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  1. Hello, I recently purchased FSUIPC 4 for P3D. Previously, I used FSUIPC for FS2004 and created the macros to command keys in the most complex aircraft, such as the 737 PMDG, Digital Aviation Cheyenne, FSD Navajo, etc. In P3D, I can not create the macros! When clicking on create the mouse macros, and when the key is pressed with the mouse in P3D, nothing happens (before, it appeared a green stripe with the codes). How do I assign the buttons and keys with this new FSUIPC, for example, a simple light taxi key of the 737 NGX PMDG? I read the .h file from the PMDG SDK, it speaks of the commands, but no listed command is in the list of FSUIPC commands. Is there a file to replace which includes these commands? Thank you!
  2. Hello everyone and good day. I´m still with compatibility problem between FSUIPC5 and 747 PMDG, even with the last build 8370, but I tested just with 5.102 and 103; I readed many users that may use it with some versions of FSUIPC 5.101x, so then, anyone could share me any of 101 please? Thank you!
  3. Second issue report - I'm not seeing a value for a specific PMDG777 offset when using FSUIPC5. I check offset 0x6C1D to get the PMDG equipment type code as a sanity check to ensure that I'm getting proper PMDG data. In P3Dv3 using FSUIPC 4.967, the code is non-zero (4) and it correctly detects the -200LR. When using FSUIPC5 and the same aircraft in P3Dv4, the offset is zero. I've checked my 777X_Options.ini file and the EnableDataBroadcast=1 setting is set under the SDK section, so it should be available to FSUIPC. Is this functionality enabled in P3Dv4, and how can I help determine whether the data is is making it to FSUIPC? (FWIW, it looks like the alloc/free count doesn't match here either, but I'm not getting a P3D crash on shutdown like I do with v3). Cheers! Luke FSUIPC5.log
  4. This is the first of two issue reports - I just upgraded the P3D to the latest P3Dv3/P3Dv4 version, and I'm getting a consistent crash in PMDG_777X_2.dll on shutdown. Ordinarily, I'd report straight to PMDG, but I'm seeing the following issue in the FSUIPC log at the end: 89638 === Closing session: waiting for DLLStop to be called ... 114973 === DLLStop called ... 114973 === Closing external processes we started ... 115971 === About to kill any Lua plug-ins still running ... 116127 === Closing global Lua thread 117125 === About to kill my timers ... 117328 === Restoring window procs ... 117328 === Unloading libraries ... 117328 === stopping other threads ... 117328 === ... Button scanning ... 117422 === ... Axis scanning ... 117531 === Releasing joystick devices ... 117531 === Freeing macro memory 117531 === Removing any offset overrides 117531 === Clearing any displays left 117531 === Calling SimConnect_Close ... 118124 === SimConnect_Close done! 118124 === AI slots deleted! 118124 === Freeing button memory ... 118124 === Closing my Windows ... 118124 === Freeing FS libraries ... 119122 === Closing devices ... 119122 === Closing the Log ... Bye Bye! ... 119122 System time = 10/06/2017 11:12:29, Simulator time = 11:11:21 (16:11Z) 119122 *** FSUIPC log file being closed Minimum frame rate was 24.3 fps, Maximum was 31.4 fps Minimum available memory recorded was 32768Mb Average frame rate for running time of 47 secs = 28.2 fps Average weather filter write interval in that time = 831.2 msecs Maximum AI traffic for session was 9 aircraft Memory managed: 71 Allocs, 70 Freed ********* FSUIPC Log file closed *********** Note right at the end, we're got a mismatch between malloc() and free() counts. Do you think think this may be the cause, or shall I file a ticket with PMDG? This is FSUIPC 4.967, on Windows 7 x64. FWIW, I see the same mismatch in P3Dv4 with FSUIPC5 and the PMDG 777. Cheers! Luke FSUIPC4.log
  5. I'm using the x55 rhino and on prepar3d v4 with the PMDG 747 v3. I'm able to bind axes but not buttons or keys. I follow the process normally but it just doesn't have any effect in the aircraft. Throttles, rudder, ailerons and elevators all work perfect. Thanks for helping. (I have a registered version of fsuipcv5.101j)
