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  1. Reference Cards -- Commands & Airport Specific

    If it concerns you that much and you really want to see Piedmont you can add them the the Philly airlines file PDT, US, PIEDMONT, Piedmont Airlines, United States and you can just // in front of AWE, US, Cactus that way they are there if you ever make a custom schedule with them but if you // the AWE line and add the Piedmont line all the AWE flights should correctly show up as Piedmont..... it was removed by accident.... AWE was suppose to be the one removed as in the files they had the same code.
  2. Traffic Schedule -- Need Assistance

    I believe this view is shared by the community We realize you are a small dev. and are juggling multiple things but we would very much appreciate bringing some of the old airports up to date
  3. Real Traffic/Color Issue - KPHL

    Vic, I did not mean anything by it.... I was just stating that buying another pack to get a plane livery he should have was not a proper fix and that Nyerges should(and did now) release an update... which we appreciate.
  4. Real Traffic/Color Issue - KPHL

    Agreed, your fix is giving them more money to get a color for a plane you should have anyway is not much of a solution nor is being forced to use a different plane rather than the real plane that again should also be included.
  5. Tower3D; Duplicate IATAs in Airlines file

    That would only matter if they were both used in the schedule for the same airport, and by just doing a quick check I didn't find one that had both in their schedule..... for RT(sp5) that is. I agree with crbascott that leaving it as is just to be able to use that ONE command is silly and also unrealistic, and as I just stated they aren't even in a schedule together for it to matter anyway(unless you made a custom one) and judging by all the other things wrong with RT its a pretty safe bet that it is actually an error and oversight. *EDIT* Thank you for the suggestion for why it could be like that tho..... but if they did intentionally make that 'error' just to allow us to be able to use that one command still seems silly and unrealistic since they actually have different callsigns.
  6. Tower3D; Duplicate IATAs in Airlines file

    Just thought I would mention that in addition to duplicates there are errors in the airline file as well Wrong callsigns example for KSAN ROU RV AIR CANADA, AIR CANADA ROUGE, CANADA as you can see the callsign listed for Air Canada Rouge is Air Canada when it is actually Rouge so it should read ROU RV ROUGE, AIR CANADA ROUGE, CANADA there are also airlines that either don't exist any more or go by a new name now. happy fixing :) Dev
  7. Rotate ADIRS Display?

    The wind is coming from 269 at 11 knots in the KSAN screenshot. The arrow in game points where the wind is going not were the wind is coming from. Dev
  8. GA @ LAX

    For GA schedules they use the FULL code so it should read KLAX not LAX also I don't know if it would show up or not in game if you just have them take off and come back around and land again.
  9. KLAS Las Vegas Strategy tips needed (runway use)

    I have been able to have small planes exit RWY 26 and turn right onto D at PHL use the command below once you clear them to land CALLSIGN VACATE RUNWAY RIGHT ONTO TAXIWAY D
  10. Real Traffic/Color Issue - KPHL

    I don't know if SKW CR9 is blank for me or not, have not tested...... as you said EDV CRV should be added to KPLH as EDV was added to the KPHL schedule in RT SP5?? I didn't have RT before that but I know EDV is in the schedule now as is GJS so they should both have liveries included for KPHL which they currently do not do you know what RC those other planes are in if they are included in one?
  11. Real Traffic/Color Issue - KPHL

    *UPDATE* I found out that at least one of those other white planes in the image is EDV CRJ https://imgur.com/a/7U0JN *EDIT* I have a feeling that the other one is possibly the GJS CR7(by taking a quick look at the schedule) either way since the EDV CRJ doesn't have a livery its likely that GJS CR7 doesn't either.
  12. Real Traffic/Color Issue - KPHL

    I have notice the same thing at KPHL.... I have the RC bundle(TIST,KLAX,KPHL) and still have white aircraft at KPHL I also notice another aircraft.... I'm not familiar enough with the different aircraft yet to know what they are just by looking at them so I don't know what the aircraft is but I'm sure some one else could tell... also don't know the airline that it is(yet, will edit with update if I find out)however I can narrow it down as the aircraft is in Terminal D and my Terminal file for it is Terminal_D: ACA,JZA,ASA,DAL,UAL,TCF,EDV,GJS COA I know the one is the JZA CR2 as identified above but as you can see in the image there are more white planes in this terminal also the post here suggest in addition to my current mystery plane missing a livery and those listed above that JZA CRJ, SKW CR9, RPA ER4 (Brickyward) may also be missing liveries so can we get ND to add the other white planes(as shown in image) and possible the other that are mentioned in the other post if they are indeed missing from KPHL as well to the update. Thanks, Dev link to image as the one I added to here was too small to see anything as the file was apparently to large https://imgur.com/a/shS3j
  13. Tower3D; Duplicate IATAs in Airlines file

    It would appear we all have to go in and fix all these issues are selves or wait who knows how long for ND to update.... it gets quite time consuming to have to go in and make all kinds of changes like this. I would like to show what I found right away tho... In looking into PHL the CLT, PHL, 319, AA, 869P, 20:43, 12:00, 1, AA is actually what would appear a duplicate as well as I also found this further down CLT, PHL, 319, AA, 869, 19:39, 12:00, 1, AA as you can see the two are identical minus the slight difference in time... maybe the schedule changed...thus changing the time and instead of changing the time for that flight they made they change as a new entry but forgot to remove the old one? I only just started to go though PHL so thats all I have found so far at least cheers, Dev