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  1. Hello everyone The issue I've run into is fairly simple. I'm running WideFS server registered on my sim PC and wideFS client on my Surface. When I run the wideFS client normally it connects to the server just fine but it won't produce GPS output (which I need for Jepp FliteDeck), and when I run it as admin it does generate GPS data (can be monitored in VSPE, the client is writing data to the connector), but the client won't connect to the server anymore. I'm pulling my hair out over this one, maaybe you can help Cheers Luca Edit: Just for additional info, seems like WideFS Client is running version 6.999z4, WideFS Server is on 7.971 and FSUIPC is on version 5.121b, same behaviour with version 4.971 though
  2. Hi, for my university project I want to connect Microsoft Flight Simulator with the Matlab/Simulink, that's why we bought keys for FSUIPC4 and WideFS7. In our laboratory at university we have some computers that are connected by a local Server. I would like to know if we can use the keys for different computers to Interface with our simulation-PC or just for one. Also, what would happen if I used the keys again on my home PC for example? Thank you in advance, Victor
  3. I recently purchased both FSUPIC (4.966c) and WideFS. My goal with WideFS is to run some FSX steam applications (AS16, possibly PF3, and a flight planner) on my client laptop while running the sim on my server laptop. The server laptop is new and usually runs FSX with most add-ons adequately. The client laptop is running the same OS as the server (win10), and both are connected by cable to my router/modem from centurylink (C1900A). Both laptops have read/write permissions to their respective harddrives (I can move and change files on either computer from the other one). I installed and registered both FSUPIC and WideFS on my server laptop. I read the installation instructions for WideFS, and extracted the zip into D:\FSX_ADDON\WIDEFS. My steam FSX is also on the D drive. I installed WideClient.exe and WideClient.ini in a WideClient folder on my client laptop's desktop. When I start WideClient, I follow up with starting FSX but I always get the same result, "Waiting for a connection". Attached is a recent logfile for WideClient, which seems to always have this Error 10061. My first step was to create rules for the 8002/9002 ports on each firewall, creating inbound rules for my server and outbound rules for my client. No change. My next step was to disable to firewalls on the private network for server and client. No change. Suspecting that the 10061 error is a result of the firewall in the router, I then went into my router/modem settings under IPV4 and created a new rule for ports 8002 and 9002, allowing traffic in and out. No change. I then checked the workgroup, both are using the same WORKGROUP name. Then, per the instructions, I added the ServerName=DESKTOP... and Protocol=TCP to the WideClient.ini under [config] at the bottom. No change. I also tried to specify the IPaddress instead of the sever name with no change. I feel like there is something basic I haven't done, but I'm at a loss. Any help would be appreciated, and if there is any more detail you need I'm happy to provide anything I can. Thanks in advance. WideClient0.log
  4. MOVED FROM DOWNLOAD LINKS SUBFORUM! Hi fellows and Pete. This is for Pete himself; Pete, do you think that is possible to add an option to fsuipc.ini to allow users to launch wideserver before ready to fly ?, I mean when Sim loads FSUIPC module ???
  5. What does Widefs do?

    Hello, I tried searching for this information but couldn't get my query resolved. I understand it connects networked computers for flight simulation, but beyond that I'm looking for information. 1) I suppose at this moment I'm interested in using multiple computers to share the burden for displaying gauges (additional monitors, USB interfacing, and hardware -gps- panels etc.) I'm not looking for window views or high resolution, does Widefs accomplish this? 2) In order to accomplish this is a registered version required (what is the difference between free/licenced version - limited computers - limited functionality - limited customizing)? 3) Does Widefs allow "out the window" views or is that WideViewWide view (what's the difference, I know they are 'competitors')? 4 a) Do you need fs installed on all systems for ALL circumstances (ie just to run a USB yoke or something simple)? 4 b) How do you run multiple copies of fs if you only have one software disk? Thank you, currently running fs9.1 win XP, will be buying an FSUIPC licence (been using the freeware for years).
  6. Hi fellows, I have a little question. Does anyone knows the scope of the ipc.get / set functions ?, I mean if I set something in FSUIPC is it available in remote pc using WideFS ??? I.E. PC1 with FSUIPC ipc.set("hello","1") PC2 with WideFS myVar = ipc.get("hello") is myVar == 1 ? or not ? Thanks in advance Mario DANTAS France.