  6. Pete, I appreciate the integration work you've done with the PMDG 737, 747 and 777 aircraft. We can extract a lot of useful data from them via the custom offsets. I'm running into a few cases where the SDK integration is turned on in the Options.ini file but I'm not getting data from the PMDG SDK. I check the "aircraft model" offset that comes from PMDG since that should never be zero if the SDK is passing data correctly to FSUIPC, but it appears to be. I'm curious how the integration works on your end. Do you make the SimConnect calls no matter what and just copy over any data that comes over, or are you searching for specific AIR files or other triggers to pull the data? Cheers! Luke
  7. I want to report a bug with FSUIPC version 4.962 on Prepar3D v3.4 + HF3 The traffic limiter option interferes with the external lights of the new PMDG 747 v3 How to reproduce: Make sure setting are set to display air traffic and the traffic limiter is set to off (i.e 0) Load up 747 sitting on a runway at any airport at night (I tested at EGLL) Turn on the landing lights Now open FSUIPC and set the traffic limit to a number instead of zero (I set it at 100) After clicking okay the landing-lights of the PMDG no longer illuminate the ground, even though the switch is 'on' ?? Toggle the switch several times eventually restores the external lights, but sometimes it never comes back on? I'm sure this is a FSUIPC bug and not a PMDG one, because disabling FSUIPC from the dll.xml file fixes the problem completely.... I noticed some people on the PMDG forum were complaining of poor external lighting on the 747, maybe this is linked? Thanks
  8. Hi, I am using the paid version of FSUIPC. I am using FSX. I am using desktop aviator circuit boards. The PMDG NGX 737-800 has 4 settings for the left wiper i.e. Park, INT. Low, High. I am having trouble getting all four settings assigned using mouse macro? I can get three settings. I can get all but the Low setting? When I click the mouse there is a window to assign the function at the top left of the page. I assign it but it does not assign to that position? Any ideas? Is there a better way to program this? Second question - I am using mechanical rotary switches - What is better to use, break before you make or make before you break mechanical rotary switches? Thanks for any help? Lee
  9. MOVED FROM FAQ ("frequently asked questions") SUBFORUM! Hello there Pete, I recently acquired FSUIPC4 (the payware version) and ever since that installation my PMDG aircraft (737 NGX, 777 LRX) are experiencing Autoflight issues. LNAV and VNAV, AT and LVL CHG are not responding to whatever is programmed into the FMC. The speed indication on the PFD roughly follows the speed entered into the speedwindow. When I then open up Addons in the FSX taskbar and subsequently open the FSUIPC interface and press: Normal defaults everything responds normally again. Now it is nice to know that there is a cure to my problem, but what causes it? I don't want to have to stop the flight every time I depart from an airport to open up FSUIPC to press Normal defaults. Simulator: FSX Gold SP2 FSUIPC version: 4.959 Cheers, Marc
  10. Hi, is there a way of directly sending events to PMDG through the FSUIPC_Write call ? My program can successfully toggle the Pause control so I know it works using FSUIPC offset 0x262. FSUIPC_Write(0x262, 2, 1, &dwResult); FSUIPC_Process(&dwResult); But it doesn't work if I try to use 0x1123D, which is the event for Left CDU letter 'A' with the LEFT_MOUSE_SINGLE parameter 0x20000000 i.e. FSUIPC_Write(0x1123D, 4, 0x20000000, &dwResult); FSUIPC_Process(&dwResult); I realise I can do it indirectly via calling a Lua script through 0xd6c & 0xd70 or by talking directly with SimConnect. -------------------------------------- P3D v3.4.18.19475 SimConnect v3.4.0.0 FSUIPC v4.959 hidmacros v2.3.0.710
