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    I can add it to my list, for consideration next year. But if I implemented anything like that it would only be in FSUIPC5, for P3D4. I'm not delevoping FSUIPC4 further except for bugs fixes and any future FSX-SE updates. And would you see this Shift assignment to apply across to buttons assignments on all connected (now and future) devices with buttons? And what about buttons and switches assigned via WideFS, on a networked PC, which are also assigned in FSUIPC on the main PC? And what if someone assigned more than one 'shift' button? Would they be alternatives, or multiply the choices by 2 each time (as you can go via INI file editing)? As you can see, there could be a lot of ramifications. Those are just the first that come to mind, and which certainly need to be considered before even starting the program implementation design. Pete
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    Because Southwest does not fly out of terminal E. https://www.mccarran.com/Terminals
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    Hi Benny, Here's a new version with the requested changes. There is now a Clear() method on the AirportsDatabase object. You can call that if your app no longer needs the database to free up the memory. (It'll be marked for GC so it won't be instant). There is now an overload of Load() that takes a Hashset<string>. Populate this hashset with the ICAO codes (all CAPS) of the airports you are interested in. These will be the only airports that will be loaded. I've also optimised the parsing of the large runways.xml file, so it should be a bit quicker. On my machine it's down from 3 seconds to 2. Paul FSUIPCClient3.0_RC6.zip
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    SimConnect allows me to set 'x' individually for each data request. It cuts down on the traffic to/from SimConnect by only asking for changes which would be noticeable. This value is per data request, so, yes, it will vary according to the data requested. 'x' is called the "epsilon" by SimConnect, and actually, by default, FSUIPC does these days default it to zero for all values. But there is an FSUIPC INI parameter which will make FSUIPC use different values for each value (with 'x' decided by my judgement about reasonable desirable precisions). Maybe it would help in those installations which have several SimConnect users clamouring for data and gradually clogging the interface up. This option is documented in the Advanced User's guide, thus: UseEpsilon is normally omitted altogether. If needed, it can be added, in the [General] section of the INI file, set to “Yes”. This will impose change limitations on most variables sent to FSUIPC by SimConnect Pete
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    Hi Benny, The database is just in-memory, internal the the DLL. There are no external files produced. The airport data is stored in an FsAirport class which are all stored in a single List<FsAirport>. This collection can then be used in the normal ways including filtering with LINQ (either extension methods or the query language). The data is read from the various output files from MakeRunways. These are a mixture of XML and CSV. These are placed in the main FS folder by MakeRunways every time you run it. When you add new scenery you need to rerun Makerunways. I just read those current files from the main FS folder. The initial read and parsing takes about 3 seconds on my machines here, which is quite old now (about 7 years). This only has to be done once when your application starts and after that the operations on the database are instant. I'm still optimising so this parse time might improve. For the 'airports in-range' operations you call a method that sets a reference point. This can be any Lon/Lat, an airport or, if nothing is specified the DLL will read the current player Lon/Lat automatically and use that. When you set the reference point each airport is updated with the distance from that point and its relative bearing. After setting the reference point you can use a helper method or plain LINQ to query all airports within a certain distance, and any other requirements as well. To use the database, call the load() method AFTER the connection is open: (Note, you must have the makerunways files in the main FS folder). FSUIPCConnection.AirportsDatabase.Load(); Then you can get a specific airport or query the database with LINQ. e.g: // Get airport by ICAO FsAirport heathrow = db.Airports["EGLL"]; // get list of airports with 'ranch' in the name and order by name List<FsAirport> ranchList = db.Airports.FindAll(ap => ap.Name.ToLower().Contains("ranch")).OrderBy(ap => ap.Name).ToList(); // Same as above, but done using LINQ Query var ranchListQuery = from ap in db.Airports where ap.Name.ToLower().Contains("ranch") orderby ap.Name select ap; List<FsAirport> ranchList2 = ranchListQuery.ToList(); To use the distance/bearing feature, set a reference position. Here we just use the player position by passing no parameters. // Set reference position to player db.SetReferencePosition(); Now you can get airports in range using the helper method: // Get all airports within 50nm // (InRange method automatically sorts by distance) List<FsAirport> inRange = db.Airports.InRangeOfNauticalMiles(50); You can further narrow down the list using the WithRunway helper method, or a LINQ Query. // Get all airports within 50nm with ILS and has a runway over 1500m. List<FsAirport> inRange2 = db.Airports.InRangeOfNauticalMiles(50).WithRunway(runway => runway.ILSInfo != null && runway.LengthMeters >= 1500); // Save as above but with LINQ Query var inRangeQuery = from ap in db.Airports where ap.DistanceNauticalMiles <= 50 && (from rw in ap.Runways where rw.ILSInfo != null && rw.LengthMeters >= 1500 select rw).Count() > 0 orderby ap.DistanceNauticalMiles select ap; List<FsAirport> inRange3 = inRangeQuery.ToList(); There is a quite a bit of information about airports, runways, helipads, coms frequencies and gates. The property names will appear on the Intellisense, but I haven't added any comments yet. Paul
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    personally i would like it to display the last given command, as you would make a note with a pen/pencil in real life, it should appear on the strip in game too.
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    No, sorry. I've just tested on P3D4.1 and it's just as bad: EDDC nearest EDCM (17nm) EDDF nearest ETOU (7nm) KJFK nearest 4NY2 (8nm) The only add-on airports I have installed on this test system are EGLL and EGCC. EGLL seems okay, but EGCC gives EGCB as nearet. I'll report it to L-M so that it might just get fixed one day ... Pete
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    Looks like some Real Traffic files are in the wrong folder which could be impacting Real Color. The files airplanes_pack1 and airplanes_pack1.manifest need to be moved to the Airplanes folder.
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    Folks, At the beginning of the development we had an idea for camera movements but when we begun playing the sim with that we decided to pull it because it was so annoying (a typical case when something looks just right on paper but doesn't work in real life). That's when we decided to pull this action camera at all from the game. However some testers thought let's leave it with a switch that a user can turn ON/OFF within the game so we did and we adjusted the action camera a bit further allowing (just like you noticed) the airport designer decide where can the camera be triggered. As much as I hate saying that but I always want to be honest with you; probably we should've pulled this action camera from this release. For sure the next version will have a totally new camera system written from scratch. Unfortunately we can't change this one to this new idea as it would require to rebuild pretty much everything within the game. We received so many requests for European airports and we always said no because of the satellite licensing issue (I saw some Youtubber said we pull the data from Google, it made me smile as we wish it would be just like that :) ). However recently we begun testing something that would possibly allow us to make worldwide airports. If the theory works then you will see better ground quality in the upcoming airports (maybe around the 4th from now) and if it works we may streamline that technology into the new version of the game that would allow us for much nicer camera solutions. Thank you Vic