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  1. Hopefully Simmarket will soon release Traffic3D_Sounds for the new Ultimate Traffic Live. If you purchase it please make a backup copy,as you will need it because every time UTL releases an upate,they tend to re-install their default sounds.
  2. MTV6 Alias Installer can now be found on :- This installer is Freeware! Alan Constable
  3. Hello Rick I have uploaded the MTV6 Alias installer on Flightsim, I will publish the path when it is up!
  4. Thanks Thomas for your help! Alan
  5. Hello Pete I have been monitoring my IPC which worked fine using previous version of FSUIPC by logging then using 024C in Offset and Type S32 with FS Title bar selected, With the same settings and it is not working in the FSUIPC5 for some reason it just records as =0 all the time when I run PR3D V4, got any ideas what I may be doing wrong? Running Win 10 64bit PMDG 747 PMDG 777-200 PMDG 77-300 ER ORBX Scenery Regards Alan
  6. MyTraffic 6 came out well after Traffic3D_Sounds was released. No one knew where any of the files were to be installed, MyTraffic did release an earlier version the alias installer was supplied.
  7. Hello Ryant First check your PR3D or FSX cfg in your C:\Users\Your NameAppData\Roaming. Make sure your Sound_LOD =0 and not 1
  8. Thanks Burkard I have tried it, and it works, Ok, but don't make sense,
  9. My main point is that MyTraffic is not located in the SimObjests folder, It is located in the PR3D root folder, If PR3D is looking for it in the Simobjests folder it wont find it?
  10. I have the same problem with Prepar3D V2, How is MyTraffic entered in the PR3D.cfg, as its not located in the SimObjects folder? I cant manually add simobjects= like other products?. I cant use the Comunicator to do this for me?
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