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  1. STB V4 for Prepar3D V4 Update

    Updated client and server. All appears to work. Great to have the option again not to keep changing the camera when switching AI being shadowed. Installing the dataserver did reset the port to another number so it would not connect. Had to manually match it back to the client. Simple enough but may confuse some users.
  2. Stay in tower when switching AI being shadowed

    Correct yes. If possible. You can then sit in a world cam at end of runway too and flick between the various AI.
  3. In STB for FSX, I enjoyed sitting in the tower, switching AI being shadowed and having the camera follow the AI while staying in the tower. In STB for P3d V4, this does not seem to be possible? Switching causes the view to also switch, and you have to select to go back to the tower. An observation really of a little niggle for a great product.
  4. I can finally show my problem

    Do you have EZDOK? I found the camera was shaking as it took the information from user plane, buried inside the AI in shadow view. The user plane was 'stalling' causing the camera to shake.
  5. Can not connect over network

    Well thank you, you made me think. There was a disagreement between simconnect.xml on the fsx computer and simconnect.cfg on the STB computer. Different ports. No idea how it happened, but up and running again thanks.
  6. Can not connect over network

    On the FSX PC, I installed STB. It connects fine from their so all systems working. Still can not connect over network through dataserver. I have tried re-installing all. No luck their either.
  7. Hi Had STB working great over network for a long time. Just suddenly STB stopped connecting. It hangs for a bit then gives the can not connect message. PlanG connects over same network using simconnect, so don't think that is the issue. I use the computer name, not IP address, and have tried changing the ports. I have made sure trafficboardfrontend.exe and STB-DS are listed in the allowed programs in both firewalls. I run STB as administrator. Bit stuck on what to try next.