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  1. Suggestion For LAX

    I have lost the icon picture of the tower in my simulator folder the application program is just white page no tower picture, any one know why this happens. Thanks
  2. Suggestion For LAX

    Well have used various syntax but i think as Joe mentioned i need perform speech recognition several more times to make sure it understand the terminologies. Thanks Al
  3. Suggestion For LAX

    Thanks i will
  4. Suggestion For LAX

    OK will try thanks
  5. Suggestion For LAX

    I tried that but could not taxi airplanes to the inner runways they would not accept, maybe I did something wrong
  6. Suggestion For LAX

    No did not know you can delete, i will try next time. Thanks
  7. Suggestion For LAX

    As a Commercial pilot flying into LAX for years, i have never been cleared to land on the inner runways (24L, 25R) they always use the inner runways for departure, while playing the simulator 90% of arrivals are for the inner runways and just a suggestion it makes it lot more realistic to have the arrival aircrafts check in for outer runways (25L, 24R). Really enjoy the simulator great job. Also when it gets very busy the taxi instruction do not work as they should and if two airplanes are head to head now we have to exit the simulator it would be a nice feature to be able to make corrections in this scenario, i know it would not be realistic but when the airplanes do not accept the taxi instructions then there is no way to get around this issue. Thanks
  8. Steam on Big Screen TV

    Got you i guess the cheapest way would be to connect my gaming Laptop via HDMI or bluetooth and just use the big screen as monitor which should still be good.
  9. Steam on Big Screen TV

    No that is why i thought why spend $2k for pc if i can get away with the tv and steam, but also i just realized i wont be able to use speech since no microsoft speech recognition software, so i guess i will have to buy a PC, or use my laptop and connect it to the tv and play the game.
  10. Steam on Big Screen TV

    Thanks for your input Joe.
  11. Steam on Big Screen TV

    Just wondering instead of spending money on a computer for home i was wondering if i can get the same quality of performance on my new samsung 85 inch tv that can connect to Internet and use steam account and be able to use wireless keyboard / mouse / headphone via tv blue-tooth. Has anyone tired this configuration? Thanks for any input
  12. Terminal Info

    Thanks i ended up buying the real colors and based on the real airlines i can know tell where they will park
  13. Terminal Info

    Is there a way to find out which terminal the aircraft on final will be parking at? like in LAX all landings are 25L and 24R and departures the inside runways, so it be better to clear the airplane to the south runway or north depending on where they park. Thanks
  14. Line up and wait

    Thanks every nice on the card info above also AJ i got it working great simulator.
  15. Line up and wait

    When i give clearance line up and wait and then i give clearance cleared for takeoff airplanes do not understand, is there another clearance i need to use.