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  1. Managed to get some readings from 2nd throttle but the left hand lever of the 2nd throttle (PS2) is turning the ailerons and I cannot get it be Throttle 2 on 2 engines BPCY
  2. Hi, Any luck with reading what I have done wrong. Thanks BPCY
  3. Well I did have a CD and installed it and it was running fine with one Throttle set. Control and devices is picking the switches and levers up as when I went it the properties as per last post etc. I don't have FSUIPC5 I have FSUIPC4 as that's what simmarket said was for both FSX steam and p3d Uploading only log file created Thanks BPCY FSUIPC4 Install.log
  4. I'm not quite sure what you mean. I have previously been running with just the Saitek Yoke and 1 Saitek throttle successfully. I am only now trying to get a 2nd throttle running because my son wants it to look more authentic. I personally am new to Flight sim world. Thanks BPCY
  5. Hi Thomas, Yes, Inside Game Contoller it shows Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals OK Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant OK Saitek Pro Flight Yoke OK I selected the Throttle and properties button and a graph is shown. I moved the PS2 Throttle and it moves on the X-axis. middle lever moves Y-Axis and right lever moves Z axis Also all buttons work in Reversers section The Left Saitek throttle set works in the Saitek Yoke properties with the left lever on the Z Axis, middle lever on X Rotation and right lever on the Y rotation and each button on left thrtle works on Toggles section 15 - 20. Variuos buttons on the yoke work ok as well. So how do I map these into FSUIPC application? Thanks for your help BPCY
  6. Thanks Thomas I will try tomorrow night. Bpcy
  7. Thanks Thomas I will check the Windows Gamecontroller Settings for Windows 10 tomorrow. Do I just move the 2nd Throttle (PS2) throttle/mixture levers etc and Win 10 should pick up? Thanks BPCY
  8. Hi, Thanks for answering. I believe Windows 10 can see these. How do I check? Thanks for your help BPCY
  9. Hi, This is my first time on the site so please forgive us. I have tried searching for a solution first but a suggested one of installing Joyid did not work. My son and I have recently started within Flight Sim community (he wants to be a Commercial Pilot) and I have bought the Saitek Stack (Yoke, Two Throttle Quadrants and Radio, Switch stack) Now, I have also bought the PDMG 737 previously for FSX and today the FSUIPC (ver 4.72) & WideFS. I have tried to configure the Throttle stack by looking at youtube FSUIPC videos etc We have both FSX-Steam and Prepar3d (bought in Nov 2017) and would like to eventually run aircraft in both with the same Saitek Yoke & Throttles etc. We want to be able to set the Throttle quadrants to run the PDMG 737 aircraft initially. 1) 1rst Throttle quadrant has a USB connection 2) 2nd Throttle quadrant has a PS2 connection which connects into the Saitek Yoke Now the problem is that when in FSUIPC we can see all the lever axis settings for Throttle 1 (USB) but not Throttle 2 (PS/2). Anyone have any steps or video that we can use to setup. Or even a configuration file we can use. Many Thanks for your help BPCY