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  1. Same problem with PCAVIATOR. What can be done about this?
  2. It would be a day one buy for me!
  3. This has been answered a number of times in this forum. Just do a search here and you will see a plethora of answers.
  4. Here is a link to all the 2 and 3 letter airline codes: List of Airline Codes You can search, once on that page, with CTRL+F for the code of interest. Hope this helps, SK
  5. Thanks for the info. I am going to delete the Commuter Terminal since it no longer exists. Regards, SK
  6. Hi For KSAN did you delete the Commuter Terminal (CT) and assign those to gates? It is my understanding that the CT is closed now. ALlo, what happens if you put an Airline Code in that doesn't have any flights (such as TED). Are there any issues with that? Many thanks for the info!!
  7. I also have encountered the app performance issue. Also, for some reason at KLAX (and sporadically other airports), voice rec has a real problem with "via". Has anybody encountered this and have a workaround?
  8. I don't have this problem, but, what airports have you tried? What is your system, such as OS, etc.
  9. Just tried it. Works like a charm. Thanks so much!
  10. Great suggestions! One thing that would be useful (especially at KLAX) in airports with multiple runways would be to be able to designate one runway as a default for arrivals (such as 25L) and one default for departures (such as 25R). This could be done at the initial page when a runway is selected. Regards, SK
  11. Hey 707FAN -- could you post your Excel files? Thx, SK
  12. The two should be kept separate -- see the screen shot below. Just to be safe what I would do is to resave your "Default" profile under a new profile name as a backup. Screenshot is from Win 7 Pro. Hope this helps! SK
  13. What is the TAB arrow used for? The left shift key is used here. And, I find just the opposite, VR works much better than 2011.
  14. <Drive>\<Tower Root>\Extensions\Airfields for Real Traffic. Same except \Airplanes for Real Color. Hope this helps. SK
  15. Suggestions as requested: KDCA, KPDX, KTUS, KASE (would be interesting since departures and arrivals use opposite ends of the runway), KPHX. Regards, SK