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  1. KLGA Released for Tower

    Just started a scenario at a different time and the trees weren't moving so I guess it was just that particular scenario and I don't remember which one was the culprit.
  2. KLGA Released for Tower

    The trees on the airport are indicating winds around 30 knots even though the depicted wind is 3. I would think that excessive animation impacts frame rates to a negative degree. When I turn off reflections in Options, the water reflections are still there. Either that option isn't working or some other reflections are impacted and I can't figure out what they might be.
  3. KLGA Issues #SimSmithDesign

    I agree, that's great news.
  4. KLGA Released for Tower

    In addition to the departures on runway 4 that almost momentarily stop passing intersection E, the arrivals do too. And they also do it when the action cam view is active as well.
  5. LGA ops

  6. Airport Strategies

    This is a link to the LGA SOP and has good info on standard taxi routes. nyartcc.org/znywiki/index.php/LGA_SOP
  7. LGA ops

  8. LGA ops

    Here's a link to the LGA SOP
  9. Action Camera

    It's interesting to use from time to time but I never know when the view will become active when I click the icon. When the icon is lit, what triggers the camera? I've seen it activate on takeoff roll and pushback but can't see a definitive sequence to know when it'll happen. Is there a way to always have it come on at any moment? What are the usage requirements and constraints?
  10. KLGA Released for Tower

    Departures on 4 always have a momentary hesitation in acceleration as they pass taxiway E. Different flights and a/c. Anyone else seen that?
  11. KLGA Released for Tower

    I discovered the solution to improving my frame rates...NOT running it in full-screen mode. Unchecking depth of field improved things as well.
  12. KLGA Released for Tower

    Thanks for the input. I tried the FXAA but the "jaggies" are a lot more apparent with it than the DLAA. With the reflections OFF I still see building reflections in the water surrounding the airport so I don't know what good turning that off does.
  13. KLGA Released for Tower

    These are the settings I'm using with an Asus PG278-QR monitor (27") Fullscreen 2560x1440@165Hz Texture Resolution-High Shadow Quality-Medium Antialising-DLAA Chromatic and Vignette-On...WHAT DOES THIS DO? Sunshafts-Off Depth of Field-Off Reflections-Off SSAO-On Bloom-Off I'd like to see what others are using for the best visual performance, along with comments on the various options and their significance.
  14. KLGA Released for Tower

    I think LGA is the perfect size...busy enough with crossing runways yet you're not panning the view over a huge amount of real estate, constantly zooming in and out. I noticed a little bit of image stutter on departing aircraft as they passed midfield and with a GTX 1080Ti card with 11 Gb, I'm surprised. I run Ghost Recon Wildlands on Ultra with 60+ fps, smooth as glass. From an operational standpoint, I had an a/c depart on 31 with a guy landing on 4 instructed to hold short of 31 due to crossing traffic. The 4 lander acknowledged but I still got a conflict penalty out of it.
  15. KBOS traffic charts

    Dick Parker was the producer of those great charts...Dick, do you have anything in the works for a reprise for Pro?