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  2. Hi Volker, you are correct. I read the update files attached to the download FSC 96 rev 9, which only has the updates to 9.6 Rev.8 attached (well, all I could find) So, I stopped looking (first mistake). I did not read the earlier versions of the Supplements well enough to see the common issue of where LM had now placed the Scenery Library in C: (second mistake) and the final mistake was to not look at the FSC.pdf manual and understand, all P3D setups had the same issue with scenery libraries and I would have seen? I needed to go to the C:\ drive. So, yes, you provided plenty of information. I just never expected P3D, loaded on the E: drive, to then require data on the C: drive. Anyway, one of those things. An issue I can see developing, is I only got a 250GB SSD C drive, which I thought was for the system only and maybe some supporting programs. BUT, I omitted to allow for some software, loading program supporting data and files in the C:\ drive. Sort of making my much larger SSD and HD flight sim/data drives under utilised. Oh well, drives get cheaper... Geoff
  3. Hello Carlos, Something has destroyed or blocked the entry for "sevXPCtl.ocx". Uninstall the FSCommander with the FSC Setup program. Make sure all files and folders have been deleted. Re-install the FSCommander. Otherwise, there is nothing we can help you. On destructive updates, programs modify the entries in the registry we have no influence. Regards, Volker
  4. Hi Geoff, The most important thing you miss is this: It is always a good rule to use the path specified by LM. Example: F:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ Volker
  5. OK, with a bit of searching through older posts, I found a post that had a similar issue, so, for me, C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4. The database manager worked straight away. So, this fact has been noted on the FSC directory. Geoff
  6. At the time, the only other way was an addon called autosave (I know, original), but it didn't install into FSX:SE. I decided to just bite the bullet and buy FSUIPC. I then started using FSXWX for free weather, and I started utilizing some of the FSUIPC features for that, but now I use AS16 (or... ASP4 now). Now I use it to assign the rudder and tiller to the same axis. Either way, I find the purchase personally justifiable since it goes to a flight sim veteran such as yourself. You're always working on it, and your support leaves most other guys in the dust. I have no trouble supporting you by buying your addon, even if I don't fully utilize it.
  7. Dear Sr. I have a problem when I try to start FSCDbManager.exe, I get a window with the following error message: Component 'sevXPCtl.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid Some days ago my FSC works normally, but suddenly I start receiving the message. I have my windows updated, I ran antivirus, antimalware, registry repair, I have tried Re-registering the ocx with regsrv32, and other troubleshooting I have find on internet. I have a registered version on FSC, version 9.6 Rev 9 Please if yo can help me. 1. Prepar3D V4.0.28.21686 2. FSUIPC* / WideFS 5.103 (registered) 3. I use the FSC in a network! No 4. FS Commander and Database Manager version 9.6 Rev 9 5. Navigraph 1707 6. Download version from our website 7. Operating System Windows 10 64 8. 2 Monitors Regards Carlos Bravo
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  9. Hi Volker, P3Dv4, No FSUIPC, No network, FSC version 9.6 rev 9 build 7 download from FSC, AIRAC as per P3Dv4, Win10 64 bit updated, 1 monitor. I have just installed the full version 9.6 Rev 9 Build 7 for my new install of Win10 P3Dv4. I do not have FSX loaded on this machine. I am trying to run the FSC Database Manager. I have selected, in my case...E:\P3D as the Flight Simulator Path. The Select Scenery Path did not automatically point to the Scenery library as my previous FSX system used to. So, what file am I trying to point the path to? I have tried E:\P3D. I am obviously missing a step here. Geoff
  10. The update is now actually 5.103j instead of 5.103g as stated. If nothing is deleting the files, then they are there. FSUIPC does go in a cycle, by default 10 saves, and replaces the oldest one each time it saves a new one. But you'd still get the last 10 (or however many you set). Of course, if you set a cycle of only one and P3D crashed when that was being replaced, then ... You can also try using the "alsosave" option, which saves just one file, always with the same name, and a different interval. Incidentally, I find it very strange you'd buy something as complex and feature rich as FSUIPC just for the autosave option, which is a minute part of it. I'm sure there are still simpler programs around which provide that facility maybe even freeware. Pete
  11. I don't know what to tell you -- they're there, and I can open and view them. I'm highly doubtful that anything malicious is on my computer, much less deleting autosaves. Yep, the pauses are pretty painful. The crashes usually happen towards the end of the flight, and often occur when I try to use manipulators, but the cause remains unknown to me; it's just reported as ntdll.dll. As much as I don't want to, I may end up reinstalling P3D, despite the serious cost of time. I do need to solve this issue of the crashing in the first place, but I thought it would be helpful to bring my experience with the issue to light. Unfortunately, I can't really test to see if it's limited to PMDG aircraft, as I don't really have anything else that's long haul. Anyway, I will reinstall P3D and install the update as well. Thanks for your help!
