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    Hi, The CRJ 700-900 X was just released last week by Aerosoft. An update will surely be released in the near future. Regards, Volker
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    HUD Parameters for FSX HUDparameters.lua is a Lua script that displays flight parameters in a small text window that pops up when the script is selected by an assigned key or button if the aircraft is in the air. Parameters displayed are: · Indicated Airspeed (IAS. Kts) · True Airspeed (TAS, Kts) · Ground Speed (GS, Kts) · Mach# (when above a user settable altitude, currently 25000ft) · Altitude (ALT, ft) · Radio Altitude (RA, ft) · Vertical Speed (VS, ft/min) · Vertical Speed per Nautical Mile (VS/NM, ft/NM) · Attitude Indicator pitch (AI, degrees) · Flight Path Angle (FPA, degrees) The top of the script contains user settable values for the size and location of the display, the altitude above which the a/c Mach# will be displayed (default is 25000ft), the data update interval in milliseconds (default is 2000), and whether or not data is to be logged in HUDparameters.log (default is 0, off). These values can be set using a text editor like NotePad. A registered copy of FSUIPC is required to execute the Lua script. Simply copy the script to the Modules folder of FSX and use FSUIPC4 to assign a key, button or switch to toggle the script on and off. The script turns off if the aircraft is on the ground. HUDparameters.zip
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    I won't comment on the first part, but I invested some time with Prepar3D V4 and AIFP and also found it to be a joy. The quality of the paints, models and schedules are all excellent and it's so good to see the fruits of your efforts show up in the simulator. It is also a labour of love so I tended to concentrate on the major airlines at the airports I usually visited. Just as soon as I can stop developing and spend some quality time with Prepar3D V4 (as if!) I'll be repeating the exercise. Simon
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    I imagine I can handle that. However ask me again when I've completed STB V4, there's just too much going on right now. Shouldn't be long.....
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    I'm in the process of sending STB V4 out to the various shops, and it can take a while to get there. However the first is already up and running at PCAviator: http://www.pcaviator.com/store/product.php?productid=20730&cat=0&page=1 In case I've not mentioned this before, STB V4 is a free program to anyone that has previously purchased STB for Prepar3D. I'll update this thread as the other shops come online, please give me a shout if I can help. Thanks once again to the marvellous beta team for helping me get STB V4 into great shape. Simon
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    GA traffic is located in kphl_gaandlocaltraffic.txt. Neither FeelThere nor Nyerges has provided GA traffic for KPHL. If you join the Tower_MP Discord server (see link below for details), I posted a GA file I created for KPHL. Otherwise, you'll want to use another file someone has created or build your own in order to see GA traffic. http://forum.simflight.com/topic/83242-tower_mp-meeting-place-for-the-multiplayer-community/
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    Yes, when I see the plane is a 73W, I know that it is a 737-700, its' maximum takeoff weight is 154.500 lbs which makes it a category 2 plane. But I do not have to look at its' designation since I have Nyerges Real Traffic and Real Color I can tell what type of plane it is just by looking at it. Good job Nyerges, RickyJ
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    From a sim perspective, I really haven't seen where the category type makes a difference. The manual talks a lot about separation on departures. However, you can have a Cessna take off immediately after an A380 has successfully departed without applying any "required" separation and you won't get dinged for it. Regarding the strips, they look similar to the strips in Tower!2011. Below is from the 2011 manual: Deciphering an ARRIVAL slip - Column 1: • Line one - aircraft call sign and flight number (see Airline identification codes) • Line two – equipment type (Aircraft identification codes ). Heavy aircraft will have their equipment type followed by /H (See The Theory Behind Air Traffic Control for discussion on aircraft separation rules.) • Line three – an arbitrary number assigned by the program that generates the strips Column 2: • Line 1 – a computer generated arbitrary number • Line 2 – expected arrival time reported in UTC. • Line 3 – flight level of aircraft when transferred to you by arrival control Column 3: • Line 1– destination airport • Line 2 – departure airport Column 4: • When the aircraft has been cleared to land a check mark will be shown in this datafield.. Column 5: • Lines 1 up to 3 – assigned runway. Will have a cross through when new runway is assigned. Deciphering a DEPARTURE slip - Column 1: • Line 1 – aircraft call sign (see Airline identification codes) • Line 2 – equipment type (see Aircraft Identification Codes for more information. Heavy aircraft will have their equipment type followed by /H (See The Theory Behind Air Traffic Control for discussion on aircraft separation rules.) • Line 3 – An arbitrary number assigned by the program that generates the strips Column 2: • Line 1 – a computer generated arbitrary number • Line 2 – time of