  7. Hi. i´m trying to do this, 4 PCs working in the same network, all fine setup without conflicts, One PC with P3d + FSUIPC & Widefs server and a PC with Widefs client, in the same network workgroup called SIM1. And other PC with P3d + FSUIPC & Widefs server and a PC with Widefs client, in the same workgroup called SIM2. I am unable to work them in independient way. Must I change the ports? Many thanks. Emilio
  8. Hi everyone, and especially WidevieW (FSX) users, A neat additional feature of WidevieW X is the facility to pan the view laterally on the Clients, and also tilt the view downwards or upwards using a hat-switch on the Server. I find this very useful while sitting at the gate at an airport if I want to have a look at the activity around me, on the Climb when I want to have a look down at the terrain, and on Finals, because with the nose-high attitude of some heavy aircraft, one sometimes doesn't get an adequate view of the runway. So this is a great feature.........however, I found that in order to use it you have to ENABLE CONTROLLERS in FSX (i.e. FSX joystick assignments become active). Unfortunately, I have had to to disable that feature in FSX because (1) I make all my assignments through FSUIPC, and (2) although one can delete all the joystick assignments from FSX using the FSX menu or by editing the Standard.xml file, they usually reappear the next flight by some sort of black-magic, and start conflicting with one's FSUIPC assignments. And it is painful to have to delete these assignments from the menu, manually, at the beginning of every flight. .............................................................................................................................................................................................................. Problem: In order to use WidevieW network-panning with a Hat-Switch on the SERVER, one needs to ENABLE CONTROLLERS in FSX. However, FSX has the nasty habit of randomly rearranging joystick assignments, so many users have switched to using FSUIPC exclusively to manage controllers, and so they DISABLE CONTROLLERS in FSX permanently. This however means that WidevieW's network-panning facilities will not be available any more. Objective: With FSX CONTROLLERS DISABLED on the WidevieW SERVER, to be able to transmit view-panning commands to networked WidevieW CLIENTS. Requirements: Registered FSUIPC4 and WideFS Summary of Process: When a panning-command (via Hat-Switch button) is applied at the SERVER, FSUIPC-WideServer sends a KeySend number to all networked Clients. At each CLIENT, WideClient-FSUIPC receives the KeySend number and acts on it to pan the view locally. Certain options in the wideviewx.ini file at the CLIENTs and SERVER need to be set to ensure that it does not interfere. A new Camera Definition is also installed on the CLIENT(s) to keep this option separate. ______________________________________________________ (1) The WidevieW SERVER will require FSUIPC4 and WideFS-WideServer (both registered). On each WidevieW CLIENT we need to install FSUIPC4 and WideFS-WideClient as well (and because FSX is also running there we need to use a different Class Instance = 1). So the first few lines of the [Config] Section of each WideClient.ini looks like this: [Config] ServerName=SERVER Protocol=TCP ButtonScanInterval=20 ClassInstance=1 NetworkTiming=5,1 MailslotTiming=2000,1000 PollInterval=2000 Port=8002 Port2=9002 : Note that each WideClient is linked to the SERVER FSUIPC (2) On the SERVER, we set up the Hat-Switch to send KeySend numbers across the network (to activate panning at the the Clients). Here are the relevant entries in my FSUIPC.ini file on the SERVER, showing 5 buttons on my Sidewinder Joystick [left, right, up, down and trigger (for reset)] mapped to KeySends 2 through 6. [Buttons] 43=RL,32,C1006,5 -{KEYSEND 5 for WideFS}- 44=RL,34,C1006,2 -{KEYSEND 2 for WideFS}- 45=RL,36,C1006,6 -{KEYSEND 6 for WideFS}- 46=RL,38,C1006,3 -{KEYSEND 3 for WideFS}- 47=PL,0,C1006,4 -{KEYSEND 4 for WideFS}- (3) On each CLIENT, WideClient must receive these KeySend numbers, and transmit the mapped keystrokes to FSX-FSUIPC locally, so the WideClient.ini file at each Client has the following entries in its [User] section. [User] KeySend2=39,8,FS98MAIN KeySend3=37,8,FS98MAIN KeySend4=36,8,FS98MAIN KeySend5=38,8,FS98MAIN KeySend6=40,8,FS98MAIN I have mapped the KeySends to the arrow (l/r/u/d) and home keys. Using FS98MAIN ensures that the keystrokes are sent to the FSX window. (4) FSUIPC residing on the CLIENT must be primed to receive these keystrokes from WideClient, and send the appropriate FSX panning command (controls) to the local FSX via the [Keys] section: [Keys] 12=39,8,65672,0 -{Right: Press=PAN_RIGHT }- 13=37,8,65671,0 -{Left: Press=PAN_LEFT }- 14=36,8,65875,0 -{Home: Press=PAN_RESET }- 15=38,8,65735,0 -{Up: Press=PAN_DOWN }- 16=40,8,65734,0 -{Down: Press=PAN_UP }- Here each keystroke is mapped to a Standard FSX (panning) control: I got these from Pete's reference sheet. (5) Okay, but we also need to ensure that WidevieW will not try to do the same thing. Since I came from a setup where WidevieW was previously doing the network-panning, I needed to go back into the wideviewx.ini file (on each Client) and change a few entries, till each airplane's section looked like this: [WidevieW_Dummy Dash8-Q400] ApplyCurrent=1 ApplyGlobal=0 RaiseLG=1 RaiseLGBy=18 p_headingdelta=45 p_pitchdelta=30 p_setviewangle=0 p_processreorientation=0 p_pitch=0 p_pitchf=0 p_heading=0 p_headingf=0 p_deltax=0 p_deltaxf=0 p_deltay=0 p_deltayf=0 p_deltaz=0 p_deltazf=0 The crucial lines are: p_setviewangle=0 p_processreorientation=0 This ensures that WidevieW will not manipulate the view on the CLIENT, except for locating the aircraft correctly (which is its basic job). I did this for each airplane individually, rather than globally; above is my extract for the Majestic Dash 8 left-side-view Client. Additionally within wideviewx.ini on the Wideview SERVER I set: [Views] HatEnableServer=0 HatEnableClient=0 to ensure no panning commands are sent out by WidevieW (6) I also created a new Camera Definition and added it to the cameras.cfg on each CLIENT. This is because I wanted to keep this new technique separate from the old method: [CameraDefinition.999] Title = "WidevieW Virtual Cockpit" Guid = {01021987-E220-6507-1024-462840738999} Description = Specialised virtual cockpit view. Origin = Virtual Cockpit MomentumEffect = No SnapPbhAdjust = Swivel SnapPbhReturn = False PanPbhAdjust = Swivel PanPbhReturn = False InitialPbh = 0.0, 0.0, -26.0 Track = None ShowAxis = YES AllowZoom = TRUE InitialZoom = 0.7 SmoothZoomTime = 2.0 ZoomPanScalar = 1.0 ShowWeather = Yes XyzAdjust = TRUE ShowLensFlare=FALSE Category = Cockpit PitchPanRate=30 HeadingPanRate=75 PanAcceleratorTime=0 HotKeySelect=4 You will note that the Client's view must be a Virtual Cockpit view for the panning to work correctly. The initialPbh value shows that this is the left view at -26 degrees from centre. I found the following documents helpful to understand camera definitions: http://www.fstipsandaddons.com/tutorials/understanding-fsx-cameras.html https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc526984.aspx#CameraConfigurationFileFormat (7) I use saved flights for each WidevieW Client airplane. So for the Dash8 saved flight (.FLT) I ensured that this particular camera view was linked: [Main] Title=WVD D8Q400test Description="" AppVersion=10.0.61472 FlightVersion=1 [Window.1] Order=0 Active=True Undocked=False Maximized=True ScreenUniCoords=0, 0, 8191, 2600 UndocCoords=0, 0, 0, 0 CurrentCamera={01021987-E220-6507-1024-462840738999} : : [Camera.1.13] Guid={01021987-E220-6507-1024-462840738999} Zoom=2.5567879676818848 Translation=0, 0, 0 Rotation=0, -26, 0 There are a couple of issues I need to iron out, and I think they relate to the settings in my cameras.cfg: (1) I find that when I start a flight, the views are sometimes disorganized or not matched, on the clients, and I do need to press the pan-reset button once at the start to organize all the view angles correctly. With my native WidevieW setup this was not necessary. (2) When I pan or tilt through large angles, I sometimes find adjacent views overlapping slightly or slightly misaligned....this points to the incremental angles not being uniformly applied. I am not sure whether this is a limitation of the panning method chosen (Swivel) or whether it is due to some incorrect setting. Regards, Chakko.
