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HELIMOD from Ryan Aerospace

Helimod Helicopter Simulator Ryan Aerospace

    The HELIMOD is like no other in the world. It is a modular and reconfigurable unit that allows users to change [some of] the hardware to suit the aircraft type in just minutes.

    The main unit comprises the main platform with seat, cyclic (with force trim function), anti-torque pedals and monitor bracket to hold three LCD screens (alternatively, multiple projectors and a curved screen can be used.)

    Pictured here is the HELIMOD in its most basic form. This is great for customers that just require a basic set of helicopter controls for uses such as Combined Arms Training / Collective Training with applications such as VBS2, Prepar3D or X-Plane to name a few. The display is from VDC Display Systems and provides a fully immersive 'out-the-window' view which is cost-effective and takes up only a small footprint.

    See more at www.ryanaerospace.com.au

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