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  1. What's going on everyone. I was reading through the forums the other day and quite a few people referenced not knowing many of the "REAL WORLD" airlines being used. I personally know them, however, I even still get tripped up on some of the more 'regional' airlines bought out by the big giants. Also, the Tower3Dpro manual has commands all over the place which are hard to reference when playing the game. I'm here to help you guys. I put together 2 reference cards (links below b/c the forum allows only bite-sized uploads) -- 1.) A organized commands list by departure stages and arrival from air to ground ----- 2.) A reference card covering almost all of the currently available airlines in the game. They are alphabetically listed AND include a picture of the tail (because ATC is not just reading a screen, it's SEEING your target on the field when possible. I did find some extra airlines rolling around at LAX this evening, and had to include those on the lower row of the table. ((Both cards, if you wanted to print them, should be printable on a landscape layout. I'll update both cards with future posts as new commands and airlines become available. ---- ENJOY!!! Joe P (NoleJP)
  2. Hi, I've been looking at this product and it seems really impressive. Before I buy it, I'd like to know what Airlines are simulated for India. Would someone please be kind enough to list them? Thank you!
  3. some not all aircraft disappear on touchdown, why? How can this be fixed?