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    Dear Folks, KBOS for Tower!3D and Tower!3D Pro has been released and is available from atcsuite.com, feelthere.com and on Steam. I hope you will enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it to you. Thank you Vic
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    Dear friends, thank you for all your good wishes, your patience and your help. The bad news I have for you is that there is no medical improvement yet. The good news for me and you is that I could retire now from my main job - so I hope (do not promise, but hope) to come back here in the sence that I will be able to visit this forum once or twice a week and to start to continue work on MyTraffic. To define a smaller project for the time beeing, and to have enough time to get all the tools working again, I want to concentrate on a simple paint update first - using the existing schedules and airports and just refreshing the liveries. I will ask for that on another topic. Yours Burkhard
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    The commands should be the same for all sectors--as with the original sectors. When the target gets to altitude, click on it to initiate handoff to center. It flashes. When it stops flashing, the target turns to a "C" and then you give it, "DLH 27, contact center on 120.80". (for instance).
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    *deleted* not worth the time to respond to.
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    Think of TIST as a tutorial airport. It has very minimal functionality. In the past, whenever someone has asked a similar question to yours, the developer's response has been, buy the Atlanta or JFK add-on for more features.
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    I just scanned the L-M support forum, and there are complaints about loss of sterring in other aircraft, like the A2A ones. L-M have found a bug in version 4.1 which may account for it. You ought to go check. Pete
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    Hello Paul, thank you for your help. I attached two screenshots. As you can see, the values from left and center are switched. i will test it tomorrow with different airplanes and give you a feedback again. regards, pepe
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    Good Day All, Happy to announce that I have completed a full custom schedule overhaul for LAX. This is the first of many to come, and is being offered for FREE to the community. If you are interested, send me a direct message and I will supply the files for you. CUSTOM SCHEDULE #1 -- FULL day action from Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX) from September 2, 2017. A full day of flights. 1600+ flights re-coded and tested for that day alone! **EDITED** The most recent version of the Schedule & Terminal files are written as of 10-4-2017. **Edit as of 10-14-2017 -- Fixed a Fiji flight that had incorrect coding. Re-posted to Dropbox with updated file. (Thanks to Winsaudi for the find) **Edit as of 10-4-2017 -- Schedule file updated with Mokulele Airlines (BUG) flights (8 total) that were omitted on original draft. Please note....go into your klax_airlines.txt file and change the "SPEEDBUGGY" callsign to "MAHALO" which is the correct callsign. (Thanks to Ron for the reminder of these omitted flights). **Edit as of 10-1-2017 -- Only the TERMINAL file was updated. An error was found causing EVA flights not to load for departure or arrive as it was listed as EVE. This is corrected now to EVA. If you do not have the files at all -OR- need the updated files, you can visit my dropbox and pick them up. DROPBOX -- KLAX Custom Traffic # 1 -- 9-2-2017 // Notes & Highlights to this (9-2-2017) LAX Schedule overhaul // 2017 CORRECT!!! terminal re-alignment. Terminal schedule updated for CURRENT day LAX !!! -- DAL now flying out of Terminals 2 & 3 -- ALL correct international heavies shifted to their correct home of Terminal TBIT. -- American Airlines shifted to Terminal 4 & 5 -- Spirit Wings, JetBlue, Sun Country, Hawaiian and more shift to southern side of airport to Terminal 5 -- Air Canada moved from Terminal 2 to Terminal 6, along with Virgin America. -- GOAL of the custom schedule is to eliminate huge gaps of no traffic at most times of the day. -- GOAL of using REAL WORLD schedule from a set day with complete flight schedule, correct aircraft types, and gates. MORE AIRLINES!!! -- including.... -- Boutique Air -- Sun Country -- LAN Peru -- Hainan Airlines -- Air Berlin -- Fiji Airlines -- LACSA -- Various Cargo flights using the designated cargo area of LAX on the southern edge -- Kalitta Air -- ABEX Cargo -- FedEx -- AirBridge Cargo -- China Air Cargo -- Proper use of E175's for Skywest & Compass (these fly w/o livery due to Nyerges not having the pairing in place) -- Some of you may prefer E170's that have the livery if you're into color watching. I have a 2nd version of the same schedule with the aircraft type changed. -- Virgin Atlantic with correct 787-900 aircraft -- Correct use of Singapore & China Eastern 77W aircraft (both are missing livery due to Nyerges not having pairing in place) -- Some aircraft like Hainan are in the game, however they do not have a current livery. Nyerges has been notified. HAPPY CONTROLLING!!!!
