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  1. VAS display

    Thanks Thomas, All is now working. George
  2. I have installed FSUIPC onto a W10 machine and added the following to the FSUIPC4.ini file: [Monitor] Display=4 Monitor0=0,024C,4,0 on XP it correctly displays the VAS, but on W10, the value is zero:
  3. Have you tried <Numpad> 5 to stop the spinning?
  4. This happens on my system also. Is it really a problem? All I do is unpause and slew slightly. George
  5. Change of ISP

    Thanks Pete. George
  6. I have recently changed my ISP but the .key file contains my previous email address. I have been able to install 4.939k successfuly. Is there anything I need to do? George
  7. P3D V2.4

    Thanks Pete. It seems to have cured the "Pure Virtual Function Call" error with Tessellation off.
  8. In my case (with Tessellation off), it causes an R6025 error. With Tesselation on it doesn't. Removing FSUIPC V4.936 cures the problem with Tessellation off.
  9. The update is due on Monday.
  10. This sometimes happens to me. The solution is to slew the aircraft slightly in FSX and the correct position will be displayed in ADE. George
  11. There was a hotfix for a flight planner problem. George
  12. Hmm, it is ok here in P3D Professional V2.2 (hotfixed): George
  13. Prepar3d v2.1

    Thanks Pete. George