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Boeing Helicrew 8599 White 1200px

Helicrew Helicopter Simulator Ryan Aerospace

    Ryan Aerospace specialize in the design and manufacture of high quality yet affordable helicopter and fast jet simulators for military, civilian and emergency management applications.

    Pictured here is the HELICREW which is a dual control variant of the already popular HELIMOD.

    It comprises dual controls (Cyclics, Collectives and Pedals which are all linked and are interchangeable) as well as an aircraft specific panel which can be taken off by loosening off just four bolts. The instrument panel is entirely independent of the main unit which means you can change over aircraft-types in minutes.

    The panel displayed is a high fidelity panel similar to the Kiowa aircraft with Electronic Attitude Indicator, Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator, Garmin 430-styled GPS, avionics and working instruments. The EHSI takes feeds from the GPS and the ADF allowing realistic instrument approaches.

    The HELICREW comes with and Instructors Operating Station (IOS) for before, during and after action reviews.

    The HELICREW has a simple USB interface and will work on a normal power supply using just one PC. In this configuration, we can obtain a smooth 60 frames per second with three 42 inch panels at the front for the out-the-window view, a panel for the instruments and a panel for the IOS.

    See more at www.ryanaerospace.com.au

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