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  1. Just installed the airport "ground" textures, a great improvement! Gone are the ridicolous "sandy" textures,(winter) replaced by green grass, far more realistic! Your fs friend should know that small airports, especially grass are hard to spot in real life, normally far harder than in a sim Thanks for making FSX more "real", and now to get on with installing the other updated textures :)
  2. Winter Sand airports

    Well, thats fixed the winter grass runways, thanks, :) but, more of an eyesore is the surrounding sand area at all airports :( shown in picture below Could there be some green textures to fix this? they would need to be a slightly different shade of green to the actual runway though
  3. Hello, I recently purchased Fscene4X for Europe, and am very pleased with it I read somewhere that fscene does not replace textures inside the airport perimeter? This is a pity! in "winter", as all I see, instead of grass around runways, is "sand" this is even true of "grass" runways, yep, turned to sand! In most of Europe, grass is green all year round, and these "sand" airports situated in a green and pleasant countryside, spoil all the good work of "Fscene" in airport localitys in winter time Would it ever be possible to have fscene airport textures for winter? Or perhaps someone has already done this........