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  1. Tower 3d Boston

    I'm glad!
  2. Tower 3d Boston

    Please attach screenshots about the Airplanes and Texturepacks folders and send your installer file names exactly. (Real Color KBOS and Real Traffic)
  3. Help with Real Color

    Leo, sorry, I was careless. You can see the correct folders structure below.
  4. Help with Real Color

    Hello Leo, when did you update your Tower last time? Gabor
  5. Help with Real Color

    Thank you for your remark. We already fixed the install rout of the installer and we fixed a livery on LAX. The RC bundle is also updated as it contains the LAX. The updated isntaller is available on FeelThere, ATCSuirte and Nyergesdesign websites. You can use your original keycode for the update. Gabor
  6. Real Traffic update available

    You will be able to download the new installer from the original download link what you received after the purchase. The new installer works with the original activation code. Gabor
  7. Real Traffic update available

    Hello Kev, yes, of course. Old KLGA_terminal.txt: Terminal_A: DAL Terminal_B_A: AAL,ACA,JBU,UAL,SKV,JIA Terminal_B_B: AAL,NKS,SWA,JIA Terminal_B_C: AAL,UAL,JIA,FFT Terminal_B_D: AAL,JIA,AWI,ASH Terminal_C: DAL,ENY,EDV,RPA Terminal_D: DAL,WJA,ASQ,EDV,SKW Terminal_GA: GA New KLGA_terminal.txt: Terminal_A: JBU, ASA Terminal_B_A: ACA,SKV,AAL,RPA Terminal_B_B: SWA,AAL,RPA Terminal_B_C: ASH,ENY,SKW,UAL Terminal_B_D: AAL,RPA Terminal_C_E: ASQ,AWI,DAL,EDV,JIA Terminal_C_W: ASQ,AWI,DAL,EDV,JIA Terminal_D: ASQ,DAL,EDV,WJA,FFT,NKS Terminal_GA: GA Gabor
  8. Real Traffic update available

    Dear Folks, we just released the Real Traffic SP6v4 for Tower!3D Pro What's fixed: - KLGA loading problem - TIST_terminal.txt Thank you, Gabor
  9. Hello, please send the log file by e-mail to info@nyergesdesign.com Gabor nyergesdesign
  10. Taxi Problem On PHX

    We are currently working on the hotfixes. We will sign when the the SP is done. Thank you. Gabor
  11. PHX airport error - Field Lights Wrong Colors #NyergesDesign

    Thank you for your note. We are working on it and we will forward it to SimSmith Design.
  12. Taxi Problem On PHX

    Hi, We are looking into the issues. We will get back soon. Thank you, nyergesdesign
  13. KPHX Runway 8 Displacement Threshold Tower3d Pro

    Hi Scar, thank you for your note. Please describe this case with more details and attach screenshots about it. Best regards, Gabor
  14. Issues with KPHX (#NyergesDesign)

    Hi, We are looking into the issues. We will get back soon. Thank you, nyergesdesign
  15. Help with Reel traffic

    Hi, where did you buy the Real Color KLAS add-on? Please send your keycode by e-mail: info:nyergesdesign.com Thank you, Gabor