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HELIMOD from Ryan Aerospace with Bell 206 Module attached.

Helimod Helicopter Simulator Ryan Aerospace

    The main base unit of the HELIMOD comprises the seat, cyclic with force trim function, pedals and (if required) the three screens and brackets at the front to provide the main 'out-the-window' view.

    The module next to the unit is aircraft specific comprising one LCD for the main instrumentation, Bendix-styled avionics suite including Audio Panel, COM1, COM2, NAV1, NAV2, ADF, DME and Transponder. It also includes the aircraft-specific collective complete with working twist throttle, mechanical idle release latch and collective head with working buttons and switches allowing for a very realistic startup and shutdown procedure. The module also has an overhead panel with working buttons, switches and circuit breakers.

    The Bell 206 Jetranger Aircraft-specific module is entirely independent of the main unit and simply sits along-side the main base unit. This means that modules can be switched over in seconds which is a huge benefit for customers needing to train on different aircraft types.

    See more at www.ryanaerospace.com.au

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