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Found 9 results

  1. Hello guys. Im having a problem with Speech Recognition with Tower 3D pro. I star the game and everything is ok but after a time (random) i press Shift but the speech recognize doesnt work anymore!!! What should i do? WIN 7 64 Bit Razor Headset Language: English Run as administrator THX a lot
  2. Hello Tower Community, I have started a new series of schedules for KLAX, based on the recent real life schedule. Already I have been making a lot of schedules but I didn't know how to make a schedule for KLAX where the spawning of arrivals would not be a problem with a 1 minute seperation, and that is really needed if in need of approx. 60 arrivals in an hour like in real life. Thanks to crbascott who made some time to explain to me how I should build a correct schedule on KLAX, I started with a new series of schedules (plan is going for 12x a 1hr:15minutes schedule) of which 3 are already finished at this moment. I'm totally happy to share it with you guys if you wanne play new schedule(s) on KLAX. What do you need? Tower 3D the game (duh) Nyerges Real Traffic A backup of your Nyerges KLAX_schedule.txt AND KLAX_terminals.txt (we have to overwrite them with custom ones for these schedules to work) High spirits (be prepared for high dense traffic) The schedules: 1) KLAX 10.30.2017 - 06:55am to 08:10am (difficulty overall 6/10) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1PG3_GlUhHDOWY5Y196bnhYSW8/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=_UmPPFy1Vao 2) KLAX 10.27.2017 - 07:55am to 09:10am (difficulty 6/10 at start and ramps up to 12/10 at end, yes 12/10... you read that correctly) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1PG3_GlUhHDVXE0UjMzS1Z0ZEk/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=-9qtBmbOkAc 3) KLAX 10.27.2017 - 08:55am to 10:10am (difficulty 7/10) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1PG3_GlUhHDV3NBM2NYTTRuWjA/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=W2QAzfAClco 4) KLAX 10.27.2017 - 09:55am to 11:10am (difficulty 7/10 at start and ramps up to 9/10 at end) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1PG3_GlUhHDdXBBUXZCWGxBa1k/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=JVlGkihoXA4 5) KLAX 10.30.2017- 10:55am to 12:10pm (diffuculty 7.5/10 on average) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1PG3_GlUhHDdEdSZ1NRUWJfYTQ/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=uFa6HNNfMbo 6) KLAX 11.01.2017 - 11:55am to 1:10pm (difficulty 7.5/10 on start towards 8.0/10 at the end) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1PG3_GlUhHDcnBscmFHMF93aGM/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=cy_1V7tQKFA 7) KLAX 11.02.2017 - 12:55pm to 2:10pm (difficulty 7.5~8.0/10 on average) NOTE: For this schedule you need to remove the line IOS, 5Y, SCILLONIA, Isles of Scilly Skybus, United Kingdom from the klax_airlines.txt and replace it with GTI, 5Y, GIANT, Atlas Air, United States https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kWW00nhM-PqIeNixjuT9kH8WCWXNMuM3/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=CQdvoYPxbVY (duplicates have been removed from the schedule before posting to google drive) 8) KLAX 11.03.2017 - 1:55pm to 3:10pm (difficulty 6.5~7.0/10) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oNQttBGqV6QuIU1kYjo8spT1B_MUAymL/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=tRYyvaVCrWE 9) KLAX 11.06.2017 - 2:55PM to 4:10PM (difficulty 7/10 at start and ends with 20 minutes of 9/10) So far this schedule is the one I enjoyed most https://drive.google.com/file/d/11OlQs1YVopljFS9fqZXwL9DIRD3LSdLj/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=gEpC80gnzMI 10) KLAX 11.10.2017 - 3:55PM to 5:10PM (difficulty 7/10 at start towards 8/10 at the end) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E_owUZ40nPovSM4bpk4K-yoc4xuuNsJ_/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=UQcyTfz-kEs 11) KLAX 11.13.2017 - 5:55PM to 7:10PM (difficuly 7.5/10) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yCZcPJIno-q3PyvayFQ4pn18hBdwWL3-/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=Bd3aVpcouws Bonus Stage #1) KLAX 11.06.2017 - 08:55AM to 10:10AM (difficulty 8.5/10) https://drive.google.com/file/d/187MvHjRz8z47_fsw9kDPj3_uf0z2cG6e/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=VeVgHJ1TSA8 You NEED the terminal.txt file included in the .zip files for the schedule(s) to work (based on the latest real life KLAX terminals setup by crbascott). Each schedule comes with its own terminal.txt so don't forget to make a backup of your original nyerges or custom terminal.txt and afterwards overwrite terminals.txt and the schedule.txt both for each seperate schedule! I will continue making schedules to complete approx. 12 hours of KLAX and will edit this post to add new finished/tested schedules. I will not post new schedules as reply to this topic to bump it up each time there is a new one so don't worry about that. Thank you for your time and I hope you will enjoy them, Carda1972 Edited on 11.16.2017 : Added the schedule from 6PM to 7PM
  3. Tower 3D KJFK not working

