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    Thought I'd say hi and share a few changes I've made as a complete newbie to ATC. I've only owned the game for about 2 weeks and would have liked to have played it more than I have been able to find time for. :-) My first impression, was very nice graphics... how come I can't look around (had to reconfigure my centre mouse button, Microsoft defaulted it to the equivalent of Alt-Tab), and... "This is pretty easy"... Then I changed from TIST to KLAX. Not so easy. ;-) Now I got to play around a bit, and discovered a few things... Like those jets pulled up quicker than i expected (exiting 25R@G at KLAX) and those turbo props really hit the brakes (exiting 25R@F at KLAX before the deferred threshold). So, I came to the forum to see if anyone had noticed this sort of behaviour and lo and behold, there was a post saying deferred thresholds were being fixed in a soon to be released Service Pack. And there was much rejoicing. ;-) And after waiting many moons (about 2 days), SP1a for Pro was released and... the planes still landed before the threshold at KLAX, but TIST was fixed (KPHL doesn't have any). So, after reading some posts that said schedules and planes and such could be modified, I thought I'd have a go fixing some things. First off, I added a couple of new Speech recognition commands: #airplane1; PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY ;#runway1; VIA ;#taxiway1;#taxiway2;#taxiway3;#taxiway4;#taxiway5;#taxiway6 #airplane1; PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY ;#runway1; AT ;#taxiway1 #airplane1; PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY ;#runway1; AT ;#taxiway1; VIA ;#taxiway2;#taxiway3;#taxiway4;#taxiway5;#taxiway6 And removed one because it’s used in the FAA documentation I found, as an example of what NOT to do as a ground controller (at least twice that I saw) :-) #airplane1; RUNWAY ;#runway1; LINE UP AND WAIT BEHIND NEXT LANDING AIRCRAFT After checking that these worked OK, I then looked at trying to fix that Turbo Prop from stopping on a dime (it’s performance was making Dash 7s look bad). Managed to fix that, now it performs more like a Dash 8. <?xml version="1.0"?> <airplane type="Turboprop_default" code="DEFAULT" class="3" length="73" cruspeed="65" crurate="700" landingspeed="120" takeoffspeed="95" minspeedtower="90" maxspeedtower="250" landinglen="2500" takeofflen="3200" rateofdecent="1200" rateofclimb="1450" category="0" rateofclimb10k="1100" speed10k="270" minspeed10k="240" maxspeed10k="280" minspeedcruise="60" maxspeedcruise="67" optimalalt="25000" airline="2" nose="-200.00000" tail="196.000000" noselightx="0.000000" noselighty="-396.000000" beaconlightx="0.000000" beaconlighty="0.000000" navlightx="-240.000000" navlighty="-80.000000" navstrobelightx="-240.000000" navstrobelighty="-80.000000" winglightx="-3.809524" winglighty="-99.047623" runwaylightx="-4.137931" runwaylighty="-45.517239"> <texture name="def_turb_prop.apt" icao="DEFAULT"/> </airplane> Next one was deferred thresholds… so… KSAN Runway 9 0ft -> 710ft KJFK Runway 13R width 150ft -> 200ft Runway 31L width 150ft -> 200ft Runway 22R 3425ft -> 2700ft (unless airport map has been updated for 2016 changes, in which case 3425ft would be correct) Runway 22R width 150ft -> 200ft Runway 4L 460ft -> 0ft (Google Earth says there’s been no displaced threshold since at least 1994) Runway 4L width 150ft -> 200ft KLAX Runway 6R 0ft -> 537ft Runway 25R 0ft -> 955ft KATL Runway 27R 0ft -> 505ft OK, not so bad… now about those planes landing on the threshold instead of up at the aiming mark… added 1000ft to displaced threshold value on every runway… much better. But I would recommend adding the 1000ft in the software when the displaced threshold is read in from the file so that the resource file uses real displaced thresholds instead of tweaked ones. This still allows the ‘3 stop-and-go’ scheduled at TIST. Other random changes: Three ‘gaandlocaltraffic’ schedules have a semicolon in the time field that needs to be changed to a colon for them to load. LHBP, TIST, 