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  1. Tower 3d Pro Wind Indicator

    Sky king I just meant its had its day and clearly its not getting fixed by feel there so im moving on and just enjoy the sim, it bothers me also but we are beating a dead horse so to speak, no doubt it will be rectified in the next version
  2. Tower 3d Pro Wind Indicator

    Its definently 180 out but we know it and can live with it
  3. Travon 2012 LSALT sector info

    ok that's doable maybe even easier to just memorise I suppose, how far away might Tracon 2012 SE for steam be , days ,weeks, months Thanks Wayne
  4. Travon 2012 LSALT sector info

    Sorry vic i dont follow, if i wanted to add a 9000 graphic label in to depict 9000 feet lsalt in a certain area on the sector map is that possible and if so how, thanks
  5. Travon 2012 LSALT sector info

    Vic I took a look at the editor but I have no clue how to add lSALT values to the map overlay, is it even possible to add in numerical digits in the applicable areas to depict LSALT Wayne
  6. ATC Products Update

    Ok thanks im looking forward to buying this
  7. Travon 2012 LSALT sector info

    Ok thats Great so essentially i could add numerics at suitable locations on the map eg 9000 at one area of the map and 4000 at another area to indicate terrain lsalt
  8. ATC Products Update

    There should be
  9. ATC Products Update

    Ok thanks
  10. Travon 2012 LSALT sector info

    Thanks ariel for your reply and whilst i accept that limited reply it suprises me how you guys made such a realistic program but left out a critical element such as lsalt sector overlays, how did that not get picked up in beta surely someone with knowledge of tracon would have commented on this at the planning and testing phases. Anyways i will improvise and enjoy this game none the less but confused about the omission of lsalt which is a vital component of all flying activities at the most basic level, i would hope you would consider adding it into tracon 2012 se, thanks Wayne
  11. Travon 2012 LSALT sector info

    Yes but im talking about lsalt data that should be an overlay for all sectors, there is usually an option on the radar to turn lsalt on so one is aware of terrain heights when giving aircraft climb and descent instructions
  12. TRACON!2012:SE

    Vic Will there be a good discount for tracon 2012 owners and will existing tracon 2012 addon sectors such as ksan sector work in tracon 2012 se, also any reason there are no lsalt details for the tracon 2012 sectors in the tracon 2012 documentation, im also looking for ksan sector lsalt and im not sure where to find them, sorry for all the questions Vic. thanks Wayne
  13. ATC Products Update

    Thanks that is great
  14. Hi Does anybody know where i could find lsalt sector overlays for all the sectors included in tracon 2012, i am also looking for the lsalt data for the ksan sector addon for tracon 2012. I wonder why that important info was not included, Surely that is critical info for a tracon controller, thanks in advance