  9. Hi! This might be a simple question (actually it's 2 questions...), but I am a bit confused by simmarket's offers: In 2006 I bought a license for FSUIPC3 together with WIDEFS6. Now I want to buy FSUIPC4 and there is a lower price for buying it together with WIDEFS. Do I Need to buy a new WideFS license for FSUIPC4? (Or does my license still work for FSUIPC4?) Simmarket does not tell me, which version I will get. The DEMO-download of the single WIDEFS7-buy-page point to http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/WideFS.zip which contains a executable of version 6.999. The official download page of schiratti also points to http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/WideFS.zip Saying it's v6.995 and giving the same .zip file which contains 6.999 So is there a version 7.x at all? Would I need a new license (compared to my license from 2006) for WIDEFS7 for working with FSUIPC4? Regards Sven
  10. Hello fellow simmers, I have a problem when I switch my USB mouse and keyboard and monitor from the client Pc to the Server running P3D V2. WideFs on client pC runs well and very stable and connects SAITEK panels. Interesting: I connect the panels using the SAITEK FS2004 PANEL PLUGIN and NOT the FSX plugin! The Saitek panels /WideFS work well until I use the USB switch to see the Server screen / connect the mouse and keyboard. When I switch back to the client WideFS crashed and I get the following message "FS ELIMINATOR FOR FSUIPC CLIENT application has stopped working" Note; for pratical purposes and development my rig is set up like a server with 2 client PC and a USB switch that allows me to view and control each PC as required. I use this during development, not in the regular home cockpit. It took me a while to find out that the problem seemed to be related to the USB switching. Fsuipc log clearly shows the USB/HID disconnect and reconnect.. " ++++ HID USB DEVICE RECONNECTED; REINITIALISING FSUIPC CONNECTIONS" A few observations:; WIdeFS and SAITEK panels run well on client when not switching USB mouse or when using a separate mouse connected to PC. Crash is WIDEFS/FSUIPC related. saitek Panels plugin 2004 does NOT crash. I installed the panels and WideFS on the 2d Client and the same problem comes up, so it doesn't seem to be related to any client hardware or software issue. I use a network (ethernet) switch. When using this switch instead of a regular router, the server PC HOMEGROUP settings are lost everytime I reboot and have to be readjusted. As it seems to be FSUIPC related, is there anything I can change in the logging settings that might avert this? Could the crash be related to a dataflow issue caused by the USB disconnect/connect logged by FSUIPC5 (as shown by the log) and maybe an unstable or damaged ethernet switch? But then why is no other interface affected?. Other software that use client interfaces such as Simplugins and Flight1 GTN running on clients are not affected by this problem and run very stable. Reinstalling FSUIPC4, P3D, add-ons did NOT solve the probem. Updating hardware drivers on server and clients did not solve the problem. No hardware problems. I hope someone can help explain how to solve this. Happy landings! Erik
  11. Hi Pete, I am using the FSFK since a while without any problem. I have a network setup: PC1 with P3D v2.5 and PC2 with widefs, FSFK, ASN, vpilot. 2 weeks ago I have updated the OS on both of my PC1 & PC2 to windows10 and since that time FSFK is reporting 00:00h for my flights as shown on this example: http://air-child.com/pirepDetail.php?fid=16082015175753ACH06804454&pid=ACH0680 When I check the report in FSFK i see more details and for the reported times it shows a strange date from the years of 1890... I have tested FSAcars installed on PC2 and that reports properly. (maybe that does not consider year?!). I do not know if it is widefs, FSFK or Windows issue...but can not get any response from the support team of FSFK that is the reason why I came here for some idea. Of course checked the system and p3d dates and they are correct. One thing what I will still check is the international settings in windows on PC1 and PC2 if they are same in regards of the date, however I do not know if it has any affect or not. Thanks, Tibor
