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  1. fsuipc key allocations

    Certain payware aircraft (PMDG + LDS) allow one to read the transponder mode via their SDK. I would check the iFly documentation to see if it is the same. Cheers!
  2. Offset 024C in Prepar3D v3

    Thanks Pete, you are correct I had it disabled. Thomas, thank you for the screen shot. The challenge I had with the earlier log entry was that it just showed the P3D version and not the offset data. Cheers!
  3. Offset 024C in Prepar3D v3

    I disagree. I am running the same build but here is what I get: Cheers!
  4. Pete, is offset 024C functional in Prepar3D v3? I am getting a zero in this area, both programatically and via an offset monitor. I understand it returns zero in v4, but is it expected to work in the 32-bit simulators? Cheers!
  5. FSUIPC 5.xxx Issues w/ PMDG 747 QOTSII Fuel

    You went away on vacation, and even extended your absence from the forum, and P3D v4.2 still isn't out. LM clearly isn't holding up their end of the bargain. Just so I'm clear, are you saying it's a documentation only change and the existing P3D versions will work correctly once we have the right offsets? Cheers!
  6. FSUIPC 5.xxx Issues w/ PMDG 747 QOTSII Fuel

    Pete and I have already discussed the fix: I expect it in 5.123 or soon afterwards, unless Pete has further questions. Cheers!
  7. PMDG 744v2 SDK integration

    I think it looks good from this end. Cheers! Luke
  8. Cam't write LVar in FSX

    Do you have the function name capitalized properly? Cheers!
  9. PMDG 744v2 SDK integration

    Welcome back (when you read this).... just got feedback that correcting for the mis-sized offset fixes things. You can make the change. Cheers!
  10. Unfortunately, this isn't a fact. I get reports of freezing with unregistered versions of FSUIPC, and I have a registered version that works flawlessly with PMDG 737 and 777 aircraft on flights of up to 16 hours. There's definitely something related to flight saving, but I'm pretty certain that it's not FSUIPC that is the cause, merely the trigger. Cheers! Luke
  11. Keep in mind that you can encode both an int and a float in 32-bits. It looks like with SIOC you're taking a 32-bit floating point number from the offset and reading it like it is an integer. Cheers! Luke
  12. PMDG 744v2 SDK integration

    I believe the SimConnect structs are all "packed", ie. not aligned on a WORD/DWORD boundary, but it's been a few years since I last poked at it. I have some calls out for feedback, we'll see what they say. Cheers! Luke
  13. PMDG 744v2 SDK integration

    I'll give this a try. Because I'm slow this afternoon, everything after 65ED should be +2? Cheers! Luke
  14. PMDG 744v2 SDK integration

    That's my point. The header file included with the SDK has this: // Rain Protection unsigned char WIPERS_Selector[2]; // left/right 0: OFF 1: INT 2: LOW 3:HIGH; INT applies only to 747-8 bool WASHER_Sw[2]; // left/right MOMENTARY action bool RAIN_REP_Sw[2]; // left/right MOMENTARY action, passenger only I *think* the rest of the file is OK. I can't actually check it, I am in the same boat as yourself not owning the 744v3. If you can create a beta copy I should be able to get some rapid feedback. Cheers! Luke
  15. PMDG 744v2 SDK integration

    I've found.... something. When comparing your docs to the PMDG SDK documentation I've found the following discrepancies: 64F8 - FSUIPC: APU_AnnunLowPressure[2], PMDG: Wipers_Select[2] 64FA - FSUIPC: APU_AnnunFault[2], PMDG: Washer_Sw[2] 64FC - FSUIPC: APU_AnnnOverspeed[2], PMDG: Rain_Rep_Sw[2] The data sizes match, but I don't see anything in the PMDG docs for those specific indicators. Might just be a typo. The real issue (I think) is in offset 65ED: It's the brake pressure needle - PMDG has it as an INT, whereas you have it as a 2-byte WORD. Are you shrinking the size internally, or is this an error? That might explain why everything farther down is off. Cheers!