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  1. Reference Cards -- Commands & Airport Specific

    Anyone know the proper way to pronounce Avianca at JFK? I tried it the way the program was pronouncing it and it wouldn't recognize it. I tried changing emphasis and never got it to recognize.
  2. JFK weird Taxi issue.

    I mentioned a plane that was taxii'd through the terminal buildings/street/down to an intersection previously. I was playing on JFK again and had another weird taxi issue. I was running the game from the bat file and have a log file now. It didn't go as far and eventually taxied itself to where it was supposed to go and wasn't drug around by a tug, but it still looked odd. Look for the Al Italia 605 flight. It took off shortly before I ended the session. I know I should've ended it sooner, my apologies. Windows 10 x64, Tower!3D Pro, 12GB RAM, GTX 980 if it matters. speech.zip
  3. Rotate ADIRS Display?

    I can understand a non-rotatable ADIRS... if the game was played via VR headset and you were actually in the control tower. I think it'd be nice to have the option. There are times I want it to rotate so I know which way I'm looking... and there are other times I don't want it to rotate, because then it'd be taking up screen real estate that I don't really want to give it.
  4. Tower!3D Pro won't install??

    So you have no shortcut or item in the start menu.... did you check the installation folder to see what's in there? If so, do you have any .exe files in there?
  5. Win10 vs win7

    I may not apply as I didn't upgrade... I've been running Windows 10 the entire time I've had Tower!3D Pro. That being said, the only issue I have is usually needing to issue a pushback command before it'll pick up on speech recognition. Leaving it on pause for a while will also usually clear it up. I'm thinking part of that may be time to parse my speech.log file that's starting to push the 1GB range.
  6. I personally have been playing with 1L and 25L for arrivals and 25R for departures with 1R@B occasionally for planes closer to that side of the airport. 1R doesn't get much use, but occasionally I'll throw it a bone.... er... departure. My preferred method apparently is not used at all in Real Life per crbascott's link.
  7. Tower!3D: AI interrupting the readback

    I don't always wait for replies, but I seem to get replies pretty regularly. I don't always wait for requests before giving instructions either, so sometimes I see the following: Me: UAL918, Runway 27, Cleared to Land UAL918: Runway 27 cleared to land, UAL918 UAL918: Tower, UAL918 with you, runway 27. When it gets really busy it'll occasionally take a while to catch back up, and it's not uncommon to hear pilots speaking to me when I pause the game for minutes on end.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this issue. I hadn't personally run across it yet, but it's always nice to have developers who can turn out a SP this quickly.
  9. Real Traffic/Color Issue - KPHL

    I haven't dug into how all of this works as much as some people. If I copy my DickParker schedules back in, will that update the terminals for FedEx/UPS/etc?
  10. Just bought KATL and it's not working

    Which folder does it install to?
  11. Just bought KATL and it's not working

    If KATL isn't showing as an accessible airport, then I would question if it installed to the correct location. What directory did it install to and what version of Tower!3D Pro do you have (Steam, or non-Steam)?
  12. KLAS for Tower!3D TEASER

    I would like to see an installer for DLC airports that will ask you whether you bought the game through Steam or Not. I bought KLAS and RC through the website to get both in a single purchase and then had to track down my Steam install folder. Not a big deal, but it'd be nice if it gave the same options as RT/RC. Now I just need to figure out how to re-download RT...
  13. Reak Color KATL Tower 3D Pro

    Tom, If you just recently bought the RT/RC, the installer should have an option specifically for Steam installations. Did you get that dialog? Best regards, Fizziii
  14. KLAS for Tower!3D TEASER

    Not plans for Labor Day weekend... but I do have work plans Labor Day week... that involve flying into Las Vegas. :-D I'll definitely look at airports differently since picking up this simulator. Edit.... as a side note, will Real Traffic ever include traffic from major events like the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight?
  15. I can agree with this. I also this this would be a good reason to design the game in such a way that modders could add things like new airports to the game. Then FT can focus on tweaking the core mechanics with occasional airports, and the community could provide additional airports as well that can tap into the core mechanics.