  12. Hi there, This is in reference to the last post regarding WideFS failing to connect, I did send the WideClient log however I forgot to send the WideServer log. Here it is- ********* WideServer.DLL Log [version 7.939u] ********* Blocksize guide = 8192 (double allowed) Date (dmy): 15/07/15, Time 12:54:41.102: Server name is UDAAN-PC 15600 Initialising TCP/IP server 15600 Initialising UDP/IP server 16115 Broadcasting service every 1000 mSecs 1808317 Closing down now ... Memory managed: Offset records: 804 alloc, 803 free Read buffer usage: 0 alloc, 0 free, max in session: 0 Write buffer usage: 0 alloc, 0 free, max in session: 0 Throughput maximum achieved: 0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec Throughput average achieved for complete session: 0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec ********* Log file closed ********* ********* WideServer.DLL Log [version 7.939u] ********* Blocksize guide = 8192 (double allowed) Date (dmy): 15/07/15, Time 12:54:41.102: Server name is UDAAN-PC 15600 Initialising TCP/IP server 15600 Initialising UDP/IP server 16115 Broadcasting service every 1000 mSecs 1808317 Closing down now ... Memory managed: Offset records: 804 alloc, 803 free Read buffer usage: 0 alloc, 0 free, max in session: 0 Write buffer usage: 0 alloc, 0 free, max in session: 0 Throughput maximum achieved: 0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec Throughput average achieved for complete session: 0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec ********* Log file closed ********* Thanks and Regards, Krishna
  13. Hi there, Greetings for the day, I have registered the FSUIPC4 and WideFs7 on main computer (running FSX). However when i try running WideClient.exe on remote stations, I get following message- `WideClient FS98 Eliminator-Waiting for a connection.`. I have gone through the installation manual and have done pretty much everything right with regards to installation and networking. following is the WideClient log- ********* WideClient Log [version 6.999n] Class=FS98MAIN ********* Date (dmy): 17/07/15, Time 13:25:16.797: Client name is FLIGHTSIM1-PC 47 LUA: "C:\Users\FlightSim1\Desktop\Initial.LUA": not found 63 Attempting to connect now 63 Trying to locate server: Need details from Server Broadcast 63 Failed to connect: waiting to try again 2122 Attempting to connect now 45366 Trying to locate server: Need details from Server Broadcast 16599443 ****** End of session performance summary ****** 16599443 Total time connected = 0 seconds 16599443 Reception maximum: 0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec 16599443 Transmission maximum: 0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec 16599443 Max receive buffer = 0, Max send depth = 0, Send frames lost = 0 16599443 ********* Log file closed (Buffers: MaxUsed 0, Alloc 0 Freed 0 Refused 0) ********* Please guide me through. Thanks in advance. have a nice day. Krishna, Udaan Aviation, India
  14. Hi Pete, I intend to purchase AI traffic software and run it on my client computer and connect it with my FSX computer (Server). Are you aware of any software that will be network compatible and run either via widefs or simconnect? None of the programs I have seen so far (i.e. MyTraffic or Ultimate Traffic) seem to be network compatible - at least the description doesn't mention so. Kind regards Robert van Veen Germany
  15. Pete, We flight simmers are a small and unique group and very dedicated. I have to say the only vendor you use for your products (SimMarket) is very shady at best. I purchased FSUIPC4 just 4 months ago for 24 Euro. I now need WIDEFS which is being offered along with FSUIPC4 at the bundle price of 21.42 Euro. I inquired with SimMarket about their best price for WIDEFS and the best they could do is have me buy ANOTHER FSUIPC license and WIDEFS to get the 21.42 Euro bundle price, or puchase only what I need (WIDEFS) for 24.00 Euro. I just purchased FSUIPC4 in May and still have to pay over double the bundle price now offered to have these 2 modules. Any other retailer would consider a discount for a regular customer who purchased something at full price just before it went on sale. Sorry to vent, but I have limited funds for my "hobby" and this is just bad practice. Again, your modules are excellent. I think a little competition in vendors would keep things honest. Anything you can do for is appreciated. Ron SimMarket Support Ticket History: Order ID: 1141002 Created on: 10/11/2014 by: Ron Ticket ID: 3n0E1L9L2E2H6N Last change: 2014-10-11 22:30:36 Product: PETE DOWSON - FSUIPC4 Ron XXXXXXXX Date: 10/11/2014 Status: Open Hello, In May, I purchased FSUIPC4 from SimMarket which I was advised supposed to come also with WIDEFS as a bundle package. I am now advancing in my simulation to networking and wanted to connect WIDEFS. Could I please be advised how to get this product and activation key? I would really appreciate it as I paid 24.00 Euro for it in May, and you now advertise the same bundle for only 18.00 Euro. I really need WIDEFS to move foward with my sim flying. Thanks, Ron Jorge - Support Date: 10/11/2014 Status: Closed Dear Customer, You only bought the FSUIPC4 for the price of 24€. The bundle price is 21.42€ regards Ron XXXXXXXX Date: 10/11/2014 Status: Reopened Jorge/Support Team Member, So let me get this straight. I paid 24Euro for FSUIPC4 (only) 5 months ago, and you are currently offering a bundle package (FSUIPC4 and WIDEFS) for 21.42 Euro now. So, you are saying the only option for me is to purchase ANOTHER FSUIPC License, just to get WIDEFS at the bundle price, or buy WIDEFS by itself for another 24 Euro? So, you would require me to spend double the current price (almost 42 Euro total) to have these 2 modules now? That is the best price I can get just to have WIDEFS??? After years as a Simmarket customer with multiple purchases with you, is this the best you can do? I will write Pete Dowson directly to complain about his vendor's practices as this is not the right way to do business. He always offers upgrade discounts to longstanding and upgrading customers. Please acknowledge, and keep this ticket OPEN as I would like it elevated for more consideration. Thanks, Ron
  16. Hi Pete, I have a two-PC set up for my home cockpit. PC1 is running FSX, FSUIPC (registered version) and WideView Server. Connected with the PC1 are three 3 monitors for instruments display and all gaming controls such as yoke, throttle and radio panel. PC2 runs FSX for external views only (WideView Client). I am looking into the possibility of using one or more buttons on the yoke - which is hooked with PC1 - to change the external views delivered by PC2. Is it possible with the use of WideFS? If yes, any guidance on the setup will be highly appreciated. Thanks AJ
  17. norton 360

    norton has blocked widefs closer.exe (suspicious MH690.A) Why?? is it safe to allow it,
  18. Hi im trying to get my widefs to run but have been unsucsessful. so far this is what my client is doing im not sure where it comes up with the ip address i dont have anything in my network with that address. also it says class=FS98MAIN but i am running FS2004. thanks for any help WideClient Log [version 6.999b] Class=FS98MAIN ********* Date (dmy): 24/01/14, Time 16:04:10.015: Client name is 2NDCOMPUTER 172 LUA: "C:\Widefs\Initial.LUA": not found 203 Attempting to connect now 203 Trying to locate server: Need details from Server Broadcast 203 Failed to connect: waiting to try again 2234 Attempting to connect now 44890 Trying to locate server: Need details from Server Broadcast 69265 Server = USER-FEF13D08D5 69281 Trying TCP/IP host "USER-FEF13D08D5" port 8002 ... 69281 ... Okay, IP Address = 88250 New Client Application: "ASv6" (Id=3012) 90437 Error on client pre-Connection Select() [Error=10060] Connection timed out 90437 Ready to try connection again 92484 Attempting to connect now 92484 Giving up server, looking for another! 92484 Server = USER-FEF13D08D5 92484 Trying TCP/IP host "USER-FEF13D08D5" port 8002 ... 92484 ... Okay, IP Address = 115687 Server = USER-FEF13D08D5 115687 Trying TCP/IP host "USER-FEF13D08D5" port 8002 ... 115687 ... Okay, IP Address = 138640 Giving up server, looking for another! 138640 Server = USER-FEF13D08D5 138640 Trying TCP/IP host "USER-FEF13D08D5" port 8002 ... 138640 ... Okay, IP Address = 140828 ****** End of session performance summary ****** 140828 Total time connected = 0 seconds 140828 Reception maximum: 0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec 140828 Transmission maximum: 0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec 140828 Max receive buffer = 0, Max send depth = 0, Send frames lost = 0 140828 **************** Individual client application activity **************** 140828 Client 3012 requests: 5 (Ave 5/sec), Data: 270 bytes (270/sec), Average 54 bytes/Process 140828 ********* Log file closed (Buffers: MaxUsed 1, Alloc 5 Freed 5 Refused 0) *********
  19. Hi Pete, I use FSUIPC 4.928 on my fs-pc. Installed is FSX and on a different hdd a version of P3D 1.4. On a second pc I run the wideclient to use different help programs (i. e. moving map, weather, etc). Both pc's run on win7 with fixed ip-adresses in the same network. With FSX there is no problem. But when I start P3D and the WideServer runs up, it tells me: "Unable to serve (see logs)" in the top of the fs-window for a very short period of time (< 1 sec.). Then it shows ".......waiting for clients". But a connect is not possible. My logfiles are attached. Can you see where my error is? I can't find out. Thanks for your help in advance. Best wishes Roland Logs.rar
  20. Hi Everyone, this is my very first post in this forums. I'm using FSUIPC for a long time. Recently i decided to move all my external applications to second PC, for smoother FSX and better acces to applications. So, everything connects and works perfect, i have only one question: How to assign IP's to my networked PC's? I found this line in WideFS manual: "Incidentally, assigning specific IP addresses to your PCs in this way also helps reduce periodic but regular stutters in Flight Simulator, caused by the Network drivers querying the Network to get an address assigned" Becouse smoothnest is my primary concern, i'd like to eliminate even a posibility of "periodic but regular stutters". I tried like described, but not worked for me - my network disapears when i do that. Maybe i did something wrong, becouse this is my first networking :) I have main FSX PC + laptop for all applications. Main FSX PC is connected via cable, and laptop use wireless. I'm using default homegroup, both PC's are Windows 7 / 64bit. Do i need to create new network for this? If so, what is the best option, VPN? Thanks
