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  1. Unable to enter data in FSC 9.6.7 (solved)

    Hi Rolf, That's the reason why we have written the documentation. Volker
  2. Unable to enter data in FSC 9.6.7 (solved)

    Hi Rolf, Have you read the document Vista and Windows users please 7_8_10 read.pdf before installation? ...read here... If the P3D installation was carried out according to the recommendations? If the FSUIPC4 installed as administrator? ( btw. the current version of the FSUIPC4 = 4.955c ) If the FlightSim Commander installed as administrator? If the FSC run as administrator? Volker
  3. Unable to enter data in FSC 9.6.7 (solved)

    Hello Rolf, please read here Volker
  4. Hi Mario, You're right! Only the window Navigation Data, GPS and the FlightSim Commander itself, save their position. Regards, Volker
  5. Hi John, the real secrets of Windows we will never really understand. Windows is always good for a surprise. Volker
  6. Hi John, Look at the attached screenshot. No problem with mapped drives for the Database Manager and FlightSim Commander under Windows 10. If there were a problem, then I would have a real problem. Regards, Volker
  7. Hi ???, Please read here first How could you read here, http://forum.simflight.com/topic/78786-cant-choose-mapped-network-drive-in-windows-81-solved/ this is not a problem FSCommander. Integrate a network drive is a matter of the users. In other words, regardless of the FSCommander it is necessary to first integrate the drive in the network. Volker
  8. Hi, ... please read here... Volker
  9. Hi TATFSN, The FlightSim Commander is only a route planner for the lateral navigation. The user is responsible for the Higher vertical management itself. The values behind FL indicate the maximum FL from the aircraft data. If these values are from you now changed (eg FL 130) then appears only in the printed flight plan. Important: Read the manual, chapter Distance Arc. Then you understand why the changes of the FL values are particularly important and are needed. Volker btw. I recommend an update of FSUIPC. Your FSUIPC is long expired.
  10. Too many waypoints! (answered)

    Hi anonymous, again, please read here The idea behind a short route string is the following: With a few information to get the maximum of necessary information. A dispatcher would choke to work if he would create all waypoints necessarily required for a real flight plan route. Suppose "only" the first part of your route as an example. The first waypoint RETRO is the entry point to the Airway L981. The exit point or change point to the next Airway is ADVAB. In between, 15 waypoints are on this Airway L981 required for the FMS for the follow the directions. The path from RETRO to ADVAB is not a straight line (or in other words not only a "Great Circle"). It is an Airway (L981 with 15 waypoints) which must follow certain conditions, specifications or restrictions. If the flight plan into the FMS is loaded now, are all required information for the flight information available. This is the philosophy behind it. Volker btw. ask Google "How to program a route in a FMS". You will get more than xxx responses.
  11. Too many waypoints! (answered)

    Hi anonymous, please read here please read also the Manual Chapter 5.2.2 Read also here Volker
  12. Hi ???, please read here. Volker
  13. Hi Doug, The DBManager can not read the file CYYZ Airport. The log shows the error listed below. The error code (#9) indicates a problem within the BGL file. Sorry, but for this problem we have no solution. Regards, Volker
  14. Hi Doug, since you have read the manual and have published compelling screenshots I have one more request. Send me the complete FSC subfolder /SUPPORT to my email address. The address can be found here www.fscommander.com . Regards, Volker btw. If you have time then get your FSC update to version 9.6 Rev.7 ... please read here ...
  15. Fliegen mit Google Earth (solved)

    Hallo Klaus, dann sende Deinen Screenshot an meine e-mail Adresse. Die Adresse findest Du hier: www.fscommander.com Gruss Volker