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Found 4 results

  1. For information to those who might be having problems with hanging at Start, I completely redid the KPHL schedule using Flight Aware and it was hanging at 72% on start. After some checks I found it would start at certain start times and not others i.e 0600-0900 hangs. After 0900 all good. Had to be a problem with the schedule file. Turned out it was an A359 A/C that is not in the aircraft file. It arrived around 0830. Changed it to an A333 & it all works fine now. I had changed the departure to an A333 but missed the arrival. So, lesson is if you have changed either the Terminal or schedule .txt file, make sure the aircraft types and airlines etc. are all covered in the airline, aircraft .txt files. Also the RT file really needs to be updated to reflect the Airbus 350 series A/C, (generic will do). Also the RC for QATAR who operate the type into KPHL. Kev M
  2. Hi there, In fine I bought the 3d pro version of the game. However, I think that the manual is some way to light for a beginner. I saw that the 2011 Se manual is more dense and instructive. Do you think I can use it to help me understand some concept or for some commands ? I started read both. Already got some questions, like the heading command. I saw that we can tell pilots a heading (head the airport they want to reach) but I don't understand where I have this information (what is the heading of the airport they want to reach ?) some things like that. So I wonder may be I could read both documentation and make sort of crossover of informations I will find. Thank you for your help. (Sorry for my english).
  3. Could keyboard shortcuts be added? - mouse clicks with the command bar is not sufficient (airports get too busy) for those who do not wish to or cannot use speech. Paul Racines
  4. In Tower 2011 aircraft approaching each other from different taxiways would sort themselves out without "bumping" into each other. The only time they crash into each other is if they are heading in opposite direction on the same taxiway. Pro doesn't seem to have this feature. An aircraft coming on to a taxiway after landing will taxi straight into an aircraft already on the taxiway. A big penalty. In RL the surface movement controller would take care of this. In Tower, with a single player, you are doing the job of about 4 RL controllers at once. Could the feature where a/c on taxiways approaching at right angles, automatically sort themselves out as in Tower2011 be introduced into Pro. Trying to handle 70-80 A/C per hr & sort out every gnd taxi movement makes my head hurt. Kev M Brisbane Australia