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  1. To KLM234, Here you can read: Sascha and myself are only the authors of the program who have nothing to do with the handling of sales... and... Note also that FlightSim Commander is distributed through two sources... We have no influence on the distribution or the textual design of updates or upgrades. Volker Hint: If you are always up-to-date (a version or revision number below the new update / revision), the updates and revisions can always be down-loaded from our website.
  2. Updates, revisions, upgrades and full installations are always published here and at Aerosoft at the same time. Volker
  3. Hi ???, In the majority of cases 1. the installation of the cycle was NOT executed as an administrator 2. the FlightSim Commander has not been installed as an administrator and is not running as an administrator. See also the installation instructions for Windows 7, 8 and 10 Volker
  4. Hi ???, ... please read here... Volker
  5. Hello ???, Have you unloaded all your crap and trouble now? You do not even have the courtesy of a salutation yet sign your garbage with your own name. Please do not write another meaningless text. Volker Heine
  6. Database Manager won't run FSX SE (solved)

    Hallo Rob, I'm never annoyed. I only expect good answers to my questions. Have fun, Volker
  7. Hallo Peter, natürlich nur dann wenn Änderungen, durch die Installation von AddOn's, in der Scenery.cfg vorgenommen wurden. Of course only if changes, by the installation of AddOns, were made in the Scenery.cfg. Volker
  8. Database Manager won't run FSX SE (solved)

    Hi Rob, I asked you, did you run the installation as an administrator according to the specifications of the document? I have not asked for the FSUIPC4 log file. I ask for the FSUIPC4 version. However, you can find the e-mail address here... Volker
  9. Database Manager won't run FSX SE (solved)

    Hello Anonymous, Have you read here... ... this document??? Did you run the installation as an administrator according to the specifications of the document? Have you run the DataBaseManager as an administrator? Unfortunately, the FSUIPC4 version number is missing! Likewise, a screenshot would be very helpful. There is no limit for a screenshot! A screenshot of 1 monitor has less than 200 kb. Volker
  10. Database Manager won't run FSX SE (solved)

    Hello Anonymous, ... please read here... Volker
  11. FSC 9.6 Rev 7.W10 P3D V3.4 Problem (solved)

    Hi John, The installation specification of LM is: Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D V3 The following * .EXE files exist: FSC.exe FSCDbManager.exe ... as well as these files for the exclusive use in a network. See and read the Manual, Chapter 2 DataBase Manager FSCFSXCFG.exe FSCP3DCFG_V1x.exe FSCP3DCFG_V2.exe FSCP3DCFG_V3.exe Regards, Volker
  12. Hello Bruno, All answers to your questions can be found in the manual (download here) in the following chapter: Chapter 2 DataBase Manager Chapter 20 Loading databases for FS2004, FSX or Prepar3D I'm sure this chapter provides valuable information. Regards, Volker
  13. FSC 9.6 Rev 7.W10 P3D V3.4 Problem (solved)

    Hi John, watch the attached screenshot. Do you see the difference between your and my screenshot? That's the solution. Regards, Volker
  14. FSC 9.2 Rev 7 und P3D 3.0 (solved)

    Hallo Livio, da es bei allen anderen User funktioniert, wird dies auch bei Dir so sein. Gruss Volker
  15. FSC 9.2 Rev 7 und P3D 3.0 (solved)

    Hallo Livio, hast Du auf unserer Webseite www.fscommander.com , diesen Text gelesen: For connecting FlightSim Commander with Flight Simulator you need a version of Peter Dowson's FSUIPC.DLL 3.9x or higher (for FS2004) or FSUIPC4 4.9x or higher (for FSX / Prepar3D -v3.2). Viele Informationen zur FSUIPC findest Du auch im "deutschen" Handbuch. Gruss Volker