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    Introduction To Use MyTraffic 6a for Prepar3D v4 using the add-on.xml file system. Note: This is also relevant for Prepar3D v3.3 and up ------------- The following steps is to use MyTraffic 6 for Prepar3D v4 using the add-on.xml file system, Using this method we Do Not need to use the Communicator and we Do Not need to add any entries to the simobjects.cfg file or the Scenery Library. The add-on.xml file will have all the Information to launch and use MyTraffic 6, We will Insert this file into the Prepar3D v4 Add-on's folder in Documents ------------------------------------------------------- First you need to install MyTraffic 6, Insure you Disable your Antivirus Software and User Account Control (UAC) Run the Mytraffic 6 Installer as administrator ----------------------- We will first create an "add-on.xml" file, We will then add the MYtraffic 6 entry Below is a complete Image of what it will look like when finished Click on the Image to view in full Resolution Creating an add-on.xml file 1) Right click anywhere on your desktop, Click New, Click Tex Document You will now have a little white file on your desktop 2) Right Click on this white file, Click Rename Call this file add-on.xml 3) Go to: Documents > Prepar3D v4 Add-ons, Create and Name a new folder inside calling it MyTraffic6 4) Now click and drag your new add-on.xml file and pop it into the new folder MyTraffic6 -------------------------- Adding the MyTraffic 6 entry to the add-on.xml file Right Click on your new add-on.xml file and Open. Please Note: If you have Installed Mytraffic 6 to the Default C Drive location you can Copy the below entry and Paste it into your add-on.xml file, Insure you Save it If you have Installed MyTraffic 6 to a different location, You need to change the 2 <Path>'s to suite your Install location <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <SimBase.Document Type="AddOnXml" version="4,0" id="add-on"> <AddOn.Name>MyTraffic6</AddOn.Name> <AddOn.Description>MyTraffic6.</AddOn.Description> <AddOn.Component> <Category>SimObjects</Category> <Path>C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft</Path> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Scenery</Category> <Path>C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic</Path> <Name>MyTrafficScenery</Name> <Layer>114</Layer> </AddOn.Component> </SimBase.Document> Launch Prepar3D, You will see this message, Click Yes, MyTraffic 6 is now active If you Click Options > Add-ons You can now enable and disable MyTraffic 6 by ticking the box (A restart is required to take effect) --------------------------------------- Additional Information (Important) 1) Disable Mytraffic Military aircraft from possible causing you Crash's (CDT) Go here: Local Disk (c) ► MyTraffic Professional ►MyTraffic ►Scenery, Locate this file MyTrafficmil.bgl Rename this file to MyTrafficmil.bgl.orig This will Disable Military aircraft -------------- 2) Turning off Default AI aircraft traffic, Please see here for a Video and here for an Image ------------- 3) You need to adjust up the Traffic Sliders in Prepar3D > Settings to see MyTraffic 6 planes ------------- 4) If you look at the bottom of the add-on.xml file you will see this "<Layer>114</Layer>" This command will Insert the MyTraffic scenery 114 lines from the bottom of the Prepar3D Scenery Library, This is the recommended position, You can adjust this yourself by editing this number and saving it ------------ 5) You will experience long loading times when MyTraffic 6 is enabled, This is normal
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    Please be a little more patient. Apparently the chap who sorts this out on their servers wasn't available earlier this week. And i did tell them on Wednesday that it wasn't really very urgent in any case as I had big problems getting FSUIPC5 working on Win10 systems. So I then actually surprised tham by telling them it was ready yesterday after L-M did some splendid work in diagnosing the problems I had on Win10! And the chaps that sort out the payment system automation (for it is automated) for SimMarket are in the USA, so haven't been available until probably about now. I'm hopeful for it to be all sorted by the morning if not sooner. And after all, you've only been waiting, what, another day so far. (I'm waiting for AS16 for my cockpit before I'm prepared to fly in it. but then I always have other things to do ;-) ). Supposing FSUIPC hadn't been ready for another week, or even a month. what would you have done then? Started climbing the wall? I was on holiday till last Thursday, and the Release Candidate was unleashed on us developers the day after. For me to get it out in less than a week has means working all hours and getting frustrated at every little problem. So, I repeat, please be a little more patient! Pete
