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  1. Cannot move windows to other monitors

    Yes, I can if I open them with Admin rights. But it doesn't always work, sometimes, most in fact, I just get a flash of the screen and then it disappears. Alan
  2. Cannot move windows to other monitors

    Hi AJ, Ran them in Admin Mode and the windows opened just fine on another screen. The program didn't produce a log file anywhere, so am unable to send it. Thanks, Alan
  3. Cannot move windows to other monitors

    Vic, they are the only ones that I could find. Where would I locate them? Alan
  4. Cannot move windows to other monitors

    Hi Vic, Ok, did what you said and have attached 2 files, the only ones I could find. I ran them both as Admin but the windows flashed on the screen then disappeared. Thanks, Alan output_log.txt output_log.txt
  5. Cannot move windows to other monitors

    I'll try again to see if I can a reply from anyone. After uninstalling everything from Feelthere ATC folders I am still unable to get the windows to move. I have attached the log file, which does show some errors, I think. Alan output_log.zip
  6. Cannot move windows to other monitors

    Hi, I move the windows by clicking on the windows move icon. When I do that they open as a blank window and then shut down. I found the output log and it is attached. scoob, Yes I checked that thread and that is already how mine is set up. Alan output_log.zip
  7. Hi, Since updating to SP3 I can't move any of the windows to my other monitors. I have everything set Administrator and I've tried without Administrator as well. I have also tried each airport in turn to see if it is just one or more is not working, but it appears it id all of them. I have tried changing settings but nothing seem to help. Also, I am not getting a log file anywhere to send . Alan
  8. Career Mode?

    I would like to see that as well. Alan
  9. Lost Speech connection in game

    I have the same problem, been like it for a while. The only way I get around it, though this isn't a fix, is to hit the pause then issue the command, then unpause. I hope they fix this as it's vey annoying. Regards, Alan
  10. KSAN Stuck on 0% when loading

    Tried KSAN again with RT and RC and had no problems. Will now try adding more airports and see how it goes. Alan
  11. KSAN Stuck on 0% when loading

    Hi Vic, Just reinstalled Tower!3D Pro and KSAN without any other addons and it started fine. Alan
  12. Hi, Just reinstalled my Tower3D Pro and all airports are working except KSAN. Every time I load it I hear the airport sounds but the arrow doesn't move and the program will crash. Logfile is attached. Alan output_log.txt
  13. Tower!3D Pro - KJFK just became unplayable

    Hi, I have the same problem, and as you say it’s damn annoying. Hopefully someone will have some idea on how to fix it.. Alan
  14. I am also having problems after installing sp2. Before I installed sp2 everything worked fine with speech. Now it only works 10% of the time. I hope this will get fixed soon.. Alan
  15. Program Crash at KJFK

    Ok Vic, will do