  11. Hi, although I'm pretty new to all this I've managed to control the CDU through the PMDG offsets using both the FSUIPC Buttons & Switches page & through a Lua script. The info is out there but in a few different places so I though I'd post this for reference: Open up PMDG\PMDG 737 NGX\SDK\PMDG_NGX_SDK.h Find the address to write to by adding your event to THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN #define THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN 0x00011000 // equals to 69632 #define EVT_CDU_L_A (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 573) So to write the letter 'A' to the CDU the address is 70205. In Addons/FSUIPC/Buttons+Switches under 'Control sent when button pressed' select <custom Control> & enter 70205. So far so obvious. What was not immediately obvious was the parameter. You might expect to just send a '1'. However, although this appears to work the first time, if you try to send another 'A' char it doesn't. You need to send the left mouse single click value as defined here in the header: #define MOUSE_FLAG_LEFTSINGLE 0x20000000 // 536870912 in decimal I then went on to do this through a Lua script that was called from the external hidmacros program: CDU.lua (Saved in FSUIPC folder: P3Dv3\Modules) : --[[ LUA Script that gets called by a hidmacros script with the key value pressed on the CDU. In hidmacros use the following script: HIDMacros.setFSUIPCInt &amp;H0D6C,4,70205 HIDMacros.setFSUIPCString &amp;H0D70,40,"Lua CDU" Note: The 1st line writes 70205, 'A' key to the FSUIPC ipcPARAM variable. Replace 'CDU' with the name of your Lua script (without the .lua extension) --]] LEFT_MOUSE_SINGLE = 0x20000000 key = ipcPARAM ipc.log("CDU: Sending " .. key) ipc.control(key, LEFT_MOUSE_SINGLE) -------------------------------------- P3D v3.4.18.19475 SimConnect v3.4.0.0 FSUIPC v4.959 hidmacros v2.3.0.710
  12. Can anybody explain step by step how to link FSUIPC, PMDG, and Saitek controls together, to make them all work as they should ? there are a lot of people like myself looking for help with this particular issue and struggling with it. a step by step guide would be much appreciated.please bare in mind that not all people are PC experts. please include a donation link because a lot of flyers would appreciate the work one will do. Regards
  13. Hi I use the "Offset Mapping for PMDG 737NGX" pdf to configure my leds. With the SP of the NGX there are new variables available. This pdf was last revised 7th April 2012. Is there a new document to get offsets for MAIN_annunAP_Amber & MAIN_annunAT_Amber f.e. ? Many happy landings Andi // New variables for SP2 unsigned int COMM_ReceiverSwitches[3]; // Bit flags for selector receivers (see ACP_SEL_RECV_VHF1 etc): [0]=Capt, [1]=FO, [2]=Overhead bool MAIN_annunAP_Amber[2]; // Amber color bool MAIN_annunAT_Amber[2]; // Amber color int ICE_WindowHeatTestSw; // 0: OVHT 1: Neutral 2: PWR TEST bool DOOR_annunFWD_ENTRY; bool DOOR_annunFWD_SERVICE; bool DOOR_annunAIRSTAIR; bool DOOR_annunLEFT_FWD_OVERWING; bool DOOR_annunRIGHT_FWD_OVERWING; bool DOOR_annunFWD_CARGO; bool DOOR_annunEQUIP; bool DOOR_annunLEFT_AFT_OVERWING; bool DOOR_annunRIGHT_AFT_OVERWING; bool DOOR_annunAFT_CARGO; bool DOOR_annunAFT_ENTRY; bool DOOR_annunAFT_SERVICE; bool AIR_annunAUTO_FAIL; bool AIR_annunOFFSCHED_DESCENT; bool AIR_annunALTN; bool AIR_annunMANUAL; float AIR_CabinAltNeedle; // Value - ft float AIR_CabinDPNeedle; // Value - PSI float AIR_CabinVSNeedle; // Value - ft/min float AIR_CabinValveNeedle; // Value - 0 (closed) .. 1 (open) float AIR_TemperatureNeedle; // Value - degrees C float AIR_DuctPressNeedle[2]; // Value - degrees C char ELEC_MeterDisplayTop[13]; // Top line of the display: 3 groups of 4 digits (or symbols) + terminating zero char ELEC_MeterDisplayBottom[13]; // Bottom line of the display char IRS_DisplayLeft[7]; // Left display string, zero terminated char IRS_DisplayRight[8]; // Right display string, zero terminated bool IRS_DisplayShowsDots; // True if the degrees and decimal dot symbols are shown on the IRS display
  14. To fix “Database file missing. Please re-install” message which occurs with original release 1.00.0 please visit the updates section and follow the instructions.
