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  1. Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    Non-steam , files same as Flightsimpilot, RT reinstalled. Hangs 63 when starting before noon, after that time normal start... Yoh Willem
  2. Tower 3d Pro Wind Indicator

    And there are those that still maintain the earth is flat, so there you go ; -)) Grtz WILLEM
  3. Absolutely, if it improves the possibility to have more incoming flights because of more empty stands then by all means make the change.... User selectable is even better seeing there are a lot of homemade schedules available... Tnx Willem P. S. You guys haven't forgotten about EHAM now have you; -)
  4. Tower 3D Request

    Finally someone sensible to talk to, I've said it once I've said it twice... EHAM, not a doubt 😁 Yoh Willem
  5. No login or central database I'm afraid. The serial is provided in an email you receive after purchase... I'm not sure if bmtmicro has those records handy but they may be willing to help if you know the accountnumber you paid with and the date you bought the product... Good luck Willem
  6. Tower!3D Pro - KJFK Duplicate Taxiways

    Good news.. While you're at it: when vacating 13L at D all planes block taxiway B in the process ramming everyone and everything taxiing there... Planes on B also don't seem to be aware of those noses sticking into their path because they will simply run into them.. Grtz Willem
  7. Tower!3D Pro - KJFK Duplicate Taxiways

    Tried that some time ago: No service pack yet but who knows... Grtz Willem
  8. Tower!3D Pro: Multi-monitor Performance

    To put this into perspective, could you tell us the size and resolution of the screens you were using and an overview of the computer specs and the (average, guessed) performance.... Tnx Willem

    I noticed that KSAN has the old texpack5 from 30/10/2016 when installing the new v2, a new name but the old files..?? Gabor, if you're watching..... Grtz Willem
  10. GA @ LAX

    I believe the 0,0,0 means no touch and go, no stop and go and the last 0 I don't remember but changing one of the zeros to a 1 or 2 or 3 or whatever you like up to 9 I believe might get them to show up... Grtz Willem
  11. Reak Color KATL Tower 3D Pro

    Tom, You need to start the game with the tower3D.bat file.... That will create the game.log they need... Grtz Willem
  12. Ahh, ATControl was the handle , not the cliptitle .. My bad, Tnx RickyJ... Grtz Willem
  13. NoleJP said: If you want to see it live how it happened, go to my YT channel -- ATControl EP#1 at ~28:25 into the video. Thanks for taking a look. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong NoleJP but all I see is COD clips on YouTube.... Grtz Willem

    Another thing to try since it happens a lot using steam is to disable the steam overlay in-game... That might help.. Grtz Willem
  15. Tower!3D Schedules

    1. And who do you think is responsible for making sure planes exit on the right side?? ;-)) UPS1284 vacate runway right onto taxiway U(niform) 2. Only the aircraft from carriers in the real color addon that are also the right type as per the real traffic schedule have the correct livery, all other cases it is white.. Grtz Willem