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    Very nice--thanks!! You really have to watch the 19 and 25s so you don't get dinged.
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    What's up everyone! My name is Joe. Thanks for checking out my custom (REAL) traffic schedules. You can find me at https://www.youtube.com/c/ATControl playing this game. Happy to announce that I have completed my 2nd full day custom-schedule release -- this time for Las Vegas Mccarran International Airport (KLAS). This is being offered for FREE to the community. CUSTOM SCHEDULE #2 -- FULL day action from Las Vegas (KLAS) from September 7, 2017. A full day of flights. If you do not have the files at all -OR- need the updated files, you can visit my Dropbox and pick them up. **Please check back for edits to these drop box files. If edits are made, notations will appear below with the date the edit was made and what was changed** DROPBOX -- KLAS Custom Traffic #2 -- 9-7-2017 Over 1000 Commercial Flights Over 160 General Aviation flights ranging from small prop jets to your elite level Gulfstreams, Dassault Falcons, Learjets, Hawkers, Cessna's and more -- As Las Vegas is notorious for riches and flights from all over, the GA terminal appears as active on a daily basis at KLAS as the commercial terminals -- Adds an extra degree of control -- Take your controlling to a new level and learn the various GA aircraft and how to properly maneuver them not only on the ground but keeping proper seperation in mind when on approach or departure. Terminal Re-assignments -- -- Allegiant Air now housed correctly at Terminal 1 -- very fun and colorful airline w/ regional service. Many flights per day -- Delta moved to correct location in Terminal D -- Southwest now housed in Terminal B & C, joined at Terminal B by Spirit -- Correct locations in Terminal E now home for Interjet, Hainan, JetBlue, Thomas Cook, Condor & more! Favorite airlines & unique flights you will enjoy seeing at KLAS! -- Interjet -- Allegiant -- Air Canada's ROUGE -- Hainan Airlines -- Thomas Cook -- Condor ((Please be aware that some further livery updates are still in progress with jets such as E75's for Skywest/Compass/etc. Aircraft may appear all white in color but does not take away from the control experience!)) // Proper use of this CUSTOM schedule // 1. ALWAYS make a folder on your computer, in an easy to find location, and COPY all files from both FEELTHERE folder and your source folder (ex. Steam Folder). Schedules are in BOTH places and must be updated in BOTH places for it to work. 2. Once copied, Navigate to the airfields of BOTH folders. Delete out your klas_schedule.txt file, klas_terminal.txt file, AND klas_gaandlocaltraffic.txt files. Replace them with the custom files. HAPPY CONTROLLING !!! (p.s. If any edits need to be made, please comment below -- I respond quickly and make timely updates once the issue is reviewed/tested)
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    Updated the klax_schedule.txt file on 9 Oct 2017 Due to Real Color LAX being restricted to certain liveries and certain MDS's at the time it was developed by the developer, I have gone and made some changes to my klax_terminal file that I had previously posted. In the new terminal file below, I have changed several of the MDS's with several of the airlines, that were showing up as white airplanes. Now that the MDS's have changes, the airline liveries are back. Unfortunately, there are some airlines that will still show up white no matter what, as they were not included in the original Real Color LAX file. The schedule however has remained exactly the same. If you're up for a challenge, I have attached a 'Real Life' 24hr schedule for KLAX. Make sure you back up the file that you already have in the Tower!3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields\KLAX subdirectory. You can leave the existing klax_schedule file in the folder. Just add a .bak extension to it (klax_schedule.bak). When you have done this, you can copy the klax_schedule file from below, and place it into the KLAX folder. I have also attached a current klax_terminal file as well. Do the same by renaming the existing file with a .bak, before copying the below terminal file to the subdirectory. This project has taken some time, but it is a lot of fun, and definitely a challenge, working with "Real Life' traffic, that happens to have real flight numbers. 1802 flights! Enjoy! klax_terminal.txt KLAX Arrivals & Departures by Local Times.pdf klax_schedule.txt
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    This worked quite well for the ~40 minutes I had to test it so far.
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    Thank you so much, for a phantastic job!!...thank you for sharing!!..Vote: A+++:)
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    Great effort bcooley66; thank you for sharing. Graham
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    My traffic is 'custom' because I'm not the developer. It's real b/c it's real -- in my traffic header it details flight data from 9-2-2017 full day.
