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  1. Another thing to try since it happens a lot using steam is to disable the steam overlay in-game... That might help.. Grtz Willem
  2. 1. And who do you think is responsible for making sure planes exit on the right side?? ;-)) UPS1284 vacate runway right onto taxiway U(niform) 2. Only the aircraft from carriers in the real color addon that are also the right type as per the real traffic schedule have the correct livery, all other cases it is white.. Grtz Willem
  3. In addition to Oni Kidou might I suggest you download and install: http://www.baremetalsoft.com/baretail/ A simple free program that can follow what is being written into a txt file in real time. Execute baretail, tick "follow" and then click "open" and point it to speech.log in the main Tower directory... Then simply select your airport,runways and all other settings and start the session.. Switch to the baretail app and you will see a counter at the bottom of speech.log stating: PARSE: LAST PLANE CALLED -- 2 -- -- 3 -- That means the SR is initializing.. Wait for the lines to become: PARSE: LAST PLANE CALLED -- 2 -- -- 3 -- -- 4 -- -- 5 -- That means initialization is done and it should now work. To see if it does press the LShift and release it. If the following lines: recog_start recog_stop are now added at the bottom then speech is working and you can start using it... You could also, inside baretail, scroll to the top of the speech.log and check to see if the following lines: PRO MODE: True Initialize TTS thread... Installed voices: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 0 enabled: True Microsoft David Desktop, Microsoft David Desktop - English (United States) gender: Male age: Adult language: ENU/eng/en id: TTS_MS_EN-US_DAVID_11.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 1 enabled: True Microsoft Zira Desktop, Microsoft Zira Desktop - English (United States) gender: Female age: Adult language: ENU/eng/en id: TTS_MS_EN-US_ZIRA_11.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ are present. If they are not then speech will not work whatever you try in Tower!3DPro because SR in your OS is not working. The above is for win10 , win7 only has the Anna voice ofcourse(yuck) Grtz Willem
  4. If you have Real Traffic installed then look in this topic for schedules and terminal file with Cargo and all... Grtz Willem
  5. I'm pretty sure that I don't recognize 50% of what the kids say to each other nowadays so 95% doesn't sound too bad ;-))
  6. 1. Yes, you set active Landing rwy to start the session and yes you can change them as soon as the game starts.. 2. Don't know why you have to select at least one(maybe to have a rwy available if a plane enters your airspace immediately after start of session) and why they don't show you the wind to start with but if you're quick you can change the rwy's immediately after startup so you might get away with no landing aircraft in sight.. 3. Yes, known issue, just create your own shortcut to Tower3d.exe and you're settled.. 4. Left upper corner press the speaker 5. Nope 6. Nope. you will have to disable sticky keys when it rears its ugly head ;) 7. Happens to more people but no definitive solution found as of yet.. Grtz Willem
  7. At the risk of sounding like a broken record(for you young little brats: a record is what real music was released on) : Stop trying to move the team away from EHAM as we all know that that is the airport everyone has been waiting for since the first announcement of Tower!3DPro... You can have your little grass strip weekend usage only teeny weeny airstrips after the worlds main hub has seen the light of day ;) Greetings Willem
  8. There are two ways of giving taxi commands via a specific route: by selecting the taxiway with the mouse or by simply typing it in the command bar after selecting the taxi commands with the mouse.. Don't need voice for that.... If you need more help feel free to ask, in this forum help is usually available very fast... Grtz Willem
  9. Well, don't know if they take me for the prodigal son but it seems i've used up my part of the estate and am now only eligible for the SP2 and no more ;-) Only SP3 I can find is Real Traffic but the dl-link from bmtmicro for T3DPro(valid indefinitely) gives me Tower3DProSP2_installer.exe ..... Maybe Vic can help clear this up ?? Grtz Willem
  10. Where did you guys get T3DPro SP3 ???? I have SP2 and bmtmicro won't give me anything else... Grtz Willem
  11. You all got me really curious and excited and now i'm so disappointed: I can't replicate this in any shape or form ;-)) Started at 18:00 which started me at 17:46. I ended the session 1 hour and 27 minutes later with 63 arrivals/departures handled and another 20 or so taxiing to and from the runway.. No slowdowns in the voice controlling and certainly no clickity click .... Minor slowdown when panning from 13r/31l to 13l/31r or back in one fast swoop with a lot of planes in operation at that time but that's absolutely it. This means it is not a hardcoded bug that happens to everyone but more likely an optimization issue, I think. I do have a highend system which will surely help but your symptoms are so severe that that can not account for the big difference in gameplay... One of the things that really differ in our systems that may hold you back a little is the videomemory and the amount of main memory.. I have 16GB ddr4 3333mhz main memory and a GTX1080 with 8GB so I can handle some minor optimization hickups so to say... -) Hope Feelthere can filter a solution from all data we provide because JFK is a hell of a lot of fun.. Grtz Willem
  12. Just to make sure: Don't start Windows Speech Recognition!! The game has it built in.. Don't fully understand your post but from the last sentence I get that this might be the problem.. Grtz Willem
  13. You: klm408 pushback approved, expect runway 31L Him: klm408 ready for taxi You: klm408 rynway 31L at KK At KLAX of you don't own KJFK: You: klm408 pushback approved, expect runway 25R Him: klm408 ready to taxi You: klm408 runway 25R at F Grtz Willem
  14. Or maybe it's the overview of the entire "battlefield" you get with a tabletop game???? Tracon-Extreme anyone?? Grtz Willem
  15. And even if this would stress too many machines to their limit it can't be that hard to get the Tower!2011 "right mouse click shows gate " feature reintroduced.... Grtz Willem