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  1. In the meantime, I believe you are right. I have tested a lot and believe it is a scenery problem, because standard was not quite standard. In the background, Orbx is additionally installed and in the aircraft RealityXP. If I completely everything turn off, it no longer persist (with the standard fighter jet at the standard airport of P3Dv4). Unfortunately, the error message during the installation problem persists. I will try to post a log file later. Best regards.
  2. That makes no difference, P3Dv4 stutters(?shaking better?) (GERMAN-> ruckelt, i do not know the correct translation). It is not a fluid process, but it comes to a halt and goes on again, maybe a correct translation is not possible. best regards
  3. Dear Sirs, Many sincere thanks for your answers and help! I am trying to explain the comments to help others who have a similar problem: This is not correct: I have installed it as an administrator. The installation path is: c:\P3D\... YES a) I've installed P3D as an administrator b) I installed FSUIPC as administrator. Yes Build 15063.608 I will test your tips. I will get back with logfiles here to you as soon as possible. Many Thanks
  4. Moved to Main forum, as the FAQ subforum is not the place to ask questions. Questions should always be asked in Main Forum, otherwise it might not be seen at all. Dear Sir and Miss, P3Dv4 stuttered extremely in the first minutes with FSUIPC 5.121b. It is so extreme that the LM standard aircraft with standard scenery can not be rolled accident free to the runup-area. After 1-2 minutes the simulator is completely liquid. I've noticed that the following error occurs in the log file: [error.0] error=Payload station indexes should be between 1 - Number of Stations [error.1] error=Payload station indexes should be between 1 - Number of Stations [.....] [error.999] error=Payload station indexes should be between 1 - Number of Stations I have the guess that FSUIPC is not running completely flawless or P3Dv4 has problems with the addon and therefore the Simmulator shakes until the error number 999 is reached. In my installation there was only one error message, of which I do not know whether you are important and how I could correct this: Attempt to set the ACL entries for Modules access permissions failed, error = 1332 If FSUIPC is disabled, the error does not occur, so I suspect a connection. Is a solution known for this problem or will there be an update that fixes the behavior?