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    It is my intention to develop an STB for Prepar3D V4, and while the journey will be a long one (with the possibility of ending in failure) I'll endeavour to keep you up to date with progress. I don't have V4 yet, simply because from a development point of view I need it to live in its own operating system standalone from any other flight simulator. Through my MSDN membership I can role out any Windows OS with ease, but now I'm flat out of disk space to accommodate it all. While I wait for a delivery of a new disk, another necessary task is to start working through the SDK, and there's a lot to take in. Some comments I can make straight away are: 1) We will do things properly, as guided by the SDK. Where tools exist to deploy the add-on, they will be used (the "add-on.xml" as V4 describes it). 2) You'll likely need .net V4.6 on your computer for STB, and that might not be part of your Windows OS although you might get it by virtue of installing P3D V4. 3) STB will become a 64bit app, for which you'll need a 64bit windows. Not a problem when running STB on the same computer as Prepar3D, but if you run STB on a separate "client" computer, that will need to be 64bit also. 4) Any initial release of STB will be for compatibility, exploring new features of P3D V4 may come later. 5) As always, I work on this when I can when my full time day job and full time family don't get in the way! Simon
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    I decided to go ahead and update STB for FSX along the same lines as some recent updates to STB for Prepar3D. In particular, there's some improved support for Ultimate Traffic Live (UTLive) though not as complete as the incumbent support for UT2, an important fix to the way STB interacts with the FSX scenery library and also various framework enhancements. I'm glad to say I'm finally able to move away from the clickteam installer for updates, which was a great tool in it's day but was become more and more of a challenge to deliver updates through in a simple fashion. Going forward, any further updates will come through Inno Setup which is much more an InstallShield like experience. A side effect of the switch to Inno is your current installation cannot be updated. Instead it must be completely uninstalled, then V3.5.0.2 installed in its place. Sorry for the extra pain, but it will be worth it in the long run. To obtain V3.5.0.2 please contact me in the short term, and in the longer term it will be available for download in the shops. Summary of Changes in STB V3.5.0.2 (Omega): ⦁ Added limited support for UTLive: Ability to select logos, airlines and aircraft definitions for UTLive (shared option with UT2); ⦁ Flight Plan Complier Bug fix. Don't append "Scenery" to a scenery library path if it already ends with "scenery"; ⦁ During remote client wizard experience, open a local PDF with instructions rather than a web page. ⦁ Improved exception handling; ⦁ Improved sort order (by arrival/departure time) for incomplete flights generated by an external scheduling engine (e.g. AirHauler, UTLive, etc.); ⦁ Software refactored and rebuilt with Visual Studio 2015 ⦁ Inno Setup Framework for all installers Thnaks Simon
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    Updated June 2017 Please see the below link to set up MyTraffic 6 for Prepar3D v3 and v4 using the add-on.xml file method ================================================================================ =============================================================================== ------- Introduction ------ A Step by Step Guide to Install and Set up MyTraffic 6a for Prepar3D MyTraffic 6a is a Payware Traffic Add On for Prepar3D, Bringing AI Airplane Traffic to all your favorite Airports. MyTraffic 6a is the latest Version and Compatible with all Version's of Prepar3D, V1.4 V2 and V3 (All Version of V3) ===== You can Setup and Configure MyTraffic 6a in 2 ways..... (1) The Official way: By using the MyTaffic 6 Communicator "MyTraffic 6 Control Panel" (2) Manually: Not using the Communicator ===== INDEX (1) To Setup MyTraffic 6a the Official way using the Communicator, Prepar3D V3 Installing MyTraffic 6a The Communicator (3 simple steps) Turning off AI traffic (Default Prepar3D Traffic) Adding the MyTraffic folder to your Prepar3D Scenery Library ===== (2) To Setup MyTraffic 6a Manually (simobjects.cfg) Prepar3D V3 Installing MyTraffic 6a to the Default C Drive Installing MyTraffic 6a to a Different Location ===== (3) To Setup MyTraffic 6a Manually for Prepar3D V2 ===== (4) Possible CDT'S Crash To Desktop when using MyTraffic 6a ===================================== * First: Before you run the MyTraffic 6a Installer (Important) * Temporary Disable your Firewall and all Anti Virus Software OR Windows Defender * Disable UAC User Account Control, Set to Never Notify ============== (1) To Setup MyTraffic 6a the Official way using the Communicator Prepar3D V3 Installing MyTraffic 6a The MyTraffic 6a Installer will Install 11 gigs of Data so please pick a suitable place to Install