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Found 6 results

  1. I found an error when attempting to pushback a cargo plane at JFK(the gates on QD) it just sits there and cannot find a route.(no route line ever gets drawn) Screenshot and log attached. Dev output_log.txt
  2. KJFK - A few taxi/push back errors

    Vic, I ran across some relatively minor issues on a recent JFK session. HAL51 was unable to push from the northeastern most gate at Terminal 5 (see first screenshot) - it came back with a "Road calculation error." It could be something to do with the aircraft being a heavy. When aircraft push from the outer three gates (as in the ones closest to Taxiway A) on the northwestern side of Terminal 2 (Delta Terminal) they push back into the southeastern gates of Terminal 1; then when you give them instructions to taxi they spin around for about 2 minutes before they finally head out on their way. I haven't had any of them fail to taxi or crash into anything so it's really more of a annoyance than an actual problem (see screenshot 2). Similar to #2, when aircraft arrive at the innermost gate on the northwestern side of the southeastern pier of Terminal 7 they spin around for a bit before finally parking. I forgot to get a screenshot of that one but if you look at the first screenshot below the gate in question is the innermost one on the northwestern side of the row stemming from taxiway W (I'm confused just typing this so I'll try to get a screenshot! :) ). Aircraft bound for the American Airlines terminal (I think Terminal 8) land on 4R and vacate onto taxiway FB, if I give them any taxi instructions other than the basic "Taxi to Terminal" the sim starts to slow down almost to the point of freezing entirely. After about 3-5 minutes the route will finally generate and everything returns to normal but, it's essentially unplayable while it's thinking. If I stick to the basic "Taxi to Terminal" instruction the sim won't slow down but it ends up calculating this really roundabout route along FB, C, E (over runway 13L/31R), B to to the terminal. I checked the log and I don't see anything obvious but, I don't know what to look for either. There is a workaround so not the end of the world if this one can't be tracked down but, based on some other posts I don't think I'm the only one to have run into similar issues at JFK. AAL236 is an example on the attached log where the issue occurred. output_log.txt
  3. KJFK real color help Tower 3DPro

    Hope someone can help recently purchased Tower 3DPro have installed RT and the TIST/LAX and philly color bundle without any issues. Added KJFK and RC for JFK yesturday and have found on a number of aircraft the liveries are missing down one side or the other. In one particular case a Delta the cockpit is shown on the wings? I have tried uninstalling and downloaded again in case of a corrupt file but made no difference. I've checked that its installed to the correct folder so happy thats not the problem. Thanks in advance.
  4. Tower 3D KJFK not working

    Hey guys! I have this strange problem that every time I start up JFK it never shows me the airport, in the background I can hear the aircrafts communicating and also the strips, command panel and so on are being shown but just the airport is not there, only the Loading Screen by 99% is shown and thats it, it hangs up somehow. Can somebody help? I tried also only JFK without Real Traffic and it still doesnt work, all other airports work normally.

    Dear Folks, We released a patch for KJFK. It should fix the entry to the runways (originally the planes made a little extra turn before they went onto the runways), added some new taxiways at RWY 31L, fixed some terminal routing. Also we fixed some terminal spinners but.... Let me give you some background about the terminal spinners. In T!3D we made a new system for parking as the gates needs to reach to the airplanes. Now the docking is a pretty advanced code so it requires the plane to stop at an exact point (just like in real life). The plane has a mass and it needs to slow down so if the turn to the gate is not exact it misses the stopping point therefore it tries to go back (ie: spin). We have to make every single entry to the parking position position very precisely. So far we did a 99% good job, but when we failed you guessed right; dance begun. So during PRO's development we are testing a new code that should eliminate these spinners on the code level. If we nail it we will release a patch for non pro too (free of charge of course as usual). You can get the file the usual way; existing customer can re-download their product from the same link, new customers automatically receive KJFK with this new SP. Please uninstall KJFK first before you re-install it. PLEASE KEEP THIS TOPIC CLEAN ANY BUG REPORT WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING. If you notice some issue with KJFK, please open a new topic. Thank you for your patience Vic & Co
  6. Dear Controllers, We just released our first airport add-on for Tower!3D. Based on the popularity of the Tower!2011 sim, we picked KJFK for our first release. KJFK for TOwer!3D requires SP2 for Tower!3D. Nyerges Design will update their Real Traffic add-on within 1 or 2 days to make it compatible with KJFK. It will be a free download and we will inform you as soon as it will be available. Until then only the fictional traffic will be shown. Once again to avoid confusion/flaming; there will be a FREE update from Nyerges Design within 1-2 days to provide realistic schedules, traffic and visuals (as we heard it will also include some new visual models for some new plane types too)