  12. Just a weekend away, visiting my daughter. Pete
  13. Just a weekend away, visiting my daughter. Pete
  14. FSUIPC does not delete them. In fact if P3D crashes, it cannot delete them. It does not actually write them in the first place -- P3D does. FSUIPC merely asks it to save the flight, just a couple of lines of code effectively. It is the same as yousaving flights -- do those all disappear too? Of course, P3D cannot delete them eith if it crashed. Nothing part of P3D can. If they are really being deleted you have some other third party program on your system being malicious. Ah. You are using a PMDG aircraft. PMDG also save many files, and most go into their own folders. do they disappear too? You are getting serious pauses on every autosave, caused by PMDG saves. With PMSG aircraft it is recommended NOT to use any type of Autosave because of these pauses. However, if you insist then you should at least use the current latest interim FSUIPC release -- 5.103g -- available in the Download Links subforum. That allows a much longer Simconnect timeout when it sees a flight being saved. This should stop spme pf the symptoms shown in your log, especially the looping at the end of the log showing repeated failed attempts to reconnect to SimConnect. (It isn't a crash, by the way). 5.104 should have been released today, but family matters came up and delayed this. Look out for that next Tuesday (I am away for the weekend, Fri to Mon inclusive). Pete
  15. I also have this issue. The saves go in my documents folder correctly, but if P3D crashes, all the saves disappear. This is quite frustrating as a long haul enthusiast who bought FSUIPC for FSX exclusively for the autosave feature, which is the same reason I bought it again for P3Dv4. I've attached my log file. FSUIPC5.log
  16. Yes, same here. MustangPauli is quite correct in his pick up. Graham
  17. Thanks to both of you. Now everything is ok and I can read the L:Vars without problems . :) Thank you again Framac
  18. Just looked, and I'm getting the same. On the Store page it doesn't show ATL under DLC as well, but it shows up in the Tower!3D Pro Deluxe Bundle.
  19. Here is the relevant documentation: So you need to also declare another offset (before 0D70) of type int for 0x0D6C. In there you need to write the offset you'll be using to receive, along with the type code. In this case 0x366C0. (int at 66C0). Write this as a number obviously, not as a string. Then in 0D70 you just write the LVar name preceded by a single colon (meaning read): offset_sendlvar.Value = ":VC_GSLD_CP_EFIS_ND_Mode_Knob"; After processing, 0x66C0 will now contain the value. Paul
  20. Yes, you are right, but even in R / W mode I can not get the value of LVar. I do not know if this is the right way to write the value to the offset 0x0D70 offset_sendlvar.Value = "0x366c0:LVAR_Name"; This is my code right now and only return zero. :( ... public static Offset<string> offset_sendlvar = new Offset<string>(0x0d70, 40); public static Offset<int> offset_readlvar = new Offset<int>(0x66c0); ... offset_sendlvar.Value = "0x366c0:VC_GSLD_CP_EFIS_ND_Mode_Knob"; FSUIPCConnection.Process(); ... int test= offset_readlvar.Value; I am not asking you to do the work for me but I think a little help with a more detailed answer would be useful not only for me but also for future users who have this problem. Sometimes the problem is in front of our eyes and we can not see it. Some of us are not professional developers and any small answer is a big help. :) Thank you for your help. Framac
  21. Application programs have not needed keys for many years. The FSUIPC.KEY file is only for your user registrations, for FSUIPC and WIDEFS.
  22. This offset works as it should. I discovered that during the last update from PMDG, the SDK was reinstalled and overwrote the .ini and the SDK was disabled. I corrected that and all offsets are triggering with desired results. I think we can put this to bed. I see. That can't be easy to decipher. I don't know if the author, Diego can help from his gitHub. I don't want to force the issue down your throat more than I have. Thanks for giving this issue so much attention. I probably would have given up on it long ago without your help. Regards, Dustin
  23. Please switch on the "Object ID" column for arrivals and departures. This is in Settings > Columns Tab > Check the "Object ID" box in the arrivals and departures groups. Save your settings. Then do the following: 1) Reproduce the problem and take a screenshot 2) Wait 2 minutes 3) Take another screenshot Send both to me please Thanks Simon
  24. [error.0] error=AceXML Parser Error Source: C:\Users\Andre_Casa\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\SuperTrafficBoard V4 Common\add-on.xml Line: 5 Column: 0 Error: 'AddOn.STBTag' - (0x83600FB7) Yes, that's an extra XML stanza I put in so I can manage the ownership of the component better between STB and STB-DS. Any other side effects other than the note in the content errors? If not, I'll put this in the list to deal with post release. Thanks for checking, it didn't occur to me to do so! Regards Simon
  25. I recently installed and re-registered FSUIPC3.999z9b ; however the freeware programs and gauges that previously worked OK with version 3.44 (I know ..OLD) now no longer work; checking the key file ; they are no longer listed under the 'programs section. In no particular order what has gone missing from key file and no longer work are: RWY12 Object placer Doug Dawson and Rob Barendregt's gauges ADE9x Object placer Anyone know how I can restore these to functionality? Thankyou
  26. I can add a bit of possible insight (and possible confusion too). I was testing some traffic files a while back .. wanted to test each of the airlines callsigns to see if they were being properly spoken. So I took the RT file for the airport in question and selected about a dozen departures and their corresponding arrivals. I set their times all the same so I would get them all at once (well, you know). When I tried to load the airport, it decided to hang at 57% and refused to go further (as you said, sound of cars, etc). I honestly have no idea what went wrong but this could indicate that the issue is with the schedule.txt file .. something is amiss there .. or perhaps it's not loading it at all (maybe in the wrong location?). Just a thought that might help track it down. ~ John
  27. Ground: "Tug 5 proceed to taxiway X to unscrew a screwup" Beyond that, I got nothing. :p As for the log file, I thought that's what I attached. Tower3D.bat generates something different? And do we run that "during" the issue or after shutting down? I just reviewed the log file that was already there and uploaded thinking that was it - you see the repetitive commands indicating something going on.and figured that would she some light on it. Please let us know exactly when to run that bat file and I'll attach it here. Thanks! ~ John
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