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  1. Vic, you got the face only a mother can love :) hope you're not up to any monkey business with those Tower 3D addon airports. Mike
  2. Anyone tried the Honolulu addon for Tracon? I just got it yesterday and am trying to figure out a good strategy. Obviously its both PHNL and Molokai. - Aircraft landing Molokai, should they be directed towards a fix for ILS clearance rwy 5? cant get them to accept any ILS or Visual approach clearance, a least not for rwy 5. - Aircraft departing PHNL towards the mainland US I guess 16000 feet clearance is about right and have them fly their complete SID. Once reachng altitude I just hand them over to Honolulu center? - Aicraft departing PHNL towards any of the other Hawaii islands, about what altitude should they be cleared? I guess like 8000 or so? If so I guess they should remain on your frequency unti leaving the airspace boundy? Any good stratefy for them? Thanks for any help. Mike
  3. Russellfire, you are not the only one with requests in this crowd. What if everyone with an airport they want would keep bending Vics and the teams ears, they would have no ears left to listen to our request with :) just a thought..
  4. Hi Cant figure out how to move the command bar to my second monitor. Radars and strips no problem but what about the command bar? Would be nice to have my primary monitor without anything but the actual Tower view. Mike
  5. Vic for sure a smaller airport, any smaller airport. Browsing through the Tower 2011 offerings I really like Key West. the only problem is that it might be too small with too few aircraft movements. It sure needs some T&G and local operation to be entertaining enough. If Key West is not an option for some reason then please do an airport like Raleigh, Honolulu or Portland, although big in size at least they are somewhat manageable for one person. Come to think of it, Raleigh migh be the perfect option! My vote is for Raleigh! :) Mike
  6. When an arriving aircraft call you up, do you normally clear them to land right away. I dont know if this is correct procedure, but when they call me up I tell them "XXX enter final RWY XX" just so they know I am there on the freq but I cant clear them to land so early on in their approach. Normally in real life I guess your would say something like "XXX contuinue approach" and later on when they are closer to the airport and you know its clear you would clear them to land. I listen to KSAN live ATC the other day and it actually seem like the controller clears them to land basically right after beeing called upon every time, I dont understand this, if you clear someone to land can you minutes later clear another aircraft to takeoff on the same runway? In other words can you have a cleared for takeoff and cleared to land valid at the same time on the same runway as long as their is correct separation? Mike
  7. Cant understand how you guys manage large airports like that. KSAN works ok for me controlling both ground and tower but everything above that just jeopardize "safety" too much for a one man show, I guess thats why they have more than one controller at larger airports IRL. Tried KLAX yesterday and four runways with 100% traffic, no way :) So pleeeeease Vic just one mid size payware addon airport in the future is all I ask for to compliment all those beasts of airports you talked about previously like KATL and KLAS. Mind you, I will throw in a bag of chips and a beer of your choise to sweeten the deal, call it a bribe if you will :) Now did I hear KSNA :) ;) Mike
  8. I unchecked the "Depth of filed", fantastic result the surrounding is sharp even when the camera moves :) The only graphical issue for me now are the aircraft textures. I have the real color and real traffic addons and those airline logos are not that very sharp at least not on my system, and the aircraft themself look kind of blurry as well. Has anyone played around with any Nvidia setting outside of Tower3D itself? Mike
  9. Thanks I will try that when I get home from work. My nvidia card has 2GB om memory so not the best on the market, although not not the worst card out there either :) Mike
  10. Just curious what graphics settings you guys use. I have shadows and bloom turned off completely and Antialising FXAA in game as well as texture quality HIGH. The problem I have is that the aircraft departing and landing are kind of stuttering forwards when picking up speed for departure or when landing. Also the texture quality is OK when I move the mouse myself around but as soon as an as the display moves even the slightest with an active aircraft the screen gets very blurry. Also the airline logos are never 100 percent sharp. Do you guys have any external NVIDIA setting enabled or disabled. Any help would be much appreciated By the way I have an Alienware X51 Small form factor that has a GTX745 videocard about two year old system Mike
  11. A nice feature I discovered yesterday was that you can increase the speed of the pilot voices (had not seen that feature before for some reason) :) Very nice to speed things up a bit when there is a lot going on. I just wish they would allow Ivona and other Text2Speech voices for some variation, if not in a patch then perhaps in a possible next Tower version. I am no programmer but coming from the Flight simulator world with various ATC programs it does not seem like a very difficult thing to add/allow. Mike
  12. Wishful thinking about KSNA :) meant naturally KSAN. While Avwriter has his KATL favorite I have had mine KSNA for a long long time and have spoken about it in several posts previously. Fortunately for Avwriter (and his alikes) :) KATL will be a reality soon, KSNA probably not so much. Well still in my opinion SNA is the perfect airport for Tower3D. Not to big, not too small and the perfect mix of traffic. So ok enough rant from me about SNA :) Still cant get B9 to work at SAN despite the suggestions. Well just happy all other commands work great even though Im not from the states. So I guess I have to live with the B9 problem. Now if only the speedtrees could be optional or at least not sway like there is no tomorrow even at windstill the world would be a better place, well perhaps not but still.. :) Mike
  13. As do I without any success what so ever unfortunately.
  14. Hi I am having a great time controlling and the KSNA Tower is my new home :) I just have to understand one thing. If RWY 27 is used it is kind of critical that you can assign landing aircraft to exit at either B9 or B10 to get a good flow for all the departing aircraft to avoid conflicts with those taxiing in to the apron. I guess everyone understands what I mean if you have tried controlling there :) Anyway, on to my question. I can not for the life of me get the speech engine to understand me saying "B9". B10, B8 and everything else works life magic in Tower3D Pro but B9, why?? :) I guess I can use B10 or B8 but sometimes I cant have aircraft taxi all the way to B10 becasue of landing traffic behind and B8 might not be an option either due to the traffic conflict it will result in with departures. Any help in how to say B9 correctly would be much appreciated? Thanks Mike
  15. Great to hear others agree with me on this one. I thought either I missed something in the manual or simply that this was not the way it worked. But it actually makes complete sense to know where the aircraft is actually going :) at least what terminal so you can prepare a route. Mike