11;01, RJ1, N001FT, 0, 0, 0, 001FT, ZERO ONE FOX TANGO -> LHBP, TIST, 11:01, RJ1, N001FT, 0, 0, 0, 001FT, ZERO ONE FOX TANGO LHBP, TIST, 14;02, RJ1, N003FT, 0, 0, 0, 003FT, ZERO THREE FOX TANGO -> LHBP, TIST, 14:02, RJ1, N003FT, 0, 0, 0, 003FT, ZERO THREE FOX TANGO TIST, LHBP, 15;24, RJ1, N003FT, 0, 0, 0, 003FT, ZERO THREE FOX TANGO -> TIST, LHBP, 15:24, RJ1, N003FT, 0, 0, 0, 003FT, ZERO THREE FOX TANGO And one plane needs it’s callsign to change to match speech-to-text M1319U -> M1219U TJIG, TIST, 16:10, PRP, M1319U, 0, 0, 0, 1219U, ONE TWO ONE NINE UNIFORM -> TJIG, TIST, 16:10, PRP, M1219U, 0, 0, 0, 1219U, ONE TWO ONE NINE UNIFORM TIST, TJIG, 19:10, PRP, M1319U, 0, 0, 0, 1219U, ONE TWO ONE NINE UNIFORM -> TIST, TJIG, 19:10, PRP, M1219U, 0, 0, 0, 1219U, ONE TWO ONE NINE UNIFORM And in the world schedule JSJ, STT, JT1, FT, 1036, 16:07, 12:00, 1, FT -> SJU, STT, JT1, FT, 1036, 16:07, 12:00, 1, FT Overall, a great program (I wouldn’t have bothered changing stuff if I thought it was bad). So, thank you very much Vic for this wonderful sim that I’m sure I’m going to be wasting enjoying many hours on in the future. :-) And if Vic says it’s OK, I’ll attach the 2 files I’ve modified (not going to attach them straight away as they’re game files, not files added to the 'Extensions' folder). Cheers Daniel tower3d.rec
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    I hope this is the appropriate place for this suggestion/request. If not, my apologies. We really need a command that allows runway crossing instructions as part of the taxi clearance. It really bogs down the flow when every aircraft stops at every runway intersection. While that is mandatory for all aircraft without crossing instructions in RL, it is very common to issue crossing instructions as part of a taxi clearance and it's done all the time in RL. My biggest issues involve aircraft landing at 25L and 24R at LAX. I would love to be able to issue, "American 123. Cross runway 25R. Taxi to the ramp." I would consider this a major wishlist tweak that would keep the simulation highly realistic. Thanks for your consideration. Love the sim guys! TJ
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    Why don't you go over to Nyerges Design and let them know? Your attitude is not really welcomed here. We try to provide you help with Nyerges Design's products as well, but if you wish to continue on this tone I'd like to remind you to please contact the developer.
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    All, Near the middle of this post you will find an invite to the Tower_MP Discord server. Tower_MP is a Meeting Place for the MultiPlayer community of ATC Suite enthusiasts. Using text and/or voice chat you can: search for multiplayer playing partners, schedule a multiplayer session, communicate with your partner controller during a session, ask questions of the community, share tips & tricks, share custom files, and hopefully have some fun! Creating this server is an attempt to build a community that will hopefully enhance the enjoyment of the ATC Suite simulators. Upon joining the server you will have read only access. Upon review and approval, your role will be updated to "Controller" which will give you full non-administrative access to all text and voice channels. Most of us are going to be new to Discord, so there will obviously be a learning curve. But, necessary adjustments will me made as we grow as a community. You may use the following link to gain access to Tower_MP: https://discord.gg/EuJ759b I hope to see you there! Craig Disclaimer: Tower_MP is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by FeelThere and its partners. Additionally, please refrain from using the FeelThere support forum for Tower_MP specific discussion.1 1 For the record, Vic is very supportive of the idea but I still felt a disclaimer was appropriate to avoid confusion.
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    Ok I've solved my problem and the purple-ness is now gone. I ran the web installer for directx. Some dll files must've been missing.