  21. Hi Pete , I am writting this request on behalf of my neighbour. He has installed Flight Sim Commander 9. It includes FSX and FS2004. Also, there is a FSUIPC4 module available. He has three consoles, but in the Full-screen mode on Windows 7 he is not able to get one of the view (which I guess is the navigation map). For this reason he installed a shareware version of widefs on a laptop, from where he is using the wideclient. He wanted to try the setup before buying it. I am providing the log output of FSUIPC below. I infer from the log file that both FSUIPC4 and WideFS7 are not registered. Also, in FlightSim I noticed that the buttons to activate these two modules are disabled. And the WideClient was not able to connect. So, the question is whether the shareware version doesn't really work in the above setup? And also, does he needs to buy both FSUIPC4 and WideFS7 or just WideFS7 to get this working? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ********* FSUIPC4, Version 4.823 by Pete Dowson ********* User Name="" User Addr="" FSUIPC4 not user registered WIDEFS7 not user registered, or expired Running inside FSX on Windows 7 Module base=61000000 46 System time = 05/05/2013 17:16:59 46 FLT path = "C:\Users\Wilfried\Documents\ Flight Simulator X-Dateien\" 62 Trying to connect to SimConnect Acc/SP2 Oct07 ... 62 FS path = "E:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\" 358 LogOptions=00000000 00000001 358 Wind smoothing fix is fully installed 358 G3D.DLL fix attempt installed ok 358 SimConnect_Open succeeded: waiting to check version okay 358 Trying to use SimConnect Acc/SP2 Oct07 2480 Running in "Microsoft Flight Simulator X", Version: 10.0.61472.0 (SimConnect: 10.0.61259.0) 2480 Initialising SimConnect data requests now 2480 FSUIPC Menu entry added 2496 c:\users\wilfried\documents\flight simulator x-dateien\Paderborn Gade 1 kalt und dunkel.FLT 2496 E:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 737-800NGX WL\B737-800WL.AIR 16848 Starting everything now ... 17160 System time = 05/05/2013 17:17:16, Simulator time = 17:17:03 (15:17Z) 18283 Advanced Weather Interface Enabled 410704 Sim stopped: average frame rate for last 395 secs = 23.6 fps 1582755 Sim stopped: average frame rate for last 1168 secs = 23.9 fps ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Cheers , Prasad
  22. Hello to all, I have a sudden problem with WideFS. I'm using FSUIPC and WideFS for a few years w/o any problems. From one day to another WideFS and FSX don't connect anymore. First I updated to the latest version of FSUIPC and WideFS. Both programms are regsitered and are showing this in FSUIPC. Then I disabled the Firewall, still not working. Does anybody have an idea what could be the reason for this and how to get WideFS back to work / connect with FSX? Thanks to all Detlef
  23. Hi All, I recently upgraded from using FS2004 to using FSX so I upgraded to a registered version FSUIPC4 4.80 and WideFS7 as well as WideClient version 6.94. I installed as per documentation and ensured network was operating correctly. My server PC with FSX installed is Win 7 Home Premium, my client PCs are 2 x Win XP (Professional) SP3 and 1 x Win XP (Professional) machine - old machine. Everything works as advertised except on the older Win XP machine. This machine has not been upgraded for many years (unlike the other two which have Service Pack 3 installed) and runs legacy programs hence my reluctance to upgrade it lest I break something... Anyhow on this machine when I click on WideClient.exe nothing happens and WideClient does not even appear in the Task Manager window. Furthermore no log is produced by WideClient which is frustrating. When I used the older version of WideClient I was using with my FS2004 setup (version 6.78) it works and WideClient connects happily and no side-effects are evident. I am happy with the workaround for now. However I'd like to know what could be causing me the problem with version 6.94 of WideClient as at some point in time I may not be able to use that older version and would like to use consistent versions across my environment, that is, have every client PC using 6.94 instead of the present situation whereby one of them is still using version 6.78 due to the problem mention above. Thank you Cheers, Lucas