Insuring you have enough space Do Not Install into your Prepar3D Core Folder, MyTraffic 6 Installs OUTSIDE your Prepar3D Core folder You can Install to the Default C Drive Or Install to any Location you choose, The Communicator (Control Panel) will add an [Entry] to your Simobjects.cfg that will make My Traffic 6 work from any Location on your Computer. Right Click on MyTraffic Professional.msi Click Install The Communicator (3 simple steps) setting up the Simobjects.cfg Step 1: Localize MyTraffic When the Installation process has completed the Communicator should pop up, If not, check your Start Menu (Programs) as sometimes it can be hiding in there. You can click and drag the Communicator to your Desktop 1 Click Configure MyTraffic and then Localize MyTraffic. If you have Installed to the Default C Drive, it will read C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic If you have Installed to a different Location and Did Not create a folder it may read like this G:\MyTraffic. 2 Click Ok. Step 2: Localize Prepar3D v3 1 Click Manage Prepar3D V2/V3 2 Click Localize Prepar3D v3 3 Click Ok Step 3: Adding the Simobjects.cfg Entry 1 Click Manage Prepar3D V2/V3 2 Click Manage simobjects.cfg - v3 3 The Simobjects box will pop up. 4 Click Add MyTraffic You will have to scroll down to see your new [Entry], As you can see I now have the proper [Entry] for my Simobjects.cfg. 5 Click Save and Close If You have Installed MyTraffic 6 to a Different location your [Entry] will be shortened like this Turning off AI traffic (Default Prepar3D Traffic) We will Not be needing the Prepar3D Default AI Traffic now. We can turn this off by going to Your Prepar3D V2\V3 Install location Follow the path: ► Prepar3D v3 ► Scenery ► World ► scenery Follow the steps. 1 Right Click on trafficAircraft.bgl Click Rename 2 Remove the bgl and Add off to the end, make sure you don't delete the Full Spot . 3 What it should look like, trafficAircraft.off Adding the MyTraffic folder to Your Prepar3D Scenery Library Launch Prepar3D. Click World (Top Left) Click Scenery Library. 1 Click Add Area. 2 and 3 Browse through your Drives and Locate the MyTraffic folder, This is the Exact folder that you should add. 4 and 5 Click Ok Make sure you Pick the Correct folder The correct folder is The MyTraffic folder 1 I will now move the MyTraffic Scenery down to just above Global, Generic & Vehicle Libraries This is the Recommended order. 2 Click Ok To see MyTraffic 6 Planes, You Need to adjust up your Aviation Traffic sliders in Prepar3D > settings The more you move up the Settings the more Traffic you will see. Note: High settings will have an Impact on Performance Note: You will know if your Simobjects.cfg is set up correctly if Prepar3D is taking longer to Launch to the Splash Screen ============================================================ ============================================================ ============================================================ (2) To Setup MyTraffic 6 Manually (simobjects.cfg) Prepar3D V3 MyTraffic 6 is Launched "Connected" to Prepar3D in 2 ways, Your Simobjects.cfg and through your Prepar3D Scenery Library Below are steps to setup your Simobjects.cfg Manually --------------- Note: You will still have to add your MyTaffic folder to your Prepar3D Scenery Library and Turn Off Default Prepar3D Traffic. Manually setting up your simobjects.cfg Installing MyTraffic 6 to the Default C Drive After you Install MyTaffic 6, The communicator "MyTraffic 6 Control Panel" will pop up, Close it we will not be using it. We will now add an Entry to your simobjects.cfg The Default Install folder Location for MyTraffic 6 is C\MyTraffic Professional Your Path in simobjects.cfg will be this Path=C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft It will look like this in your Simobjects.cfg [Entry.10] Title=MyTraffic Vehicles Path=C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft Required=False Active=True If you have Installed MyTraffic 6 to the Default Location, You can Copy and Paste the above Entry into Your Simobjects.cfg Go to ► Computer ► Local Disk (C:) ►ProgramData ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v3 > Simobjects.cfg Follow the steps in the image below. 1 Double Click on Simobjects.cfg to Open. 2 Your Simobjects Note pad will pop up. 3 Paste your new Entry in at the bottom. 