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  1. KSAN San Diego issues

    The command for the cargo aircraft I am using "CALLSIGN RUNWAY NINER, TAXI VIA Foxtrot ... etc" I've attached the output_log from tonights game to this reply.output_log.txt
  2. KSAN San Diego issues

    Hi all, I want to report 3 issues I've noticed with this airport: 1) Gate Push back OR Taxi to runway issue: Situation = Skywest pushed back into the alley. Issued a command to taxi to R9 via B. Aircraft pushes back further in a weird way ... see the following images for a visual reference: image 1 | image 2 | image 3 2) Cargo aircraft Taxi to R9 issue ... When giving the command to taxi to R9 via F, C4, B4, B, B10 (shown with yellow arrows in screenshot below) ... the aircraft acknowledges the command but completely stays still. The cargo aircraft from the ramp can taxi down C, C6, B6, B to R9 without issues (after giving command taxi to R9). I managed to get another cargo plane to taxi to R9 via, C, D, B (as shown in the screenshot below). Screenshot 3) Cargo aircraft doing 360s prior to entering R9 when giving commands to line up and wait OR cleared for takeoff (the latter sometimes works but the former certainly happens all the time). See image 1 and image 2 I ran the bat file as admin and have provided the game log (attached). game.log
  3. Tower3D: Duplicate-Free Schedules

    Thank you for the clarification :)
  4. Tower!3D Pro User Manual - Annotated

    Please get a mod to PIN this post! :D Huge thank you @rameus
  5. Tower3D: Duplicate-Free Schedules

    Quick question regarding these files. Have these files been included in the latest default Steam Pro installation AND recent releases of the Real Traffic and Real colour addons for Tower3D? See below for a list inc. versions. I ask because according to my windows 7, the files included are older than the ones included in the latter mentioned. I own the following so am unsure if these files need to applied: Steam Tower3D Pro (v1.1.324.863.SP2) RC_KATL_sp2 RC_KBOS RC_KJFK_sp2 RC_KLAS_sp1 RC_KSANv2 RC_TIST_KPHL_KLAX_sp4
  6. Tower3D Real Airlines Query

    Thanks Gareth :)
  7. Tower3D Real Airlines Query

    Hi all, I have recently bought Tower!3D PRO in the steam sale and am interested in making it a more realistic simulation. Does the real color series of addons for Tower3D also include the voice changes (i.e. airline callsigns etc) or do we have to purchase the "REAL TRAFFIC FOR TOWER!3D" separately?