smaller screens to another monitor.but thats it. any help would be most grateful.
  23. Hi Simon, please read here: KR, Volker
  24. Following up to my post on the 757-300, will an A320 or A321 be developed?
  25. How do I get the bat file? Mike
  26. Would love to, but as with the original Tower3D, I have never been able to get the .bat file to run on my machine. For now, I am just trying to establish how the sim is intended to respond to this command. On your machines, does the pilot respond verbally to the "turn next right/left command?"
  27. im having probs connecting fsc to fsx i get the error message all the time unable to connect to simulator msg# ( no process response) please help it did used to work till i brought a new laptop and installed it on there also i am having probs with my registration code i brought it wont accept it
  28. Can you please send me a log just after it happens?
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