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  1. This is very disheartening. My primary specs are lower, but nothing to sneeze at ( I7 4th generation and Nvidia 870 3GB and 16GB Ram - aachoo) and I thought it was me, but with near bleeding edge, 6th generation I7 ( 7th generation is out) and 940M (albeit mobile graphics chip) GeForce 1080 is out with the 2080 on the horizon. Kind of makes me want to question what the developers and testers are running. As far as maximum versus minimum settings for KATL go, I have not seen a difference in frame rate. I will get between 6fps at the slowest when the tower view is to the West and 32fps at the fastest when the tower view is to the East. I always get a 60fps frame rate when sitting inside the cockpit. RickyJ
  2. These are all "Turn Based" games and not "Simulation" games. "Turn Based" simulation games are like playing poker against a computer. When the cards are dealt the computer knows what you are holding and what the next card will be. RickyJ
  3. This symptom is typical of the airport directory not being identical. In the case of JFK it would the the Extensions/Airfields/KJFK folder. What may happen at times is that the game will get as far as announcing landing or departing aircraft but the loading still says 90%. All files in the directory MUST be identical. Even if they are the same size something may be wrong with one of the files, such as an extra space in a file. RickyJ
  4. You have to go to the last article in the last page: RickyJ
  5. First off, I added a couple of new Speech recognition commands: #airplane1; PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY ;#runway1; VIA ;#taxiway1;#taxiway2;#taxiway3;#taxiway4;#taxiway5;#taxiway6 #airplane1; PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY ;#runway1; AT ;#taxiway1 #airplane1; PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY ;#runway1; AT ;#taxiway1; VIA ;#taxiway2;#taxiway3;#taxiway4;#taxiway5;#taxiway6 RickyJ
  6. The times I have used voice, I have not had any problems with the "via" command. It has accepted both "ve ya" and "vi ya" and seems to be the most forgiving on pronunciation. RickyJ
  7. I have not had this happen, but it more than likely will be your mouse and/or mouse driver related. I would guess that you are on the white dot of the slider the pressing and holding the left mouse button to move the slider. Try to press on the white slider button with you mouse, then use the left and right arrow keys to try and move the slider. It should move in increments of five. If the arrow keys work, I would be suspect of the mouse/drivers/configuration and not Tower!3D. RickyJ
  8. Not for the faint of heart, but being an old Unix/Linux guy I tend to do a lot of poking around and have noticed that when and if I do use speech (too slow versus point and click) it takes a while for the speak and recognition handler service to initialize, so I have become accustomed to opening a command window and do a "tail -f" (Unix/Linux command) on the spech.log file and will pause the game when it starts until I see the initialization complete when it displays: PARSE: #airplane1; CONTACT TOWER idx: 1 add txt: CONTACT cmdlen: 1 idx: 1 add txt: TOWER cmdlen: 2 PARSE: LAST PLANE CALLED -- 2 -- -- 3 -- -- 4 -- -- 5 -- The --5-- meaning that the initialization is complete and I can un-pause the game and use the speech recognition. A kudo for FeelThere is that it seems the more you use the speech recognition the better it becomes. It seems to be learning your speech patterns. RickyJ Remember the fallen “Only the dead have seen the end of war” —Plato
  9. Out of the 69 planes in Real Color for KATL, these are the new planes that I have seen so far: Delta, Spirit A321 Virgin A333 Lufthansa A343 UPS AB6 Delta 737 Speedbid, Korean Air B77W ExpressJet CRJ Pinnacle, ExpressJet CRJ2 ExpressJet CRJ9 UPS MD11 Air Shuttle E170 Boutique Air Pilatus PC12 RickyJ
  10. Does anyone else besides me think that maybe the tower view could be a little higher in order to see the planes that are down on ramp 1? Maybe as high as KJFK? RickyJ
  11. Too bad there is nobody in the forum that goes to the "top of the South Terminal daily parking deck of KATL" to take some live photos and videos :) It would also be really cool if someone that was "a military fast jet pilot" and "spent many many half-days in ATC towers as a duty pilot or duty instructor" was part of the forum, hey could post some really neato photos also :) RickyJ
  12. This airport is sooooo big. How big is it? It is so big I had to stop and refuel twice while taxiing out to runway 10/28 :) Keep up the good work, RickyJ
  13. That is the Real Color file. The Real Traffic file is/should be RT_Tower3D_PRO.zip, which contains RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp2.exe and RT_Tower3D_sp7.exe And you must check/change the default directory when installing. RickyJ
  14. If you download the file again, using the original link you were sent from BMT, it should be a "ZIP" file and within the "ZIP" file will be the two files. Do not install the SP7 for Real Traffic, that is for the older versions of Tower!3D, install SP2 which is for SP3 of Tower!3D and SP? for Tower!3D Pro. The Real Color package is fine, you should not have to re-install that, it is compatible with both Tower!3D and Tower!3D Pro. RickyJ P.S. As far as I know Nyerges has not updated their install file to have just the one file.
  15. Search and ye shall find.......