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  1. E-jets v2 HUD stopped displaying

    Except that I am using FSX not P3Dv4.
  2. E-jets v2 HUD stopped displaying

    I know it is not at all helpful, however, I cannot think of anything that I have changed that would have caused this. I have not made any panel modifications or changed the aircraft at all and the only difference in my setup are a new yoke, throttle quadrant and pedals but nothing that they control is influenced by keyboard commands. I am not expecting any magical fix-I was just hoping perhaps someone else had experienced the same problem at some time and had some insight. I am assuming that the location references in the panel.cfg for the HUD are where it is supposed to be so that it is visible in the windscreen. As I said in my original post, the W command does change the view to the glareshield panel at the bottom of the screen and it is simply that the HUD no longer appears above it.
  3. E-jets v2 HUD stopped displaying

    I am running E jet in the 2D panel as I always do and in the past pressing W gets me the glareshield/HUD view. Now when I push W I do get the glareshield view, however, the HUD is no longer displayed.. I looked in the panel.cfg and there is this entry: [Window13] background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1600,1200 window_size_ratio=1.000 window_size= 1.000, 1.000 window_pos= 0.000, 0.000 position=7 child_3d=1 ident=MINIPANEL gauge00=EJet!DCP, 0, 1030, 1600, 170 gauge01=hud!hud, 194, 330, 1211, 770
  4. I had used the FSUIPCInstall.exe but all is well now as I added to the original post. Thanks for the advice though.
  5. Everything was working fine yesterday afternoon. I tried a flight last night and had no working flight controls so I restarted the computer today. I started FSX and had the same problem. I went to the Add-ons menu and FSUIPC is not in the list. I went to Modules folder and to the Install file. It indicated that the version I had been running 4.957b was the most recent and that it successfully installed into FSX (log attached). I shut down FSX, restarted and still no FSUIPC in the Add-ons menu and no flight control response (yoke, TQ and pedals). Not sure what to try next.. Never mind- I had not performed a restart of the computer. Doing so solved the problem.
  6. E175/195 VNAV will not engage

    I took a flight yesterday without changing any settings and everything worked fine so I will defer further investigating until/if the problem crops up again. Thanks for the responses. Very much appreciated.
  7. E175/195 VNAV will not engage

    I appreciate the response and while the flight controls were recently calibrated with FSUIPC I will check to ensure all is in balance and trim. One question: is this failure to engage only for the VNAV? The autopilot does engage for HDG and LNAV mode with no problem so perhaps it is just the elevator centering that is not accurately trimmed..
  8. E175/195 VNAV will not engage

    I have been operating my E jets without issues for quite awhile, but lately I am encountering a situation where once I load a flight plan and conduct the PERF INIT the FMS displays a message to CHECKm DEST FUEL and shows a negative fuel amount for arrival. However, once I am airborne the PROG page will show the proper arrival fuel amount. In addition, and more troubling, is that VNAV will not engage. Pressing the VNAV button activates an immediate VNAV DISCONNECT message and I have to use V/S fto climb .Also the computation of TOD point is incorrect. On the last flight it stated the TOD point from a cruise level FL260 to be 15 miles from the destination. It remained that way even though I programmed in a 10,000' command for 30 miles from the destination. The VNAV does seem to "wake up" once I am ready to initiate descent in that it will start descending even though I am not yet at the predicted (but incorrect) TOD point.
  9. Pete: First of all, thank you for taking the time to review and support my problem (and everyone else's for that matter). If there was a Nobel Prize for Flight Sim support you would surely be so awarded. I went ahead and deleted the INI file and reassigned all the axes and buttons. Indeed, the second TQ is now recognized and functional. I do have two additional questions: 1-The flaps are set up as an axis, however, they are operating in reverse of how I would like the lever action to operate. I cannot locate a way to reverse the function on the assignment or calibration pages 2-The Saitek Yoke provides for three modes of button assignments (the yoke buttons can be assigned to 3 functions each) but FSUIPC shows the same function that I programmed for buttons in Mode 1 even when switched to Mode 2 or 3. Is there a way to enable this multi-function capability?
  10. OK...I have installed the 49771 update. Once again, the first TQ is recognized and I can program the axes and buttons, however, the 2nd TQ is not recognized by FSUIPC (I cannot program axes or buttons for it). Attached are the relevant files. Thanks FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4.JoyScan.csv FSUIPC4.log
  11. Attached are the files as requested. Thank you for any assistance. FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4.JoyScan.csv FSUIPC4.log
  12. I have installed a Saitek Yoke and 2 Saitek TQ units. I disabled controllers in FSX and began assigning axes in FSUIPC. Assignment for Yoke axes was no problem. I assigned axes as well on the TQ-1 for Speedbrake and Throttle 1 (not using the middle lever on that unit). I want to assign functions for Throttle 2, Landing Gear and Flaps to the three levers on TQ-2 however FSUIPC does not recognize the movement of any of those levers as axes or as buttons. Saitek states that the TQ-2 is recognized by FSX as buttons not axes and setting them up through FSX as such does yield success. I am unable to repeat that effort when I try instead to assign their functions in FSUIPC.
  13. Pete: I apologize for failing to respond before this. It is very much appreciated that you (as usual) responded so quickly and thoroughly to a user concern. I did try eliminating spiking via the Misc. tab and it helped a bit. I also recalibrated but the problem did not disappear and does appear to be a defect in the yoke itself. I opened it up, looked around a bit and tried cleaning contacts. None of this solved the problem and I verified that it was the yoke by plugging in my backup flight stick (why I did not think to do that initially is why I would never have made a good engineer), calibrating it thru FSUIPC and gaining full control with no jitter. So it will be joystick for a bit while I search for a new yoke...at least it gets me flying again! Once more-thank you for taking the time to address my issue and for your spot-on assessment and advice. It is clear why you are a legend in this community. Roger
  14. I have been using my yoke for a few years and recently it has been failing to correctly process aileron inputs-specifically it appears to not recognize left aileron movement and was aslo failing to allow engagement of LNAV when using the iFly737. I installed the 4.969 version of FSUIPC and reassigned axes and re-calibrated. On a test flight with an FSX default Lear 45 the initial flight control check left aileron command produced a rapid fluctuation of the on-screen yoke (in VC view) from centered to full left. I decided to test fly and the autopilot functions were fine but ion final approach whn AP was switched off the aircraft made a very fast right roll and manual control was squirrely-either no action or over-reaction to yoke input. I am wondering if it could simply be a worn out/defective sending unit in the yoke but thought I would post for advice. Thank you FSUIPC4.JoyScan.csv
  15. Thanks for the quick reply Pete...actually it may have been TOO quick. I performed the tried and true restart of FSX and the new FSUIPC version loaded and all seems to be working as it should. On the subject of newer FSUIPC versions...is there a method in place for notification when a new version becomes available? I did not realize I was using an old one until I visited your page today and saw that there was a newer one. Again-your support is greatly appreciated -your dedication to helping us sometimes clueless users is to be commended.