departure, reported as UTC • Line 3 – flight level of aircraft when transferred to you by arrival control Column 3: • Line 1 – departure airport • Line 2 – destination airport Column 4: • Tower will display controller notes under these circumstances - ✔ For local flights the number of go-arounds, low approaches and touch and goes the plane will conduct. ✔ Display the assigned runway intersection for takeoff (see Ground commands, AT command). ✔ When you clear an aircraft for takeoff a check mark will be shown. Column 5: • Lines 1 up to 3 – assigned runway. Will have a cross through when new runway is assigned. Aircraft Identification Codes CODE COMMON_AIRCRAFT NAME SIZE BODY_DESIGNATION JTO Wide-body default jet H WIDE BODY JET JT1 Narrow-body default jet L NARROW BODY JET RJ1 Regional jet S REGIONAL JET TRP Turboprop S TURBOPROP PRP Propeller airplane S PROP
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    Yes, the file is in the FSUIPC Documents folder. It is called "Offset Mapping for PMDG 747QOTSII.pdf". Why don't you just look!!? Pete
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    Looking at the FAA policy I couldn't find a specific taxiway routing example just using VIA either. If desired, a modification can be made to the tower3d.rec file in the tower root folder using a text editor (notepad) to implement the TAXI VIA phraseology. Looking at tower3d.rec we currently have two options for intersection departures: #airplane1; RUNWAY ;#runway1; AT ;#taxiway1 #airplane1; RUNWAY ;#runway1; AT ;#taxiway1; VIA ;#taxiway2;#taxiway3;#taxiway4;#taxiway5;#taxiway6 The second option can be modified as follows (or you could add this as a third option) #airplane1; RUNWAY ;#runway1; AT ;#taxiway1; TAXI VIA ;#taxiway2;#taxiway3;#taxiway4;#taxiway5;#taxiway6 I've tested the modifications and they work. As always, it is recommended to backup the original if you decide to make custom edits. Craig
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    In addition to Oni Kidou might I suggest you download and install: http://www.baremetalsoft.com/baretail/ A simple free program that can follow what is being written into a txt file in real time. Execute baretail, tick "follow" and then click "open" and point it to speech.log in the main Tower directory... Then simply select your airport,runways and all other settings and start the session.. Switch to the baretail app and you will see a counter at the bottom of speech.log stating: PARSE: LAST PLANE CALLED -- 2 -- -- 3 -- That means the SR is initializing.. Wait for the lines to become: PARSE: LAST PLANE CALLED -- 2 -- -- 3 -- -- 4 -- -- 5 -- That means initialization is done and it should now work. To see if it does press the LShift and release it. If the following lines: recog_start recog_stop are now added at the bottom then speech is working and you can start using it... You could also, inside baretail, scroll to the top of the speech.log and check to see if the following lines: PRO MODE: True Initialize TTS thread... Installed voices: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 0 enabled: True Microsoft David Desktop, Microsoft David Desktop - English (United States) gender: Male age: Adult language: ENU/eng/en id: TTS_MS_EN-US_DAVID_11.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 1 enabled: True Microsoft Zira Desktop, Microsoft Zira Desktop - English (United States) gender: Female age: Adult language: ENU/eng/en id: TTS_MS_EN-US_ZIRA_11.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ are present. If they are not then speech will not work whatever you try in Tower!3DPro because SR in your OS is not working. The above is for win10 , win7 only has the Anna voice ofcourse(yuck) Grtz Willem
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    So far I've not heard of any major problems, so I'd like to close the beta by the end of Sunday. If you've any final reports to make, please let me have them asap. Of course you can continue using the beta and reporting problems after today, but they may get address in a later update. Thanks Simon
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    Dear Folks, we made the smart installers (Real Traffic and Real Colors) for all versions. It is available on https://www.atcsuite.com/ and http://feelthere.com/ yet. nyergesdesign
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    Dear Folks, here are the correct install routes: REAL TRAFFIC FOR TOWER3D c:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower3D\ REAL TRAFFIC FOR TOWER3D PRO c:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro REAL TRAFFIC FOR TOWER3D STEAM c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D\ REAL TRAFFIC FOR TOWER3D PRO STEAM c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\ REAL COLOR FOR TOWER3D c:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower3D\Extensions\Airplanes\Texturepacks\ REAL COLOR FOR TOWER3D PRO c:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro\Extensions\Airplanes\Texturepacks\ REAL COLOR FOR TOWER3D STEAM c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D\Extensions\Airplanes\Texturepacks\ REAL COLOR FOR TOWER3D PRO STEAM c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\Extensions\Airplanes\Texturepacks\ The intelligent installers are coming soon. nyergesdesign
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    Im really pleased you are up and running.. Enjoy
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    Are you running any Anti-Virus software? If so, perhaps it is deleting the files...
