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  1. Current Version Number -- Real Traffic?

    Thanks. Of course, PCAviator only has sp5v2 :(
  2. What is the current version number of Real Traffic? Thanks!
  3. Feel There BF Sale

    Thanks Andrew -- will do!
  4. Feel There BF Sale

    I see Feel There has released live their BF sale. Lots of things for Tower 2011, Tracon 2012, but nothing that I saw for Tower! 3D Pro. Did I overlook something? See http://feelthere.com/category/cate_id:211/page:1 Have a great T-day everybody! SK
  5. Tower3DPro taxi/Runway lights

    Here is more than you ever wanted to know about airport lighting: http://tfmlearning.faa.gov/Publications/atpubs/ATC/atc0304.html. I did a test with KLAX starting at 0300. Completely dark, switch does not work. Ditto for 0400. However at 0500 with morning twilight, the switch does work (I could turn off and on the lighting). Agreed about the intensity settings! Thanks for the explanation! SK
  6. Tower3DPro taxi/Runway lights

    Why would you want to turn off the lighting at night? I think the assumption is that the previous controller had turned the lights on.
  7. Different color - Arrival / departure

    IRL ADIRS is only one color. I think the simulation needs to reflect real life as much as possible.
  8. KLGA Released for Tower

    FYI -- LaGuardia was just released for Tower 3D and Pro. See http://feelthere.com/en/product/1234_klga-for-tower-3d.html ($18.99). Regards, Sk
  9. Tower 3d Pro Runway Alert!

    No problem. It was I that started that thread at http://forum.simflight.com/topic/84223-klas-intersecting-runways/ Hope this helps!
  10. Tower 3d Pro Runway Alert!

    There was a rather lengthy post on this subject (crossing runway alert) earlier which explained what is going on.
  11. New Airport Request

    Thanks so much Vic for the update!!!
  12. Okay -- unannounced project? Any hints?
  13. MP all in one

    If you can ping his IP, then it is a Tower problem. If not, the problem is on your network. Thanks for the cost info. Regards, P.
  14. MP all in one

    Are the two PCs on the same network/subnet? If not, I would assume you need to use the public IP (the 192.168s are private IPs). Port forwarding is a pain -- here are a few links that may (or may not help): https://www.linksys.com/us/support-article?articleNum=136711 https://portforward.com/linksys/ (BTW, this is an excellent site for issues) One more question -- can you successfully ping the other PC? And the pricing for Tower 3D Pro is $49.95, so how did you pay $150 for 2 copies? Just curious.... SK
  15. Tower 3D Schedule Maker?

    It is the third post from the top in this forum. Search is your friend.