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  1. Hello Serge, Thanks for submitting the /Support folder. The FSCommander can only read AddOn Scenarios if they have been entered in the scenery.cfg by the installer. But In your scenery.cfg there is no entry for FSDreamTeam CYVR Scenery. Therefore the FSCommander reads the default airport of CYVR. Your log file is error-free except for this problem. Regards, Volker
  2. Hi S.L. To make sure we get a current log file, run the DataBase Manager again. Now send me the complete FSC subfolder /SUPPORT as ZIP file to my e-mail address. You can find the address here ... www.fscommander.com Regards, Volker
  3. PSX flight plan (answered)

    Hello Phil, No, no longer heard from the developer. Besides, there seems to be no need for this flight plan format. There are only 2 requests in this forum. Sorry, but the effort is in no relation to the effort. Regards, Volker
  4. PSX flight plan (answered)

    Hi Phil, please read here: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/77468-precision-simulator-x-support/?tab=comments#comment-470520 Regards, Volker
  5. upgrade (answered)

    Hi Frans, His version is older than 7 years. There is no upgrade possible. Please, never publish a key or a personal e-mail address. Please inform here first: www.fscommander.com Regards, Volker
  6. Question about SID not displayed (answered)

    Hi Fred, Exactly, that would be correct. Kind regards, Volker
  7. Question about SID not displayed (answered)

    Hello Fred, LPPS AD 2.24.08 - 2ABUSU8N Climb straight ahead; above 2500FT QNH turn left to intercept and proceed RDL031 FUN DVOR/DME, to Holding ABUSU Turns and intercepts can not be graphically displayed in the FlightSim Commander. Just create virtual waypoints. Kind regards, Volker
  8. Hello Denzel, I am sure you have read this... www.fscommander.com We will shortly be announcing the future of the FlightSim Commander. I wish you a happy new year too. Volker
  9. Duplicate Waypoints (answered)

    Hello Geoff, I wish you a happy new year too and all the best for 2018. I'll try to explain it by example First Route String YPPH PH H18 BURGU Y53 WENDY V279 ML Second Route String GEMAC N759 PEBLU Q619 LEKUS Q537 HN H328 CREEK NZGS Manual Waypoints BADGR FARRA Copy the first and the second route string together Result: YPPH PH H18 BURGU Y53 WENDY V279 ML GEMAC N759 PEBLU Q619 LEKUS Q537 HN H328 CREEK NZGS Insert a DCT between ML and GEMAC Now press the O.K. button Result: YPPH PH H18 BURGU Y53 WENDY V279 ML GEMAC N759 PEBLU Q619 LEKUS Q537 HN H328 CREEK NZGS Insert the manual waypoints BADGR FARRA between ML and GEMAC Don't use the O.K. Button. Just save the flight plan This plan based on Cycle 1713 It may not work with an old cycle Also this type of flight plans is possible I always create flight plans first with a SID and STAR and / or Transition Only then I insert automatic or manual waypoints Regards, Volker
  10. Duplicate Waypoints (answered)

    Hello Geoff, Happy New Year. The philosophy behind the O.K. Button has the great advantage that a route string with few intersection and Airways a complete route with all waypoints can be created. However, the route string must based from the same Airac cycle. The disadvantage you have shown in your post. For example, I use a different way. This shows above all the double waypoints but also has the advantage that one recognizes the lat/lon values at which waypoints can only be the right one. If a waypoint is recommended, but I do not see it in the variety on the map, then I use the waypoint window. To use your example with GOSPA. In the Waypoint window I enter GOSPA and then compare the coordinates in the Waypoint window, in the Flight Plan Panel and in the status bar. I realize that it can only be the FIX GOSPA. I hope that I could explain it understandably. Best regards, Volker
  11. Hello Cristian, Sorry, but I can not answer your question right now. Best regards, Volker
  12. Duplicate Waypoints (answered)

    Hello Geoff, The O.K. Button can only be used with a route string. Example: Departure Intersection Airway Intersection Airway Intersection Airway etc. etc. Destination. YMML ML Y260 CORRS Y21 LOLLY P753 NZQN The O.K. Button can't be used when waypoints are entered manually. Example: YMML ML Y260 CORRS Y21 LOLLY P753 ADKOS ENRAT IPNOR AVGER GOSPA MABGA UGPED UKLAK ATVUP AGTAM LARAV NZQN |------------------- O.K. Button using -------------|---------------------------- Dont't use the O.K. Button----------------------------------------------------| The buttons High Alt and Low Alt only activate together if the route string also consists of a High Alt and a Low Alt route string. Regards, Volker By the way. Your cycle is outdated.
  13. Hello Frans, This is not a FlightSim Commander problem !!! Are you sure that you are using FSGRW Version 1.7 Build 4000 (P3Dv4 Edition)? Are you sure that you have activated the data exchange under Settings? Happy New Year, too! Volker
  14. Duplicate Waypoints (answered)

    Hi, please read here: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/60271-important-everyone-please-read/ Show also, preferably with screenshots and description step by step, how you create the flight plan. Volker
  15. Unable to connect (answered)

    Hi ???, This error message is not caused by the FlightSim Commander. Your FSUIPC4 4.957 is totally outdated ! Before we find the cause install the current FSUIPC 4.972 as administrator. Regards, Volker