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    Try Steam Apps in your Directory , common, application, run as admin.
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    Do you keep Steam account open, ie the internet is live when playing
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    You should have a shortcut Icon even with steam, if you haven't go to properties under your Pro heading by right clicking and change the icon setting, as well as Local files and run the file for integrity , you can then run Pro through admin rights, using the icon on your desktop. I hope this may help otherwise I'm running out of ideas.
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    Do you hear voices in the settings page when clicking on Test Rec and Test Voice as a starter to your problem.
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    Is your keyboard set to US? And it is the LEFT shift key to press.
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    Having run some tests, I think the best way of addressing the C++ pre-requisite is to deal with it in house once STB is running. If we fail to load simconnect.dll, we can take the user down the path of installing the redist. For everyone running STB on the same PC as Prepar3D, you should never get here as the simulator itself will have the redist already installed. For STB on a remote PC where the C++ isn't installed, STB will issue a friendly dialogue then launch the redist installer for you. Sounds like a good experience all round whichever scenario you find yourself in
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    STB V4 Beta 2 for Prepar3D V4 is now available, all testers should have received an email or PM with the details. If you didn't receive anything, please contact me. Here's a list of what changed in Beta 2: ⦁ Relocated trace file to MyDocuments\SuperTrafficBoard folder. ⦁ Rewrote Addon XML parser to be case insensitive towards XML content. ⦁ Tolerate minor errors such as missing path statements. Report back to user and continue rather than throwing exception and ending the complilation of the airports database. ⦁ If a V3 settings file is missing during migration, it's ignored (but logged in the trace) rather than failing the process. ⦁ Migrate ArrivalStates.<lang>.txt, DepartureStates.<lang>.txt, ColumnHeadings.txt, CallsignOverrides.txt from V3 to V4 when requested. This was overlooked in the beta 1 wizard. ⦁ Disabled enhanced View AI Cameras until a resolution is found to the Prepar3D rendering problem. ⦁ If the user aircraft reports a zero cruise speed, set the user's arrival schedule to an invalid time ("??:??"). This may happen when the user selects the control tower as their aircraft. ⦁ Store core simulator backup files in My Documents\SuperTrafficBoard rather than the STB application data (the latter is often lost following software deinstallation). ⦁ During application uninstall, chaged the deletion of the application data folder to delete the entire SuperTrafficBoard V4 Client structure rather than just the sim specific folder. ⦁ Updated STB Client support for running on a separate computer to Prepar3D ⦁ Improved reporting of SimConnect client assembly load failure. Here's a list of what's left to do: STB-DS is coming soon, is currently undergoing testing. The user documentation hasn’t yet been updated. Update the deployment tab in the STB Client Settings Notebook . Review the keyboard commands available in observer based views: Arrow keys (horizontal movement) and page up, page down (advanced movement) were done up to P3Dv3. It is not possible from P3Dv4. Simon
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    Hello Paul, A plan created by the user in the FMC, the respective model, is stored in the type-dependent subfolder. An external plan, as from the FSC, is stored in the PMDG folder "FLIGHTPLANS". Each model has access to this folder. Regards, Volker
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    It's tricky to find in single player mode. First, go into multiplayer and host a session as an air traffic controller. Once you've sat there for a couple minutes waiting for stuff to load (for what I have no idea), exit multiplayer mode and you will now be in the Control Tower simobject rather than the user aircraft. You won't be able to control the AI aircraft, but the default ATC does it and you can use the radar screen and other views to listen to communications. STB gives you the views of the AI. It is supposedly possible to just start up in single player, by creating a flight plan with Control Tower as the starting point, rather than a runway or a parking spot, but I could never make that work. What I did was to make the ControlTower simobject category user playable, by adding it to the line in Prepar3d.cfg: [MAIN] User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter, Submersible, ExternalSim, Avatar, ControlTower There are two views, one with the inside of the tower cab visible and one without. make sure you undock all the Control Tower windows, move to the correct airport and save the scenario.
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    why sel temp always 70 why?? i bought for sel temp but always 70???