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  1. I think what happened is a conflict caused by the SID/STARS in 3rd party route planning software (e.g. FSC9). PMDG "solved" this in SP1 by "blanking out" the SIDs and STARs from any flight plan built by 3rd party software. The 'solution' is to load your plan from FSC9 and then manually add the SID and STAR (FMC button "DEP" and "ARR") that your planning software assigned you. Works great. Only works on PMDG 737NGX SP1 or higher.
  2. Yes, you can manually add the SIDs and STARs back to your 737NGX when you choose the DEParture and ARRival airports on your FMC pre-flight. Match the SID/STAR to what your Flight Plan called for. This is by design at PMDG (join, they host the PMDG support forums-- it's FREE) Robert
  3. I just want to express my admiration for Pete and his fine FSUIPC program. Because of Pete, I am able to enjoy several benefits that wouldn't be possible without him - not least of which are VATSIM realtime ATC networked, along with being able to calibrate my Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Joystick and Throttle directly within FSUIPC and assign those devices to functions within FSX whilst being able to disable all my control surfaces WITHIN FSX. IMHO, FSUIPC provides much better interface, more accurate calibration, and none of the unexpected problems I ran into whilst trying to run those surfaces solely from within FSX/Windows. Did I mention LINDA as well? Combine LINDA with FSUIPC and a whole new world of button programming opens up for flight simmers. THANK YOU, Mr. Dowson! Robert McDonald FSUIPC 4.7x REGISTERED User