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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, Would like to know is it possible to use autosave only when I am above a certain altitude. In my experience, autosave kicks in when I am just 50 ft above ground. The sim freezes as usual and result in a hard landing... Apart from checking and unchecking the autosave box all the time from the FSUIPC menu, is there other possible solutions? Thanks!! Terence
  2. I've noticed it on a few of the runway choices where planes on the runway when landing will land off the center of the runway and drift towards the center, and when taking off start in the center and drift to the left or right (off the runway in some cases). Has anyone else had this problem? Any advice or solutions would be helpful. Thank you
  3. ATC Issues

    Hello all, I want to start off by saying this product is awesome! I have encountered one issue and it may be a simple fix. I recently experienced an aircraft landing and taking off on opposite ends of the same runway. Does anyone happen to have a fix for this? Thanks!
  4. To fix “Database file missing. Please re-install” message which occurs with original release 1.00.0 please visit the updates section and follow the instructions.
  5. Hello all. I'm having a bit of an issue with the autobraking systems on my payware aircraft in regards to Sim Physics X. The aircraft will brake just fine in a RTO situation, but once I get in the air and then land again with autobrake on in the aircraft, as soon as I land the autobrake disengages and I have to brake manually. I've read in the manual that the autobraking systems on payware aircraft (PMDG) might conflict with the autobrake systems on Sim Physics X, and that the way to solve that problem is to simply turn it off. I've done that and it still does the same thing, when the airplane lands the autobrake system (plane side) turns off and I have to brake manually. I think to myself "Alright, it might be the whole program conflicting with the payware airplane", so I don't even start Sim Physics X. Guess what, it still does the same thing. Land, no autobrakes. I have had this problem in version 1.4, and I still have it in 1.6. I also have the latest FSUIPC installed. If you need any more information or have an idea of what's going on, please let me know. Thank you. -Sean UPDATE: Everything seems to work as directed on Aerosoft's Airbus X. Trying different payware aircraft to narrow down which ones are affected. So far it might be just PMDG.
  6. Hello I have some questions. 1) All aicraft in flight landing lights turned on. 2)Airbus A318 and 319 landing on runway almost like helicopters. Not always and not all. 3)Why can not planes landing on MHTG as real (RW02)? Landing through the mountain .... I have Specialtraffic.bgl from FlyTampa for VHHX can land on aircraft rw13 as in real.Not landing throughout the mountain.It's nice to watch the planes come over the house roof. Why can not it MyTraffic aircraft that is paid?(MHTG) I have to say. There are many things why is My Traffic 5.4 b my favorite among the other addons!!:-)) Thank you for your reply and help.