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  1. Of course Nicola. I do. I will maintain the existing installs for now and make sure I have the PC setup for the long run. When the new version with the 4K scaling fix comes out I will send a request. Thanks.
  2. Hi Nicola, I will try again. I believe the problem lies with the fact that I have updated my main PC 3 times since I purchased the product and it may still be seeing them as active. If it doesn't work I'll just use the activation on my laptop for now. Maybe there's a wak to reset activations or something? Xander
  3. Nicola, I have reinstalled Windows on my PC, and I don't have any activations left. I run TOPER on 3 PC's. What can be done?
  4. Thanks Nicola! Xander
  5. Nicola, as the size limit is small I have uploaded the pic on Mega. The link is: https://mega.nz/#!7gM0CTRD!JOovnicWMae51Ik_o34LViFEjVug4Jkn1TrOTIBXE9s Regards, Xander
  6. Yes Nicola, I installed the original from SimMarket. The screen is nice and big. Then when I install the latest version, the window is very small with unreadably small letters. Only readable if I sit very close to my TV (computer monitor viewing distance) but no scaling is applied to the Window after the update. Xander
  7. Hello Nicola, I have two questions for you. 1. I have SimMarket v3.0 exe file. I read various places that you have to install all updates afterwards to make sure all patches are applied. I do not have access to all updates since only 3.3.12 is posted. So I install v3.0 exe and 3.3.12 on top and that is all? 2. Because I have a 4K TV at 225% scaling. There was an update that specifically corrected the small window problem of TOPER. Of course that update is not there. I still have this problem. My TOPER window is VERY small with small letters. Can you help? p.s. Windows 10 64Bit Xander