4 Go to File and Click Save Pay attention to the correct Numbering order in the Image, Click the Image, Read the Tex I have now added the MyTaffic 6 Entry to my Simobjects.cfg As you can see from the Image this is a Default simobjects.cfg with 1 Add On MyTraffic 6 If you have more then a Default 9 Entry's in your Simobjects.cfg, You need to change the [Entry] Number to suit Your simobjects.cfg. The Entry Numbers Start at 0 and go down, If the Numbers are Not correct Prepar3D Will Not see your new [Entry] and MyTraffic 6 Will Not Launch Installing MyTraffic 6 to a Different Location Important Question: If you Installed MyTraffic 6 somewhere else as apposed to the Default location, did you Create a folder to Install MyTraffic 6 to ? What did you name this folder ? This is important because this extra folder extension will change the folder path= in your simobjects.cfg ! For Example: I am now Installing MyTraffic 6 and have decided to Install to my G Drive, I will Create and name a folder called MyTraffic6 and point the Installer to it, Note: Notice how i left No spaces when i named this folder ! You need to spell the Name of the folder you Created exactly the same including the spaces in your simobjects.cfg, If you are even one digit or space out MyTraffic 6 Will Not launch Not creating a folder to install to If you have Installed Mytraffic 6 to a Different location and Not the default Location, The MyTraffic 6 Installer will Automatically create a folder called MyTraffic Your simobjects.cfg Path will be Path=X:\MyTraffic\Aircraft You will have to change the Drive Letter to suit your Install location I left an X in my path, Change this X to suit your Install Drive letter [Entry.10] Title=MyTraffic Vehicles Path=X:\MyTraffic\Aircraft Required=False Active=True Note: You will know if your Simobjects.cfg is set up correctly if Prepar3D is taking longer to Launch to the Splash Screen * You will still need to add the MyTaffic folder to your Prepa3D Scenery Library and Turn Off Default Prepar3D Traffic ========================================================== ========================================================== ========================================================== (3) To Setup MyTraffic 6 Manually for Prepar3D V2 This is the very same procedure as Manually setting up for Prepar3D V3, Adding an Entry to your Simobjects.cfg + adding your the MyTraffic folder to your Prepar3D Scenery Library Setting up your Simobjects.cfg Manaully By Default you will have 8 Entry's in your Simobjects.cfg. If you have Installed MyTraffic 6 to the Default C Drive..... Your Entry will look like this [Entry.9] Path=C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft Go to ► Computer ► Local Disk (C:) ► ProgramData ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D V2 Double Click on Simobjects.cfg to open If you have Installed MyTraffic 6 to the Default C Drive you can Copy and Paste the above Entry into your Simobjects.cfg When added to your Simobjects.cfg, it will look like this. This is a Default simobjects.cfg with 1 Add On Mytraffic 6 [Entry.0] Path=SimObjects\Airplanes [Entry.1] Path=SimObjects\Rotorcraft [Entry.2] Path=SimObjects\GroundVehicles [Entry.3] Path=SimObjects\Boats [Entry.4] Path=SimObjects\Animals [Entry.5] Path=SimObjects\Misc [Entry.6] Path=SimObjects\Submersible [Entry.7] Path=SimObjects\Weapons [Entry.8] Path=SimObjects\Countermeasures [Entry.9] Path=C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft Note: You will still have to add your MyTaffic folder to your Prepa3D Scenery Library and Turn Off Default Prepar3D Traffic. ( See above Instructions to do this) ============================================================ ============================================================ ============================================================ (4) Possible CDT'S Crash To Desktop when using MyTraffic 6 Some users are reporting NTDLL.LL crashes when using MyTraffic 6. If you are experiencing these CDT'S You can Disable The Military aircraft in your MyTraffic scenery folder. You can Disable Military aircraft and then check to see if this helps your issue Go here: Local Disk ► MyTraffic Professional ► MyTraffic ► Scenery Locate this file MyTrafficmil.bgl Rename this file to MyTrafficmil.bgl.orig this will Disable Military aircraft
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    The airport compiler is now complete with an understanding of the new add-on.xml infrastructure. The other big task is deployment wizard, moving on to that next.
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    Ok. There are flag bits already for logging more "event" information. It'll be one of those, so you'll get other stuff too. More details next ... Pete
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    @HappyNUyear I'm sure this isn't the preferred method, but the only way it works for me: 1. Install new FeelThere airport to C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro 2. *RE*install NyergesDesign Real Traffic 3. Install the NyergesDesign Real Color airport-specific installer to C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro\Extensions\Airplanes 4. Install the NyergesDesign Real Color airport-specific installer to C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields\XXXX (where XXXX = airport code) Now, 100 users will come here and tell you that's wrong, but if I do it any other way in any other sequence, it won't work. Geez, you'd think that for $150 (T3DPro + airports + real life add-ons) they could throw a few bones at a dev or two to make an installer that actually worked... Hope that helps!