  15. To fix “Database file missing. Please re-install” message which occurs with original release 1.00.0 please: rename the installation folder from C:\...\FS Decelerate\Autobrake-PMDG777 to C:\...\FS Decelerate\Autobrake-PMDG 777 -note that the latter one has a space between the words 'PMDG' and '777', create a folder named 'Data' and copy all the database files (deceltim772LR.dat, deceltim773ER.dat, vref.dat, vref772.dat, vref773.dat) into it. Customers that have not received the serial number, please contact me by private message or via support e-mail!
  16. Dear Pete I got a problem about PMDG 737NGX. Long time ago, I found a document called "Offset_Mapping_PMDG737NGX". It provides some ways to read data from FSUIPC. But now I'm making the MCP, I can't write data to NGX through the issue. Today, I heard a new way to send data to NGX and I took a try. Through FSUIPC's offset "3110", I can send data to NGX. For Example: The 737NGX's SDK defines EVT_MCP_AT_ARM_SWITCH (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 380) So my program is(VB.net): Try FSUIPCConnection.Process() senderfs.Value = &H11000 + 380 '(THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN=0x000011000,senderfs is "offset 3110") Catch End Try It works, but I can turn the switch on, I can not turn the switch off. How can I return the value to 0? Can you show me the code? Thank you every much! Peter·Shen
  17. I'm using Win 8.1 Pro x64, FSX w/Accel Pack, the PMDG 737-800NGX, a registered copy of FSUIPC 4.929, and the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke/Throttle quadrant properly set up in FSUIPC to use the Flaps Axis and calibrated accordingly. All axis settings inside the FSX control settings have been deleted. FSUIPC controls all yoke, throttle quadrant, and rudder pedal axis. We ran across a problem using our virtual airlines ACARS in that the ACARS was reporting that I was using Flaps 40 on takeoff when I actually was using Flaps 1. Just to see what I am sending out, I installed Monitor FSUIPC Data and took a look at the flaps data as I cycled through the flaps positions. Even though flaps movement and indicators in-game were perfectly normal, there were situations where FSUIPC jumped up to Flaps 40 and Flaps Handle Index 8 out of sequence. (There are 9 handle index positions on the 737NGX: 0 through 8). The most common flaps settings where the disconnect occurs are flaps 10 and flaps 30. So starting with flaps up, I will usually see a flaps handle index progression of 0, 1, 2, 3, 8, 5, 6, 8, 8. Other combinations have been encountered (including the "Flaps 40 when I'm at Flaps 1" indication), but the progression above is the most common. Keep in mind that throughout all of this, the flaps on the plane have been setting correctly and the cockpit indicators have ben positioning correctly using the Saitek throttle quadrant. It's only the information reported by FSUIPC that appears out of synch with what's actually happening. I can provide screen shots of what Monitor FSUIPC Data is reporting for each flaps position if you need them.
  18. Hi, what parameters to use for increase and decrease (encoders in BU0836X) in Flt Alt (offset 69850) and Land Alt (offset 69852) of PMDG 737ngx ? as sending 0, 1, 2, 3 for increase and 3, 2, 1, 0 for decrease?
