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  2. Thanks, Pete - welcome back!!! I hope you had a good break - straight back in the saddle, I see! Looking forward to 5.123d! Adam.
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  4. 'Slight' glitch at KPHX

    This issue has already been reported (see link below) when taxiing to 7L from certain gates in the south cargo area. For this scenario I have found that PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY 7L followed by a CONTINUE TAXI works well. Looks like you may have found similar results for 25R. http://forum.simflight.com/topic/84625-issues-with-kphx-nyergesdesign/?do=findComment&comment=513464 FYI - attaching a log file in the future will help the developers.
  5. Tower 3D Pro - Aircraft / Liveries

    Oh well - we can dream... hahaha
  6. Tower 3D Pro - Aircraft / Liveries

    Nice goal, but not currently possible.
  7. Some Issues of The Axis Assignment

    Hi, Still struggling to get the axes detected, appreciate if you could help :) Anson
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  9. I cannot move backwards. If you are content to stay on an old version, then I simply cannot support your use of it. That is all. It is up to you. Pete
  10. FSUIPC uses the FS names for all the FS controls. The numbers are only the internal representation. You should assign to the names in the drop-down assignments list. The names (after the K:) are in fact those very ones you state. As a test, try using the Sim itself to assign keyboard presses to those entries in its list and test, because I'm pretty sure the K: part simple means "Key Event", which is what FS lists for assignment. Pete
  11. 'Slight' glitch at KPHX

    This actually happened with several planes coming from the apron .. once ready, just went straight through the hangar and kept going until deleted https://clips.twitch.tv/DeliciousSpeedySpiderKAPOW https://clips.twitch.tv/ShyHilariousEagleHeyGuys Was good for some content but obviously not as it should be :D EDIT: did another test and found this is a random glitch but always fro the south cargo apron. It can be resolved by giving the plane different instructions on taxi route
  12. "Change to runway xx" seems not to work

    CALLSIGN ENTER FINAL RUNWAY XX Then do not forget the clear for landing on new runway ;)
  13. Tower 3D Pro - Aircraft / Liveries

    Curious? Is the goal to try and determine a way to create the liveries for airlines/aircraft that do not currently have any? If so, I am very interested in what you discover as this is a nice gap to fill. Thanks for all of your efforts!! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for updates
  14. Tower!3D Pro - Anatomy of a Landing

    No it wasn't answered. A plane will not take an earlier exit than it physically can - i.e., it will not exit until it has slowed to 45 knots. In the example above, the following is the earliest exit these planes would take: DH4-B5, E70-B6, 73W-B7, 753-B8. So to directly answer your questions, planes do not have to slow down to 19 knots to exit. DISCLAIMER: The landing distances above were done back in November. With SPs for both Tower and RT, results now could be slightly different.
  15. Tower 3D Pro - Aircraft / Liveries

    Get Notepad++ it's a free text editor https://notepad-plus-plus.org/
  16. After upgrading to v4.2, the right click in my mouse is not working (but it works fine outside P3D).Can someone help with this annoying occurrence? Thank you very much
  17. Hi Pete My setup is as follows: - 6 computer setup incl. 3X visual PC's, 2 X avionics, and 1 "admin" PC. - Windows 10 all - P3D v3 on the 3 visual PC's - Latest (for P3D v3), registered FSUIPC and Wide FS on all 3 visual Pc's - Prosim 2.01b25 What I am trying to do is ostensibly really simple, but challenging, it seems, in practice. I want to be able to send a keypress from a client PC (the "admin" PC) to my server/flying PC, to be received by FSUIPC and converted to an offset, to be recognised by Prosim to generate a chime, and eventually, hopefully, a flashing light on the overhead. My understanding from the maual is that you can only send a keypress from server to client with Wide FS, not the other way around. So, after some googling, I found a program called HotKeyNet, which seems to do the job of sending a keypress from client to server just fine. In case you are not familiar with this program, you essentially define the IP of the computer you are sending the keypress to, and you can also define the window to send it to. In my case, I have set it to the Prepar3D window. To test it, I opened a box in P3d which will receive a keypress (eg. assign keyboard shortcut dialog window), then i press the number "1" on the client (admin) PC, and surely enough "1" appears in the dialog box in P3D on the server PC. So far, so good. Then I assigned the number "1" in FSUIPC under keypress, and created the offsets, and set Prosim to recognise this. To test this, I press "1" on the server PC, and sure enough, I hear my chime as expected. So far, brilliant. The problem I have is that it seems FSUIPC will not recognise the keypress received by P3D from the client PC. I am guessing FSUIPC picks up keypresses directly from the Windows device, and is therefore not receiving the keypress sent to P3D by HotKeyNet. So, my questions are: - Should FSUIPC recognise this keypress? If so, what I am missing? - If my suspicion is correct that FSUIPC will not recognise this keypress, then how else can I get this to work? I have heard using Lua scripts might be an answer. Trouble is my IT skills are about as good as knowing how to stick a USB plug into a USB socket, so I'm a bit worried that the solution may send my head into a spin. :-D But if you have any idiot-proof solutions for me, and somewhere I should go and look, I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance!! Sunny
  18. Tower!3D Pro User Manual - Annotated

