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  1. Hello Volker A friend bought FSC v8. Is it not possible to upgrade to FSC9. Frans
  2. Hello Volker I can't make the connection between the new FSGRW for Prepar3d v4.1 and FSC V 9.6 REV 9. i ALWAYS GET THE MSG IF I WANT TO USE THE OLD WEATHER INFO. i HAVE IN WINDOS ONLINE THE CORRECT REF THOUGH. Happy New Year Frans
  3. Hello Volker This was ticked so activated but when i desellect it come on. Frans Gehl
  4. Hello Volker I can't find my GPS window anymore on my FSC9.6 rev 9. I had to reinstall it but can't find it anymore however it's ticked. Win10 I5 Prepar3d v3 Frans
  5. FSGRW (answered)

  6. FSGRW (answered)

    Hello Sorry don't have that. Frans
  7. FSGRW (answered)

    Hello Volker Here the req. info. I don't get the line last update e.s.o i only get load FS GLOBAL REAL WEATHER AND NOAA last update. Frans ScreenHunter_016.bmp ScreenHunter_014.bmp
  8. FSGRW (answered)

    Hello Run as Administrator still the same msg on the screen the data is older then 5 days e.s.o. Mailed FSGRW Stefan and he pointewd me to the FSC man.
  9. FSGRW (answered)

    i did no change
  10. FSGRW (answered)

    Hello I have data exchange active. Frans
  11. FSGRW (answered)

    Hello Volker. I have as a weather program FSGRW . But when i click Weather load weather FS GLOBAL REAL WEATHER i Always get the msg. FSGRW data are older then 3 days do you want to load this data anyway? I have my FSGRW in E:\FSGRW\data\exchange\common in the options though. So it won't refresh. Can you help me with this.? Intel I5 Win10 64 FSCommmander vers 9.6 rev 7 Frans Gehl
  12. Blue Square (answered & solved)

    sorry you are right. Frans
  13. Blue Square (answered & solved)

    Hallo No normal you see in the square where you put your ouse the complete info of the airport freqs e.s.o qnh now nothing just blue. Frans