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    When I run Makerwys 4.801 with the lorbi-si program installed I receive the messages: Failed to make all of the data files! Failed to make FStarRC RWS file! Total airports = 0, runways = 0 What am I doing wrong?
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    Dear TOPER customers/users, after the new activation feature was added to TOPER products a lot of issues arose after using pirated/leaked serial keys. To save us all time and frustration please follow this procedure in order to rectify the problem: You have used a pirated key and that key was blocked You have decided to purchase a legal key, but now you can't change it since the pirated one was already installed on the same machine What to do? Please send me the following in a private message or on my support e-mail: Previously used pirated key and the location where you have obtained it from. If you can't provide me with the source of the pirated key, I can't be of any further assistance. Your purchase reference number. Kind regards,
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    Okay. I may look again and possible relent on this and implement via offsets, but there will be a limit on how many times I do this. I expect P3D4 to keep developing and I doubt that these offsets will stay the same. That's the main problem. And it would still be better if folks would apply pressure to L-M for such things to be accessible either via functions or simple exported pointers (the latter only if they never expect the structure to change). This wll wait till I return though, after the 20th. Pete
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    The read structure includes a pointer which tells the Process where to store the data it receives. That will be 64-bit unless you change it to a DWORD and avoid using it as a pointer, but some sort of offset to your program instead. It is the FSUIPC end which doesn't know about all this -- it doesn't use the pointer at all in any case. Howeverm if it is 8 bytes instead of 4, none of the following parts will be right, so the read will fail, probably just returning an error. Whilst you can convert the existing SDK source to suit 64-bit, it is messy. I will provide a 64-bit version of the stuff in the SDK, but I am away until 20th June now, so it will be later that week. Pete
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    You mean in P3D4? No!!!! The friction tables are NOT (repeat NOT) available! Pete
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    Well, I checked everything, re-built and re-ran it and was okay!! Weird. Some sort of build anomaly. I've re-upoaded it. Pete
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    Oh dear. As Thomas noticed, you are using the original version of FSUIPC5. Problems with joystick scanning were fixed by 5.101j and the scan is certainly working well now. Pete
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    If you are using KLAX, with Real Traffic and Real Colors, you will be interested in the following: As of June 5, 2017, the following is an accurate representation of the real Airline Terminal assignments at KLAX: Terminal_GA: FDX Terminal_1: SWA Terminal_2: EIN,AMX,SLI,VIR,WJA,DAL Terminal_3: DAL Terminal_TBIT: VOI,QTR,AIJ,CHH,AVA,AFL,BER,CCA,AFR,ANZ,AZA,ANA,AAR,BAW,CPA,CAL,CES,CSN,CMP,ELY,UAE,ETH,ETD,EVE,FJI,IBE,JAL,KLM,KAL,LAN,LPE,DLH,NAX,PAL,QFA,SAS,SWR,VOZ,WOW Terminal_4: AAL Terminal_5: NKS,JBU,FFT,AAY,TCX,TAI,SCX,LRC,HAL,AAL Terminal_6: VRD,BTQ,ACA,ASA,QXE,GLA,BUG Terminal_7: UAL Terminal_8: CPZ,MEO,SKW,ASH,UAL All you have to do, is open up the KLAX Terminal note file and make the updates and save. This makes the simulation a lot more realistic in my opinion. Enjoy!
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    Here's my version of ksan_terminal which I modified after looking at the departure gates on san.org: Terminal_GA: GA Terminal_1E: SWA Terminal_1W: ASA,FFT,QXE Terminal_2E: AAL,AAY,ASH,BAW,JAL,RPA,UAL,VOI,WJA Terminal_2W: ACA,ASH,AWE,CPZ,DAL,HAL,JBU,JZA,NKS,ROU,SCX,SKW,UAL,VOI,VRD Terminal_commuter: Terminal_Cargo: DHL,FDX,NAC,UPS I have modified all of my terminal files after looking at the online departure boards for each of the airports. It takes about 30 minutes tops, I just wish Nyerges Design would spend 30 minutes studying each airport and allocating terminals correctly.