  24. Pete, After reading WideFS User's Guide for 5 times I just came to sad conclusion that I didn't fully understand it. I am not experienced in networking. And I believe I lack some basic understanding of how it all is going to work. Please find time to guide me. Purpose: to make FS Commander installed on Toshiba laptop working with FSX on HP desktop. Both on Win 7. What I did: - bought respective FSUIPC and WideFS; - installed WideFS on desktop; installed FSC as suggested: C/WideFS and C/FSC; - placed .dll to modules' folder in FSX; - with kind assistance of guys from Microsoft Russia I fixed issues with establishing workgroups and network. Now laptop's workgroup sees FSX (though it is llibrary FSX). Desktop's workgroup also "sees" folder on laptop. And here I got stuck. What is going to happen next? In FSX I see flashing "WideFS is waiting for client". Where should I start to make it work? I would be grateful for your word. Regards, Nicholai Ivanitsky Moscow Russia
  25. Just need a nudge

    hello all, When it comes to computers and networking I really am lost in the sauce. I have read and re read all the instructions for the installation of wideFS and its client and still cant them to connect. Im running on win7 home 64bit. Here are the logs, ********* WideClient Log [version 6.86] Class=FS98MAIN ********* Date (dmy): 14/12/11, Time 15:13:37.097: Client name is WIDEFS 250 LUA: "C:\Users\Matthew McAlpine\Desktop\WideClient\Initial.LUA": not found 328 Attempting to connect now 343 Server = MYVIRTUALCOCKPI 343 Trying TCP/IP host "MYVIRTUALCOCKPI" port 8002 ... 343 ... Okay, IP Address = 21388 Error on client pre-Connection Select() [Error=10060] Connection timed out 21388 Ready to try connection again 23416 Attempting to connect now 23416 Giving up server, looking for another! 23525 Server = MYVIRTUALCOCKPI 23525 Trying TCP/IP host "MYVIRTUALCOCKPI" port 8002 ... 23525 ... Okay, IP Address = 28689 ****** End of session performance summary ****** 28689 Total time connected = 0 seconds 28689 Reception maximum: 0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec 28689 Transmission maximum: 0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec 28689 Max receive buffer = 0, Max send depth = 0, Send frames lost = 0 28689 ********* Log file closed (Buffers: MaxUsed 0, Alloc 0 Freed 0 Refused 0) ********* ********* WideClient Log [version 6.86] Class=FS98MAIN ********* Date (dmy): 14/12/11, Time 15:08:09.525: Client name is WIDEFS 250 LUA: "C:\Users\Matthew McAlpine\Desktop\WideClient\Initial.LUA": not found 328 Attempting to connect now 1233 Server = MYVIRTUALCOCKPI 1342 Trying TCP/IP host "MYVIRTUALCOCKPI" port 8002 ... 1342 ... Okay, IP Address = 22371 Error on client pre-Connection Select() [Error=10060] Connection timed out 22371 Ready to try connection again 24414 Attempting to connect now 24414 Giving up server, looking for another! 25241 Server = MYVIRTUALCOCKPI 25241 Trying TCP/IP host "MYVIRTUALCOCKPI" port 8002 ... 25241 ... Okay, IP Address = 48345 Server = MYVIRTUALCOCKPI 48345 Trying TCP/IP host "MYVIRTUALCOCKPI" port 8002 ... 48345 ... Okay, IP Address = 71402 Giving up server, looking for another! 71449 Server = MYVIRTUALCOCKPI 71449 Trying TCP/IP host "MYVIRTUALCOCKPI" port 8002 ... 71449 ... Okay, IP Address = 95504 Server = MYVIRTUALCOCKPI 95598 Trying TCP/IP host "MYVIRTUALCOCKPI" port 8002 ... 95598 ... Okay, IP Address = 118639 Giving up server, looking for another! 119544 Server = MYVIRTUALCOCKPI 119544 Trying TCP/IP host "MYVIRTUALCOCKPI" port 8002 ... 119544 ... Okay, IP Address = 142585 Server = MYVIRTUALCOCKPI 142585 Trying TCP/IP host "MYVIRTUALCOCKPI" port 8002 ... 142585 ... Okay, IP Address = 165658 Giving up server, looking for another! 165689 Server = MYVIRTUALCOCKPI 165689 Trying TCP/IP host "MYVIRTUALCOCKPI" port 8002 ... 165689 ... Okay, IP Address = 189619 Server = MYVIRTUALCOCKPI 189729 Trying TCP/IP host "MYVIRTUALCOCKPI" port 8002 ... 189729 ... Okay, IP Address = 212817 Giving up server, looking for another! 213628 Server = MYVIRTUALCOCKPI 213628 Trying TCP/IP host "MYVIRTUALCOCKPI" port 8002 ... 213628 ... Okay, IP Address = 237637 Server = MYVIRTUALCOCKPI 237637 Trying TCP/IP host "MYVIRTUALCOCKPI" port 8002 ... 237637 ... Okay, IP Address = 260740 Giving up server, looking for another! 260896 Server = MYVIRTUALCOCKPI 260896 Trying TCP/IP host "MYVIRTUALCOCKPI" port 8002 ... 260896 ... Okay, IP Address = 284281 Server = MYVIRTUALCOCKPI 284390 Trying TCP/IP host "MYVIRTUALCOCKPI" port 8002 ... 284390 ... Okay, IP Address = 297869 ****** End of session performance summary ****** 297869 Total time connected = 0 seconds 297869 Reception maximum: 0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec 297869 Transmission maximum: 0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec 297869 Max receive buffer = 0, Max send depth = 0, Send frames lost = 0 297869 ********* Log file closed (Buffers: MaxUsed 0, Alloc 0 Freed 0 Refused 0) *********