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  1. <Drive>\<Tower Root>\Extensions\Airfields for Real Traffic. Same except \Airplanes for Real Color. Hope this helps. SK
  2. Suggestions as requested: KDCA, KPDX, KTUS, KASE (would be interesting since departures and arrivals use opposite ends of the runway), KPHX. Regards, SK
  3. You are most welcome. I have the same issue about sharpness but have concluded it is due to my 40" Monitor running in 1080p mode. Hopefully when the new crop of video cards comes out, I will upgrade and hope that solves the problem.
  4. Hi Mike: My 270X has only 2 Gb RAM also. According to the system requirements it should be adequate. What is interesting is that when I monitor my GPU usage, it is running at 99%. Could be time to upgrade later this year when the new series of cards comes out (not the 5xx series).
  5. As far as the blurries go, try under Advanced Graphic Settings, turn OFF (uncheck) Depth of Field. That worked for me on my AMD R9/270X. I think that may solve a majority of your problems. You may need to exit the sim and restart after this. How much VRAM does your video card have? Regards, SK
  6. A "Short Approach" clearance would be nice as would a "Cleared for Immediate Takeoff" clearance. SK
  7. You are most correct, whether that option is used or the Ready for Departure option is up to the folks in the Tower (at least in the USA). Also, in real life, some US airports have signs and taxiway markings to say Monitor Tower here on 123.45. I was going to suggest that there be an option for this but thought it may be too difficult to implement. Perhaps in Settings, a check box could be used for either option -- I think the logic is there since an aircraft needs to call for taxi after pushback. Have a great weekend! SK
  8. I assume this is the SP2 issue thread. Hope I am not hijacking the display issue above :) My issue is that the wind display is still incorrect at least here in the US. In my test, the wind arrow is pointing about 220 while the numeric degrees are 040. In the US, Wind Direction is always given pointing INTO the wind not WITH the wind. Of course, it is possible that the wind arrow is incorrect and it is really supposed to be 040. Is ICAO weather reporting different from the FAA/NOAA? Thanks, SK
  9. Beech Musketeers, Sundowners, C-172/182.
  10. First of all, you probably are not a pilot in real life. I am. So don't criticize when an educated person asks a question to make sure the software is functioning as designed. If you took the time to read the link I posted you would see it is SOP to request departure clearance in the USA. So back back to the hole you crawled out of.
  11. In Tower! 3D Pro (T3P), I have noticed that when an aircraft completes taxying to the active runway, there is no call from the aircraft to the Tower saying they are ready for departure (i.e. Lindburg Tower, American 1234 ready for departure runway 27). And note, in the US, the term departure is used by the aircraft not takeoff (see for instance Am I missing something or is this the way the logic is programmed? Thanks! SK
  12. Hey Wildcard -- thanks so much for the tip about Depth of Field. That worked great in eliminating the blurry/smeared visuals. Any other hints? :)
  13. I also am a fan of KSNA from the older version of Tower. Got a bit excited there :) Flown into KSNA a lot and it is one of my favorites in Prepar3d. Thanks for the reply!! SK
  14. Hey Mike: Has KSNA been released for Tower! 3D Pro? Thx, SK
  15. Vic responded to you on Friday at 8:50am. It is a problem with the Tower software and is on the list for fixing next SP.