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  1. FS9 not reading saved flightplan

    Hi ???, please read here: Volker
  2. Forum (answered)

    ... Should I install some bugs in the next update? Volker
  3. Just use it as an administrator. Volker
  4. Hi Rolf, Will you tell us the warning? Volker
  5. Window constatly appearing (solved)

    Hi Howard, The update to 9.6 Rev. 7 does never change any of your settings. Thus, you have changed the following settings: WINDOW> OPTIONS> Downloads-> Miscellaneous-> Disable ... Volker
  6. ELBE - LBV or LBE? (answered)

    If you ask google, then you get this answer: ELBE VOR/DME LBE (N 53° 39' E 009° 36') changed to ELBE VOR/DME LBV (N 53° 39,2' E 009° 34,8'). Volker
  7. Unable to enter data in FSC 9.6.7 (solved)

    Hi Rolf, That's the reason why we have written the documentation. Volker
  8. Unable to enter data in FSC 9.6.7 (solved)

    Hi Rolf, Have you read the document Vista and Windows users please 7_8_10 read.pdf before installation? ...read here... If the P3D installation was carried out according to the recommendations? If the FSUIPC4 installed as administrator? ( btw. the current version of the FSUIPC4 = 4.955c ) If the FlightSim Commander installed as administrator? If the FSC run as administrator? Volker
  9. Unable to enter data in FSC 9.6.7 (solved)

    Hello Rolf, please read here Volker
  10. Hi Mario, You're right! Only the window Navigation Data, GPS and the FlightSim Commander itself, save their position. Regards, Volker
  11. Hi John, the real secrets of Windows we will never really understand. Windows is always good for a surprise. Volker
  12. Hi John, Look at the attached screenshot. No problem with mapped drives for the Database Manager and FlightSim Commander under Windows 10. If there were a problem, then I would have a real problem. Regards, Volker
  13. Hi ???, Please read here first How could you read here, http://forum.simflight.com/topic/78786-cant-choose-mapped-network-drive-in-windows-81-solved/ this is not a problem FSCommander. Integrate a network drive is a matter of the users. In other words, regardless of the FSCommander it is necessary to first integrate the drive in the network. Volker
  14. Hi, ... please read here... Volker
  15. Hi TATFSN, The FlightSim Commander is only a route planner for the lateral navigation. The user is responsible for the Higher vertical management itself. The values behind FL indicate the maximum FL from the aircraft data. If these values are from you now changed (eg FL 130) then appears only in the printed flight plan. Important: Read the manual, chapter Distance Arc. Then you understand why the changes of the FL values are particularly important and are needed. Volker btw. I recommend an update of FSUIPC. Your FSUIPC is long expired.