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  1. I'm on 4.1. I usually upgrade pretty much straight away when an update is released (as long there is an updated FSUIPC version to go with it! )
  2. Thanks for looking into Pete. I did try full screen last night, and as you say it works fine there.
  3. Hi Pete, hope you had a good holiday. I do run in windowed mode usually although the window is maximised and does not move. I use 2 monitors, one for P3d, with other related programs on the other. I'll try full screen tonight and see what happens.
  4. Hi Pete, Using FSUIPC 5.113 in P3d There seems to be a possible bug in FSUIPC positioning of the green message window (used for ATIS etc). Each time P3d is run and the message window opened it's positioned further down the screen. I see the location is held in the FSUIPC.ini, and this value is changed when P3d is exited. Here's the relevant part from 3 successive runs: [Window.Message Window] Docked=186, 1798, 15850, 261 Undocked=8, 661, 1894, 78 [Window.Message Window] Docked=304, 2720, 15833, 261 Undocked=8, 661, 1894, 78 [Window.Message Window] Docked=423, 3642, 15816, 261 Undocked=8, 661, 1894, 78 Each time P3d was run and the ATIS window opened, then the sim was exited. If I run P3d without opening the ATIS (or anything that uses that window) then there is no change to the entries in the .ini.
  5. P3D v4 - FSUIPC5

    Just copy the whole file, and rename it to FSUIPC5.ini.
  6. 64 bit compatibility?

    Excellent news Pete. Quick question, will existing FSUIPC 4 profiles be transferable to FSUIPC 5?
  7. Hi Pete, 4.964f seems to work OK here. Only a quick startup to see if things were recognised as I'm a bit short on time tonight due to family matters! Logs & ini attached. FSUIPC4.log FSUIPC4.ini
  8. Thanks for your continued work on this Pete. I won't be able to test until this evening though, I'm afraid.
  9. OK, here's the log from a 4.964 run. FSUIPC4.log
  10. Hi Pete, I think the ini was from the 4.964e one. Been swapping back and forth and lost track a bit! I'll mod the ini with the extra logging and report back shortly. edit: Log now attached. FSUIPC4.log
  11. Hi Pete, I've just tried 4.964e & it doesn't recognise my 2 Thrustmaster MFD panels ( they're just a collection of buttons really). Going back to 4.964 they're seen and work fine although they're not listed in the "joystick device scan" section in the FSUIPC log. HIDScanner sees the 2 MFDs OK. Logs from 4.964, 4.964e and HIDScanner attached along with the FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4964e.log FSUIPC4964.log HidScanner.log FSUIPC4.ini
  12. There are actually buttons in the Warthog throttle unit that get "pressed" when the throttle lever is lifted back over the detent. You can use these to cut the fuel when pressed and restore it when they are released.
  13. Just a FYI, the LINDA support forum is hosted at Avsim: http://www.avsim.com/forum/424-linda/ The VRI comm port message is only relevant if you're using VRI hardware like their MCP. If you're just using Saitek stuff you can probably just ignore it. ( I do! )