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    VIC, I conducted a couple of tests at LAX in order to provide data regarding arrival capacity. TEST INFO Test 1 - I created a schedule file that had 60 scheduled arrivals at 1 minute intervals beginning at 10:00. Theoretically, each arrival should alternate between 25L and 24R. Test 2 - The schedule file had the same amount of flights and in the same order as Test 1. But for this test there were 2 arrivals every other minute (two at 10:00, two at 10:02, etc.). Both tests included a departure at 09:59 to "prime" the sim engine. RESULTS (details are in the attached spreadsheet): Test 1 - All 60 arrivals appeared as scheduled and used the expected landing runway. This demonstrates that simultaneous arrivals runways are definitely used. However, the schedule must be built strategically in order to experience the maximum hourly arrivals of 60. At 11:10 all planes were parked, the strip was empty, and the session was ended. Test 2 - At no point did any of the flights with the same scheduled arrival time appear simultaneously on the DBRITE. The pattern of flights was not nearly as consistent as the first test - including flights arriving in a different sequence and using different runways. Some flights appeared on the DBRITE over an hour after they were scheduled. At 11:51 58 planes had landed and parked successfully, the strip was empty, and the session was ended. 2 flights had not appeared yet but I hope/assume they would eventually show up. CONCLUSION The sim engine has employed simulaneous arrivals, which is an upgrade from Tower!2011. However, the maximum number of arrivals in an hour is 60 apparently due to the way the sim handles the schedule - specifically flights with the same arrival time. Thus, we are unable to take full advance of real traffic and other realistic schedule volumes due to the arrival limitation. Let me know if you have any questions. I've sent schedules and logs via message. Thanks, Craig LAX_Arrival_Test.xlsx
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    Works great Joe, ran for 90 minutes yesterday without a hitch. Thanks
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    Hi Fabio, thanks for the reply. OK, that's great! Best wishes with this project, it's great to see an app being developed for P3D which rivals and enhances the capabilities of FS Recorder, which is now not compatible with P3Dv4. I purchased it this afternoon, can't wait to use it! Regards Dave
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    Great work Joe! I gave it a run last night for around 70 minutes; all flowed well with no issues. A few missing liveries doesn't bother me too much. I had a ripper of a thunderstorm last night anyway so couldn't see much out the window. (Love the lightning!) Thanks again Joe. Graham
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    Wow, what a job! Thanks for doing that, Joe. I'll probably hit you up for that after I get home from vacation in a couple of weeks!
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    Good Day all, Many of you asked for these, and thus I have delivered. Instead of jamming up the previous post that was filled with card edits, I'll use this post since it's very specific to location. Below you will find updated (and PRINTER FRIENDLY) versions of the Commands List & Airport Specific cards. I did my best to weed out airlines that don't exist anymore in the game files as well as statusing timetables at each airport. Cards are written in alphabetical order by the 3-letter ICAO code for easy reference. This page will be updated with new cards as new airports are released. Please let me know if you see any errors and I'll fix them ASAP! (Please note that JFK & LAX have 3-part cards -- be sure to get them all. All other airports at this time fit on a single page) ((Also, please note that some of the airlines on the cards are not currently in the game even though they do exist at these airports in real life. Hopefully the game developers will get with their livery and time table teams and get these plugged for us ASAP)) Enjoy! & Happy Controlling! ---ATControl, Joe (((KATL - Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta Int'l Airport ))) (((KJFK - John F. Kennedy Int'l Airport (3 cards) ))) (((KLAX - Los Angeles Int'l Airport (3 cards) ))) (((KPHL - Philadelphia Int'l Airport ))) (((KSAN - San Diego Int'l Airport )))
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    I've found and fixed this problem. It was a 32 to 64 bit difference in the structures used to ennumerate running programs. It will be fixed in version 5.12, which I will probably be able to release later today, otherwse certainly by the weekend. Incidentally, if a program won't CLOSE (and, yes, I know there are some like that), then the more ruthlss KILL option can be used. It's safe enough for most programs, assuming there are no settings to change. It's the same as using End Process in the Windows Task Manager. Pete
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    Tower_MP Update The Discord Tower_MP community has been growing steadily and just recently passed the 100 member mark. As the number of airports grows so does the multiplayer community. You'll find forum members, Steam users, and people from all over the planet with a common goal of having some fun controlling airplanes together. If you haven't joined in on the fun yet, feel free to use the link in the original post to join the server. Hope to see (and hear) you at Tower_MP soon!