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    For the VRi comms stuff, I found a couple of silly errors I missed in visual checking. I can provide an update for that for you to test, so don't do any more on that till I provide it. On the 0BC0 problem, can you suggest a way I can reproduce it here? I've checked FSUIPC's tables for these. NAV SOUND:1, NAV SOUND:2 and ADF SOUND are marked as being writeable! Maybe they aren't -- and, as you say, it was that way in FSUIPC4 too. (Offset 3122 includes those 3 and there they are marked as not writeable!!!) I'll fix it in FSUIPC5 in any case. I'm concerned about your 0BC0 problem. Pete
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    FSUIPC 5.101g is ready to download, in the Download Links, for your kind attention. I'm pretty sure the offset writing problem is fixed, but the VRI (part of COM) and HID (ditto), and EXT library functions have had revisions needing testing. I should be able to test the latter two, the VRI / COM parts should be well tested by your VRI implemetation. Pete
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    They are listed, with information about where they are placed, in the Installation and Registration guide, the document included in the main FSUIPC install download ZIP! I suppose you didn't read that either? :-( Pete
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    I've isolated the problem. It's to do with 32-bit versus 64-bit device handles. The Lua functions actually use the real handle,, but Lua stores all numbers as 64-bit dounbles 9floating point), and they cannot handle a full 64-bit vallue because of the bits taken up by the exponent. I've had to go through all the VRI, COM and EXT library functions and deal with it by storing the handles internally in an array and only passing ann index to it to Lua. There were a lot of changes, so I want to go through them all and check them before releasing anything. But I'm tired now and need a break, so it will be tomorrow. I think I've allso solved the LINDA offset writing problems -- see that thread. Pete
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    Pete I did what Grapeno1 did in device manager and mine is working fine too now thank you for your time guys
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    I can try the hid scanner later when I get home. Btw that log was after registration.
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    No, it is something to do with the classification of which SimVars are writeable. I'm looking at it today. Im currently not sure whether it is an error in my conversion to 64-bit, or a problem in P3d4. There are several other non-LINDA reports now of similar problems from other programs using the offsets for switches. Pete
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    I only support sims based on Microsoft Flight Simulator, of which I've been a dedicated user and for which I've been a developer of software since the breginnings, the days of SubLogic (Bruce Artwick). However, I'm currently dubious even about dealing with DTG's FSW, which is probably a close derivative of FSX, let alone something not even related to FS. I never touched X-Plane either. Sorry. I am 74 this year and do not plan on starting major new projects. Pete
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    pcssundahl you have to send the FSUIPC5.log after you try installing FSUIPC5 with your reg key. the one you sent was the log from installing without the key. Navigation go to the first page of this forum, at the top you will see Download links. then find Useful additional programs. you can find the HidScanner there.
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    Well, thanks for the thought. But I never expected to still be working on it some 19 years after I started. I'm 74 years old this year and hoping to retire one day, sooner than later I hope. Pete
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    Well I should of copied over the entire folder to start off. It looks like I found it. Again Sorry Pete. :(
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    The INI file is one. but the DLL is the program itself, which of course I have already -- I wrote it!!! The most important file is still not being supplied. if an INI file exists then a LOG will exist too: FSUIPC5.LOG. Why can you not supply that? The INI file is just the default. So it is fine. No, please, the LOG!!! Pete
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    I got the same report
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    Hello , I can announce today that today i build FlightControlReplay v3.5 Beta version that it supports ESP platform, FSX, FSX Steam Edition, P3D v1, P3D v2, P3d v3 and from today P3D v4. I m happy give to customers one executable i can support ALL these platform 32 BIT and also last platforms available in the market (P3Dv4) that it is at 64 BIT. Apart P3Dv4 support , FlightControlReplay v3.5 will add these two main features FlightControlReplay Professional v3.5 Feature Update wil add "PlayAsAI" feature that it will permits play a recorded flight as AI Plane . User can flight in a normal way and he can see and flight near AI plane of his previously recorded flight! Very useful feature! Meanwhile you use one instance of FlightControlReplay for use "PlayAsAI" feature , you ll can start another instance and record your flight at the same time! FlightControlReplay Professional v3.5 will have also one another important feature ! "Speed rate change" (Slow 2x 4x and fast 2x 4x) ! FlightControlReplay Professional v3.5 bring all features update and bugfix that customers had with monthly updates until now. I want remember to all customers that FlightControlReplay Professional v3.5 will be a free update that will be notified via simmarket email when it will be available.
