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  1. STRIP Pushback

    oh thats interesting, thank you :)
  2. STRIP Pushback

    personally i would like it to display the last given command, as you would make a note with a pen/pencil in real life, it should appear on the strip in game too.
  3. Penalties

    its a silent visual warning at the bottom of the screem, can be missed if your immersed in the game
  4. Bought airfields not unlocking

    double check the directory, i updated Tower to SP3 and the JFK directory path was not the same as the Tower directory path so it ended up creating it's own directory folder, i just had to shift the files to the correct folder and it worked Gareth
  5. don't do many night stints, but did notice lax went strangely quiet come midnight....
  6. Frustrated by in game advertising

    Is annoying, should default to last selected :-)
  7. Do we know if we can add A359 and B789 to T3D yet?
  8. I can not play my Tower 3D Pro

    Uninstall everything, install one add on at a time testing it plays between each install till you find the error file that causes the problem?
  9. Performance issues

    Yeah, it's not just you! Once or twice a week someone reports the same issue, especially with JFK. There's no fix yet I dont think.
  10. Tower!3D Pro - KJFK Strange Taxi Route

    I have had it when you issue a taxi instruction out of Terminal 1, the plane will start moving and if you then give it another taxi instruction, a different runway or route for example, it will stop for several minutes, draw a new route but then taxi off in a straight line what ever way it was facing when stopped
  11. Tower!3D: AI interrupting the readback

    It is annoying I agree, but I doubt there is a fix. The AI seems logical and reads back in order, it does not show curticy by waiting for another pilot to read back an institution, at least not yet :-)
  12. Does the log file show if the game play time is slowed? for example, if it takes 5 real seconds for 1 game play second?
  13. I wonder has anything been sent to feelthere to fix this, has it been resolved now does anyone know? paid good money for JFK and it played although buggy to begin with, now it's still a little buggy and is not playable at all!