    @pete_agreatguy, noted. I'll do a diff on the commands list and add a section about the wind gauge too. Thank you! Rameus
  19. For the STB V4 client, you must have the STB V4 client product already installed AND Prepar3D V4.2. The update can be found at: http://bit.ly/2C5LD8U And the STB V4 Data Server for those of you running STB Client and Prepar3D-V4 on separate computers is can be found here (both an update for existing installations and a standalone installer): http://bit.ly/2sDTUNw STB Client Summary of Changes: ⦁ NEW: Added support for Enhanced AI views using the P3D Camera system, using the AI Centre as a camera target. This brings back the extended view AI commands lost between V3-V4; ⦁ Removed Enhanced View AI configuration from the settings notebook and wizard experience, no longer requires changes to Prepar3d.cfg following P3D V4.2; ⦁ NEW: Added the "Optimise by schedule" capability; ⦁ Enhanced the "Optimise by location" capability to delete remote parked aircraft due to depart after a certain number of minutes beyond the current simulator time; ⦁ Remember values specified in "Optimisation by Volume" across STB Client sessions; ⦁ Fixed deployment error for ORBX FTX AU AI Logos, which resulted in some missing airline logos; ⦁ Fixed deployment error for STB Common Add-on, which resulted in content errors being reported for "STB Tag"; ⦁ Adoption of Prepar3D V4.2 SimConnect client; STB Data Server Summary of Changes: ⦁ Removed Enhanced View AI configuration from the settings notebook and wizard experience, no longer requires changes to Prepar3d.cfg following P3D V4.2; ⦁ Fix Installer so the exe.config is not overwritten during the update process; ⦁ Detect and report SimConnect version mismatch exception; ⦁ Close form when simulator closes API (Except when a SimConnect version mismatch message must be displayed first); ⦁ Adoption of SimConnect Client V4.2; Simon
  20. Tower 3d Pro Wind Indicator

    For clarification, this command is in FeelThere's manual - https://www.atcsuite.com/tower-promanual
  21. FSUIPC FSLABS A320 P3Dv4

    for totaly retracted Flaps the value is 0 for 1°F flaps level the value is arround 5000. these values don"t work and flaps stay in level 2 In other hand value corresponding to position 3 and Full works perfectly this is for SIMLAB A320 but all flaps works for Aerosoft, wilco ....etc
  22. Hey folks, I tried to give an AC the "change to runway xx" command in KLAX right after it says "with you" on finals. For example the AC is on 6R on final and I want him to change to 6L.... It's always "negative"!????? It always worked with Tower2011 that way? Some suggestions?
  23. Tower!3D Pro User Manual - Annotated

    @rameus, There are some commands missing from your version of the manual. This one for instance: CALLSIGN, WIND IS XXX (direction in degrees) AT XX KNOTS RUNWAY XX CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF
  24. 747 PMDG incompatibility

    Fabrizio--you should run PMDG Operations Center, as PMDG released an update for the 747 in P3D v4.2 that deals with the CTD issue at startup. Regards Bob Scott
  25. I am sorry Peter, So you didn't hear anything from PMDG. Good to know. best Fabrizio
  26. Hi Pete; Welcome back to the maelstrom. ;-) After reading your commentary below the 5.123d download link, I have to ask if there's any good reason to move from 5.122a to 5.123d in P3D v4.2 given that there seems to be some uncertainty about whether the Simconnect issue with 5.123c is actually fixed (or fully understood). Cheers Bob Scott
  27. Tower 3D Pro - Aircraft / Liveries

    Success! Opened the .manifest files in word pad but they seem to be in one long string to decipher! Thanks for all the help G
  28. Tower 3D Pro - Aircraft / Liveries

    These are the files I am seeing Craig which match the airports I have (thanks for the list above). I guess it's the .manifest ones but can't seem to open them.
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