    Hey guys! I have this strange problem that every time I start up JFK it never shows me the airport, in the background I can hear the aircrafts communicating and also the strips, command panel and so on are being shown but just the airport is not there, only the Loading Screen by 99% is shown and thats it, it hangs up somehow. Can somebody help? I tried also only JFK without Real Traffic and it still doesnt work, all other airports work normally.
  4. I purchased Tower 3D when it came out and have had very little problems with it and have enjoyed it immensely. Around Xmas, I purchased San Diego add-on for Tower 3D , but it will not load! I have researched the forum and have found that there is an update needed for the original Tower 3D . I have noticed several pages on the web with just such a fix, but nothing showing the actual link to the update. Can you please help me out. I'm a retied U.S. Air Force controller. I'm also eagerly waiting for Tower 3D Pro and will purchase it when available. Thank you very much for a wonderful product.
  5. I have noticed 2 problems that reoccur and are reproducible that effect game play. As another poster mentioned, landing planes overshoot the full stop as they exit the runway. Usually, they will eventually continue taxing. If this happens at Taxiway B6, the plane dies and the only way to clear the plane is to delete it. Here is a screenshot of this problem: The second problem involves traffic from north of the runway. Many planes can takeoff on the runway from "C" where the north taxiway ends. If an aircraft requires a longer runway, it must be told to Taxi To Runway 9 and taxi all the way down to the terminal end. This requires crossing the runway in the middle and taxing along the south side. Once the aircraft stops at the runway at C it will not take a Continue Taxi command. It answers "Negative". The only command I have found that will restart taxing is Cleared For Takeoff. A Hold Position command will stop the aircraft but another Cleared for Takeoff command is required to restart it. I added the log file of this session. game.log
  6. Ok got a strange one here. I swear it didn't always do this but has started doing it more and more frequently. I have a plane land and as soon as it gets to the terminal it immediately comes up as a departing plane but the tag in the ADIRS doesn't change to the new flight number it keeps the same tag as the landing plane. Also Think it kind of weird that it turns around immediately. Here is a screen shot as well as my log. The plane landed as SWA37 and as soon as it hit the terminal it comes up and requests a taxi for SWA3134. I just did a clean install of SP2a and a new download of real traffic and real color. game.log
  7. Hi Vic Just wondering how progress on KJFK and KATL is going? Would be great to here any info you are willing to provide. Screenshots would be great too. Andrew
  8. LAG

    When the game open it so slow.I have a 2 GIG video card 3.6Processer 2 TB hard drive 24GIG menory. WHAT PUP
  9. After a number of hours of playing, I have a round of small suggestions. These are not bugs, but simply improvements that would be desirable from a user's perspective: I will try not to bring up items that have been already repeatedly put forth. Note these are not demands, but respectful suggestions from a generally pleased user. I welcome others to chime in here as well. 1. We need more POV options than just the tower view. This is especially true at larger airports, which in real life have one or more ramp towers, in addition to the main control tower. After all, in the game, the controller is responsible for the ramp controller's job as well as the ground controller. Better yet would be to add a new camera mode in which the camera position was freely moveable by the user. 2. We need a way to control the volume of nature sounds and aircraft noise separately. At a major facility like KLAX, whatever nature sounds that exist would be largely drowned out by the sounds of aircraft and cars. 3. It is sometimes impossible to right-click taxiways or send aircraft to intersection takeoffs if aircraft on the map are covering the spot you need to click. 4. We need more weather options. While downloadable real weather would be great, in the meantime it would at least be nice to be able to select partly cloudy, overcast, light rain, heavy rain, perhaps even snow, depending on the airport location (obviously not KLAX or TIST). 5. While I understand that not all of the commands from Tower2011 could be fit on the mouseclick menus, it would be nice if some or all of the old key combos from that game could have been preserve for those who would still like to use them some of the time. Thus, I could select "Taxi to runway XX" with the mouse commands, and then, if desired, could hit Alt+S for hold short of another runway. 6. Please find a way to make landing lights visible in the air. I can see them reflected on the ground after landing, but not in the air. Even in daytime, landing lights are typically visible on approaching aircraft from three 3-5 miles away, and even farther at night. 7. Add a slider to control the traffic level, as could be done in Tower2011. 8. Add and 3rd camera mode in which the auto panning camera when a plane is selected is completely shut off. This is a very useful feature, but there are times when one might not want the view to flip when issuing instructions to a plane (i.e. you are carefully watching a potential ground conflict, but want to issue a landing/takeoff clearance (based on the radar) without looking away. 9. Reduce the icon size of the ADIRS. 10. Increase the available zoom range, both on the main view and in the ADIRS.. 11. Slightly increase the speed at which aircraft taxi. Right now it is unrealistically slow. 12. Some way to more easily track which aircraft have been waiting the longest at the gate. Not sure what the best method would be. Perhaps just clicking on the aircraft could bring up the time waiting. I suppose having the icons change from green to yellow to red would be unrealistic. 13. Expedite departure/expedite vacate runway would be nice, but this is probably only practical for the Pro version. 14. Make it easier to scroll through the flight strips. Perhaps when an aircraft is clicked the flight strip viewer could automatically scroll the correct strip into view. 15. Make the movable windows (radar screens) darker (less transparent), it can be really hard to see the plane's designations if there is a white background (ground radar is giving me issues. 16. User profiles. 17. The game should automatically remember how you configure the radar screens. 18. Scoring system: I realize that everyone here has different ideas and preferences regarding the current scoring system. While it may be hard to come to an agreement, it would at least be nice to have the ability to disable it entirely from the Settings screen. 19. It would be a nice feature to include the option of setting up timed session. For example the user could chose a time limit (selectable in 15 minute increments), after which a session will automatically end. I cannot tell you how many times already I have discovered that I had been playing for and hour or more, when I thought it had only been 30 min. Yes most of use could just set a timer, but having the option integrated into the game would be handy. 20. Display the number of scheduled ops per hour as the user scrolls through the starting times on the main menu page.