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    Due to a bug in the code that loads General Aviation and Local Flights, no inbound GA flights show up. The workaround to this is to create your own GAandLoacalTrafic.txt file for each airport and remove the space after the comma between the 2 airport codes. "TIST, KLAX," -> "TIST,KLAX," The only exception is if you want local traffic, then leave the space there (local traffic = both codes are the same). "TIST, TIST," Attached is a GA schedule that is the same as the games built in one, but modifies to allow GA and local traffic. The game only has GA/local for TIST, so only one file is need, and it goes in the following directory. Now for the fix. This can't be done by anyone except the developer, so please don't try this at home ;-) In the function Timetable::LoadGA(): To remove the extra spaces after the comma in the GAandLocalTraffic file - replace string[] array = text.Split(separator, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries); with string[] array = text.Replace(", ", separator2).Split(separator, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries); To stop this breaking Local Traffic - replace if (array2.Length == 10 && (icao.Equals(array2[0]) || icao.Equals(array2[1])) && !array2[0].Equals(array2[1])) with if (array2.Length == 10 && (icao.Equals(array2[0]) || icao.Equals(array2[1]))) This code now does nothing and can be removed 'Real Traffic' has it's own quirks :-) To remove extra spaces in RT GA schedules, loop changed to also include 'saycallsign' text - replace for (int j = 0; j < array2.Length - 1; j++) { array2[j] = array2[j].Replace(" ", string.Empty); } with for (int j = 0; j < array2.Length; j++) { array2[j] = array2[j].Trim(); } Cheers Daniel TIST_GAandLocalTraffic.txt
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    "The most obvious example was JBU900 at gate 1. It had a departure time of 16:06. In reality this plane would not have even arrived at the airport yet (based on the schedule the incoming plane would arrive beginning at 14:38)." I guess it's pretty easy to understand by normal 'human way" of thinking but let's say we would add a rule "load traffic only that will leave in the next 30 minutes after the game starts". This would solve this specific problem with the JetBlue but what about let's say a long range flight at LAX which stays at the gate for 2 hours before it turns around? It would not even show up for the game. There are so many times when a human brain understand one thing easily but when you try to write down the rule on paper it's much more difficult. We spent weeks to make the schedule as it is today, we tried so many things to find the right balance. In T!2011 there were times when you had to wait long minutes before any traffic showed up. Now the first traffic shows up in the first minute or two. I'm sure for the next version this would be something we want to adjust even further. Vic
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    Craig, This is exactly why I went to Mr. Parker instead of even trying to be "responsible" and go through any kind labor providing details, logs, examples. Unless you have a "name" (clout), FeelThere is simply not willing to entertain suggestions of possible improvements. They are just too busy with an agenda (of making new airports & SE ) that does not include allowing for suggestions to be even looked at or discussed. I thought Mr. Parker could help, maybe he can't, who knows. Avwriter, Caution is welcome, but that response statement began and ended with that caution alone, therefore ending the response as caution being the final possibility. This is a forum and people get time to think about what they write and read over it. A Log file was attached but was not even mentioned by FeelThere and that communicates a lack of interest, so Avwriter you are being "fair" to Vic without fully understanding the conversation so far. FeelThere did not say, "we will look into it" or elude that this a continuing discussion, so where is the fairness to Craig? Therefore, Craig correctly evaluated the response as close-minded, yet he remained kind and still willing to support the flawed product. So when looked at with closer attention Craig was really the fair one in this exchange. We should not be bringing in past or other topics to evaluate or cloud the facts of this specific topic/exchange. For all, Tower 3D is a most awesome concept, it has potential to be much better, and I hope FeelThere succeeds at making it much better, however: Its a total shame that a developer cannot at least respond in this case with a little interest (1 or 2 quirks!) in our complete satisfaction. The fact is Tower 3DPro is devalued greatly (essentially an over priced game!) w/o Nyerges, yet time and time again its the customers fault for buying real traffic & color. An add-on which only serves to make Tower3D better has been a mistake, all because FeelThere cant seem to adapt to the demand that the add-on requires. We customers have to bare the burden. So we all have to ask, is this the way it should be? I always like to give companies a chance to do the right thing, when they do, they succeed, when they don't, we customers have an arsenal of tools at our disposal to make companies either go out of business (ACES found that out fast!) or wallow in unsuccessful attempts to remain in business. No company is bigger than their customers......care to debate this, anyone?
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    To be fair, I really don't see Vic's response as being closed-minded, just cautious. He has demonstrated the opposite too many times to make such an assumption so quickly. After all, he did not say "no" outright, he simply expressed doubts based upon what he knows (and what we do not know) about the nature of the software. My take is that he is simply concerned about whether such tweaks in a "delicate" part of the code would be likely to create more problems than they would solve. It is reasonable to weigh such things against one another.