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    Please download version 5.101. Instructions for the work-around WideFS registration are included. Pete
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    As I said. When they're ready, it will be there. Might be tonight, might be next week some time. Sorry. There's no use asking me or them. Just be patient. And please don't keep posting about it. It's getting so the majority of all posts is on the same damned thing. I thought they would be ready so I posted FSUIPC5. I expected to be much later than them. I wish I was now! :-( Pete
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    Hi, as it is stated very clear, FSUIPC5 needs its own registration key via Simmarket but that is not available yet. Also FSUIPC5 is not in a Beta state, it is a release version 5.10 and as before an ongoing development. Thomas
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    Oh and here's a nice quick comparison I made for VirtuaFlight vs other programs http://flyliveapp.weebly.com/comparison.html
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    Apparently they are dependent on someone or something in the USA, and they ot it's not awake yet. They apologise for the delay. Pete
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    Unfortunately it seems SimMarket aren't quite ready yet with their sales page. I thought I was late releasing FSUIPC5 on Thursday instead of Tuesday. I supplied Simarket details last weekend and apologised to them be being late with the program! I'm talking again with them now.
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    This IS the Support Forum! You are posting in it!!!! It's the starred thread within 3 or 4 threads of this thread!! [LATER] I've pinned it now so it's at the very top of the Forum. I'm sure you can manage to find your way there!
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    Good evening Sabrefly ! Yes it can run on a WideClient PC, don't forget to install FSUIPC before at http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html You can download the latest version v 1.01 of VirtuaFlight with the full options and the latest features here at : http://virtuaflight.com New versions are continuously posted on VirtuaFlight website at : http://virtuaflight.com and GitHub https://github.com/lord128/VirtuaFlight Its an open free source and if you are a developper please join to the community, we will be delighted to welcome you on board ! Open Source Code can be downloaded here : https://github.com/lord128/VirtuaFlight
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    You can have FSUIPC installed in any number of sims-- FSUIPC3 in FS2004, FSUIPC4 in FSX, FSX-SE, P3Dv2, P3Dv4, and now FSUIPC5 in P3Dv4. Once installed, FSUIPC is just another part of the simulator. I don't know when SimMarket will be ready. Last I heard they said "tomorrow" (i.e Friday). Pete
  41. 1 point
    NO! No need to uninstall anything! You just can't run two flight sims at the same time, that's all. Their idenntifying window names will clash. They probably won't run at the same time in any case, with one of them saying "another ... already running" or similar! This is nothing to do with FSUIPC. The sims are all sepaarate and you can swap between them as you wish, but by stopping one and starting another. Nothing related to FSUIPC. Pete
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    Do you think so? think about my situation: 600 scenery layers at last count (and the additions over the default are ONLY for Europe, as I fly no where else at present). If I need to re-order sceneries for some reason, like conflicts, or bleed throughs, or whatever, it is now much more complicated. Even just to elimiate some, maybe for a test or maybe to try a different version from another supplier, becomes more difficult. You have to try and find the things first, then work out how to disable what! I like things to be kept simple and self-contained. This new system, which is apparently applied to P3D3 too, is just too complex for my tastes. And what is worse intriduces even more Unicode and XML files, the latter being the most verbose and error prone format ever desgned. The files are far bigger than they need to be and one little error in the format anywhere renders it all useless. Maybe when my successor takes over the reins, as and when (and who), they will think differently. I'm rooted in the basic computing eras -- started as a test programmer on Leo III's back in 1963. For me even Windows is too complex, too far removed from the nitty-gritty or what computers are. ;-) Pete
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    That too is great news, and it's a credit to LM for providing backwards compatibility through the SimConnect interface for P3D V3 clients such as STB. Indeed a lot of the functionality that is SimConnect driven should work well as it stands, but there's a lot more stuff that won't work well. For example, I wouldn't trust STB to edit simulator configuration files right now, and I doubt STBServer dll plugin would work either. Once STB is finished, I'd expect it to be using the V4 client as that's the only way to access new functionality in the simulator. Thanks Simon
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    Glad the original problem is fixed now. The updates have never been on Simmarket, it's part of the problem of having multiple publishers and ensuring releases occur in an orderly fashion. Rebuilding the base package and testing it is always a chore, so it ends up easier to push out updates. When I last looked a long time ago, a lot of WOAI models were FS8/9 format. It's possible Prepar3D have withdrawn support for that, as even in FSX the older models were a drag on overall simulator performance. AFAIK P3D is supporting FSX format, and there is a P3D format also that very few have used so far. Would be a good question to ask on the prepar3d.com forums. Simon
  45. 1 point
    I only found out when I received the newsletter! STB along with a number of other great tools and utility are currently on sale with a discount at Aerosoft: http://www.aerosoft.com/en/fsxp3d/tools-sale/ Simon
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    Moderator please make this a Sticky. Let's keep this thread clean. Each post should focus on one airport. Feel free to use the "Edit" feature to come back and add new information. Please no discussion. Start a new thread for that.