  19. Hello Mr. Dowson! Maybe you can give me some input, since I am failing to receive an answer on the PMDG Forums. For some reason the 737NGX does not read the winds, which is normally displayed on the Nav Display and the Aft Overhead Panel. (ie: wind speed and direction). Any clues as to why this may have stopped appearing. I have uninstalled and re-installed the aircraft twice. I assumed that the communication was through the FSUIPC module. Stephen A. Crayton
  20. Pete- Per your request................ Thanks for your patience and assistance (as usual). After ALL of this- my solution for the SERIAL PFC HARDWARE & THE PMDG NGX (using PFCFSX.dll v4.40 & FSUIPC v 4.859s) is the following- I put this here in the hopes of saving some other poor soul from the frustration encountered- DO NOT CALIBRATE THROTTLES OR REVERSER AXIS IN FSUIPC USE PFCFSX.dll for throttles and reversers- calibrate those axis in PFCFSX.dll ONLY FLY AND ENJOY THE NGX :) Best- C
  21. Dear Pete, Last week I purchased FSUIPC for FS9 and for FSX. The FSX installation seems to work fine, while the FS9 causes a problem. The PMDG 747-400 causes a crash, stating: FSUIPC version is too old. You need at least v3.48 or later. Flight Simulator will now close. After spending all afternoon finding a fix I got to the point where deleteing the registration key file let's the Jumbo fly. With the key file moved back to FS9/Modules causes a crash again. It would be possible to fly without FSUIPC, but I have now REX Essential OD and need the wind smooting option among other cool stuff you coded in. I searched through the registry and checked all PMDG files without luck. Reinstalling the 747 did not help either. I need your help to point me towards a solution. Very much appreciated, Balazs P.S. The log file: ********* FSUIPC, Version 3.999w by Pete Dowson ********* Running on Windows Version 5.1 Build 2600 Service Pack 2 Verifying Certificate for "H:\MSFS2004\MODULES\FSUIPC.dll" now ... SUCCESS! Signature verifies okay! Running inside FS2004 (FS9.1 CONTROLS.DLL, FS9.1 WEATHER.DLL) User Name="Balazs Sardy" User Addr="abcde@fgh.com" FSUIPC Key is provided WIDEFS not user registered, or expired Module base=61000000 WeatherReadInterval=4 LogOptions=00000001 DebugStatus=15 1029 System time = 25/01/2013 16:47:33 1029 H:\MSFS2004\ 1029 System time = 25/01/2013 16:47:33, FS2004 time = 12:00:00 (00:00Z) 1466 FLIGHTS\OTHER\FLTSIM.flt 1466 AIRCRAFT\c172\Cessna172SP.air 1482 Aircraft="Cessna Skyhawk 172SP" 28376 AIRCRAFT\PSS Dash8\Dash8-300.air 28376 Aircraft="PSS Dash 8 300 BahamasAir" 31028 C:\Users\BS\Documents\Flight Simulator Files\UI generated flight.flt 31995 Clear All Weather requested: external weather discarded 34897 Advanced Weather Interface Enabled 41777 AIRCRAFT\757-Freighter_Captain\cs757-F.air 41777 Aircraft="Captain Sim 757-Freighter 1" 54366 AIRCRAFT\PMDG747-400\B747-400.air 54366 Aircraft="747-400 Air Canada" 64646 System time = 25/01/2013 16:48:36, FS2004 time = 16:47:40 (00:47Z) 64646 *** FSUIPC log file being closed Memory managed: 0 Allocs, 534 Freed ********* FSUIPC Log file closed *** ******* 0 Quote MultiQuote Edit
  22. Hello First of all I'm not a programmer. So here we go: I'm riding a homemade panel for use in various aircraft in FSX with the help of FSUIPC. I intend to use potentiometers to control the AP courses and selecting altitudes. However, I can not program at the PMDG 737NGX the FSUIPC. When I turn the potentiometers either way it only increases or only decreases. He wanted to increase when turned sideways and impaire when rotated to the other side. It was programmed by the FSUIPC mouse macro. FSUIPC Version: 4.70 OBS.: As I said, I'm no programmer, but if I explain how it works I can devote to programming. Sorry for my english, translate with the help of Google Translate. Portuguese version: Olá. Primeiro de tudo eu não sou programador. Então vamos lá: Estou montando um painel caseiro, para usar em diversas aeronaves no FSX com a ajuda do FSUIPC. Pretendo usar potenciômetros para controlar o AP selecionando altitudes e cursos. Porém, não consigo programar pelo FSUIPC o 737NGX da PMDG. Quando eu giro o potenciômetro para qualquer lado ele só aumenta ou só diminui. Queria que aumentasse quando girasse para um lado e diminuisse quando girado para o outro lado. Foi programado pelo mouse macro do FSUIPC. Versão do FSUIPC: 4.70 OBS.: Como já dito, não sou programador, mas se me explicarem como funciona posso me dedicar à programação. Desculpe pelo meu inglês, traduzi com a ajuda do Google Translate.