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    It's up to 4.966c now -- I had to do some fixes for those with any identical devices. Pete
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    Thanks. Yes, looks good. I'll investigate this puzzle, hopefully over the weekend. If not, certainly next week. Pete
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    Thanks for helping Paul. Just a couple of clarifications: First the offset for the ipc.readSW is wrong. it is NOT 366 (decimal, but 0x366 (i.e hexadecimal. ALL offsets are documented in hex. If you want to use decimal then it would be 870. Your code, Paul, is otherwise good but it would be a little simpler with the "else if gnd == 0" as a simple "else". Though since the standard convention for boolean variables is that any non-zero is 'true', whilst 0 is 'false', so the test should be for 0 first, then just "else" for all other cases. That's the 'safe' way. Sorry it isn't specific in the docs, but a delay of 0 is the same as omitting it -- it means no delay is applied, the message stays on display till replaced or cleared by a null string. Yes, you used the wrong offset. See above. Pete
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    You aren't confusing the 'delay' and 'color' parameters are you? You entry has color set to 1 and delay set to 0. ipc.display may not like a delay value of '0'. Try changing that to'1' and see if it works. Also, there is no need for paran's around the gnd == 1 or gnd == 0 entries in the 'if' statement. What is the purposes of the 'return' statement? There is nothing to return. I would write that function like this: function runMessage(event) local gnd = ipc.readSW(0366) if gnd == 1 then ipc.display("you are on the ground and the offset was read correctly", 1, 1 ) elseif gnd == 0 then ipc.display("Landing Lights ON: .. message here", 1, 1 ) end end Another thing that may be an issue is the use of the ... message here". If that is meant to be some previously defined message then it should read: ipc.display("Landing Lights ON "..message, 1, 1) This would display whatever the 'message' was defined as. If that wasn't your intent then I would not use the double periods just to insure that they aren't being misinterpreted. Paul.
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    No, it cannot. If there's no such line FSUIPC sets 1. 20 is the maximum I think. If you didn't change it then somethnig else you have run did. With a stall time of 20 then FSUIPC won't reconnect to SimConnect until it has received no updates for 20 seconds. That's a mighty long time! Okay. That sounds better. So it must be something else, maybe something ProATC/X is doing? I've never used its AutoSave. There's no point in my case because I fly a cockpit with loads of other drivers, and you just can't start a flight in the air. I almost always start from cold and dark. The nearest to flight I can start with is on the runway ready for takoff, but it's so complicated to get that set that it simply isn't worth it. Anyway, a lot of the fun is in the pre from cold and dark, taxiing and so on. Especially at the sort of busy airports I like. I use ProSim for my cockpit and, like you ProATC for ATC. No complex aircraft cockpit with its own systems though, of course. Sorry, but I really can't help much further. The SimConnect restarting WILL be adding to the time you are seeing, but it means it has already been 20 seconds with the sim frozen. I can't really do much about that -- my software isn't involved. Pete
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    I'm a self taught ATCer myself and definitely no expert. For departure procedures, there are several sites you can use but my go to site is FlightAware. Taxiing is a bigger challenge. I'll listen to Tower/Ground via Live ATC if a feed is available or scour virtual ARTCCs for documentation, but I've found official taxi routes/charts tough to find (especially for US airports). To specifically learn LAX (primarily the south complex): I've spent a lot of time watching the webcams, following air traffic using FlightRadar24, listening to ATC, and using FlightAware for additional information. For ground traffic, I did run across this document for LAX and it explains a few of the ground routes I've heard controllers use. Hope this helps ... looking forward to hearing what sources our more knowledgeable members use.
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    Now this isn't going to surprise anyone at all because it has often been asked for on this forum .... FeelThere can we please please please please please have a Sticky that lists the latest versions of T3D, Pro, and all the add-ons? This Sticky would stop us all re-downloading install files 'just in case' there has been an update, it would be an easy way to announce the availability of new/updated files and it would stop threads like this one which I started last week and hasn't really been answered. Also, with each install package could we please please please have a text file listing the changes. Did I say 'please' enough? Please. Thank you.
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    ttjager, it's becoming quite a common thing for vic to start teasing us.👍 Russell
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    In summary, what finally fixed the problem was designating the correct installation directory. For Steam installations you need to replace: C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro with C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro When installing Real Traffic And Replace: C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro\Extensions\Airplanes\Texturepacks with C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\Extensions\Airplanes\Texturepacks When installing Real Color RickyJ P.S. Wish there was a way to close this topic so it doesn't become something like using the runway exits for emergency vehicles while construction is going on at KJFK when the cherry blossoms are blooming in Washington and you are out whale watching at your local Lane Bryant :)
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    I experienced this after installing KSAN SP2, but before installing the new version of Real Traffic. Thus, I suspect that after installing KSAN, you installed Real Traffic to the wrong location (is your Pro installation different from the default location? If so, then be sure to point it to the root directory of your Pro installation) and thus never really installed it to Pro.
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    Thanks very much, really appreciated and now all is well. regards Brian