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  1. Sorry, I mean available by search using "google . com" :)
  2. Thank You for the clarifying :) , till NOW I just has purchased FSUIPC & PMDG737NGX, I do not have PMDG B747 v3 YET, since I'm a real FAN , I was wonder and worry Why The PMDG737 and PMDG777 Offset Mapping .pdf file is available on "google . com" but Never about PMDG747 v3 so I thought it doesn't exist even. but You just confirm and gave the tranquility that it's already among the Product(PMDG B747 v3) downloaded files :)
  3. Yes, I Mean it ; v3, the PMDG B747 v3 (the PMDG last product for the Queen of the Sky B747 ) :) I mean ; same The File as the Photo but for B747 v3 :)
  4. First of All, Thank You for Care about who could be interesting. and thanks for all Your effort. Yes, Yes Please (y) , Actually I'm :)
  5. Hi Paul.. I'm greatly appreciated Your help .. thank You so much
  6. I'm very thankful and appreciate your help but might be need abit further due to my limited programming level . While WRITE controls to PMDG , I can use FSUIPC by (send control and parameter) using visual studio, also do I have to use Events(ID/NAME) ? Can you make example of using PMDG EVENTS to write to PMDG ? Which programming language is used for SimConnect SDK ?
  7. While I'm coding to send control to PMDG through FSUIPC, Do I have to import SimConnect ??
  8. Hello Paul .. Thank You so much ..
  9. Hi Paul Could You please writr Write the C# Code In Visaual Visual basic ??
  10. Hello .. please I need help , I Try to purchase FSUIPC through a DOWNLOAD Method , But it's only Offers Delivery Method !!, How I can purchase FSUIPC via Downloading Method ???? any help please.
  11. Alright Pete. Thanks A lot
  12. Hello .. Excuse me if i'm posting in wrong section How I can read PMDG737NGX HDG bug value by visual basic ? I need a basic example