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    I can appreciate all the comments on Real Traffic and Real Color. I guess I approach the game differently. I normally play with RT and RC and a Schedule Creator schedule so I can make the session as challenging (or not) as I want. I enjoy playing with real airline names and the actual liveries as they add to the realism. RT is updated for each new airport at no extra charge. RC is less than $8 no matter how many new liveries are included. With the new airports priced at $20, I get each new airport with updated RT and new planes in RC for less than $30. I consider that the price of a new airport that I can play the way I enjoy most.
  48. 1 point
    Good to read that you, Pete, are back from vacation and already immersed in work. it is only when "big" events happen in simulation (FSX, Prepar3d in all its versions, etc.) that all of us (maybe even you!) understand again and again, the value of what you do. I am sure that with some time, lots of work, several patches and upgrades and, much patience, P3D v4 will become a great simulator that all of us will enjoy. many regards, Roberto
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    There is the original crude text display (basically using the same one as the scrolling ATIS one, but possibly multilined if new line or return codes are implanted. That window can be resized and even undockey but otherwise, by dfault stretches right across the top. I will be pressing L-M hard to enable the few remaining features I need. Obviously they were more occupied with getting the 64-bit conversion working and making a release. Yes, colours might be nice but I probably won't press my luck -- just a mention rather than a "demaind" i think. ;-) Pete
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    Note that mostly this Announcement will contain only the changed modules. You will almost always need the main release installed first. For those please also check http://www.schiratti.com/dowson The FS modules here, when supplied without Installer, need copying into the FS modules folder once extracted. Please note the format here. The links for all the updates are listed first. For interim releases only, notes about changes are listed separately, below. FOR FS9 AND EARLIER ONLY Install complete FSUIPC version 3.999z9b Install FSUIPC 3.999z9b for FS9 and before -- For changes see the History document in the full install update. FSUIPC version 3.999z9b only, for those with 3.999z1 or later already installed FSUIPC 3.999z9b -- Fixes an ancient and obscure bug which nevertheless can crash FS on loading with certain INI file arrangements. -- The z9b update merely enables Registrations purchased after the end of 2015 to work. The new registration period now applies till the end of 2025. PFC driver version 2.41 for FS9 and earlier PFC 2.41 (ZIP includes documentation) FOR FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D Install complete FSUIPC version 4.969 Install FSUIPC4.969 for FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D versions 2.5, 3.0 - 3.4 (32-bit only: all versions to date of release) Changes since 4.96 are now too numerous to list here. Please refer to the the Changes document in the ZIP for the full list of changes. FOR Prepar3D 4 (64-bit) Install complete FSUIPC version 5.103 Install FSUIPC5.103 This is the 64-bit equivalent to 4.969 above, but it remains an ongoing development with some parts still missing. These are documented in a PDF insde the ZIP. Please see the History document installed for you in the FSUIPC Documents folder for details of the changes since the very first release, 5.10, 25 days ago. Note that the work-around to allow the FREQUENCY SWAP event to work correctly in the Carenado Bonanza A36 is removed in this version as the problem has been fixed in the Prepar3D Hotfix released today. PFCFSX driver for FSX, FSX-SE and P3D, and PFCcom64 driver for P3D version 4 PFCFSX+PFCcom64 -- minor updates for FSX -- 64-bit version for use with P3D 4 included FOR ANY FS or its DERIVATIVES (but use on FS2002 and before not supportable) WideFS version 6.999z4 WideFS 6.999z4 (Note, the WideServer.DLL module is ONLY used on FS9 and before) Full release including documentation. -- signature removed -- See WideClient changes below. WideClient 6.999z4 WideClient 6.999z4 -- 6.999x adds "ReconnectMinutes", a facility to automatically reconnect periodically. -- 6.999y fixes a bug in event.offset for strings which now truncates the string length to <= 256 -- 6.999z2 adds Lua global sharing over network (with FSUIPC 4.958 or later) -- 6.999z3 adds more facilities to the Lua "wnd" library - title, show and hide. (See latest Lua docs) PFC HID device driver for FS9, FSX, FSX-SE and P3D PFCHID includes PFChid.DLL for 32-bit sims, and PFChid64.dll for P3D4. Pete Dowson 26th June 2017