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  1. Hi, Are you at the correct topic sir?
  2. Hi, You have to install fsuipc for steam. Unregistered version is just fine
  3. Hi, Noted
  4. Hi, 1.) No it is not possible because it depends from the brake temperature also. 2.) Only via network installation.
  5. Hi, Do you have the updater.exe file inside the program folder?
  6. Wrong topic
  7. hi, you can contact support at
  8. Hi, You have to contact them directly.
  9. Hi, No it is not compatible with track ir. I thought that I added to the description. If you want a refund contact us at
  10. I will check it next week
  11. Now you have fsx microsoft or fsx steam installed?
  12. Hi, P3D Booster 1013 Frictionality P3D Sim Physics P3D are now available for Prepar3D V3.4
  13. Hi, As I said this is not software problem but fsx steam related problem with registries. I said that we have a tool that fix those errors
  14. Hi, All the above problems related to registry entries (and nothing to do with our programs or simconnect) while you install fsx steam and uninstall fsx. We have a tool to fix the unused registry entries. Please use support at