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Full FSUIPC SDK up to versions 3.999 and 4.80 FSUIPC SDK
Updated 8th June 2014  with:

-- revised Python package donated by István Váradi.

-- version 2.4 of Paul Henty's .NET client DLL.

maxx's free SPAD: Saitek Panels Advanced Driver Go to

GPSout version 2.61 for use with FSUIPC3 only (FS2004 or before) GPSout 2.61
-- Adds option for Sim Mode field added to the RMC sentence (for Apple devices)
-- Signature removed

ShowText by Rob van der Wiele ShowText

TrafficLook accessory program TrafficLook
Version 1.551 includes an Airport filtering option
Version 1.56 displays nearest traffic information in the title bar (needs FSUIPC 4.966 or later).

WeatherSet accessory program WeatherSet
WeatherSet2 only, Version 1.60 WeatherSet2
Version 1.60 of WeatherSet2 handles FSX Global Mode
multiple visibility layers, and "GapAbove" surface wind.


HidScanner: A little program for scanning connected (or even just Registered) Joysticks and other HID (Human Interface) Devices and providing full details. It can stay running and monitor changes too, if needed: HidScanner

GFdev.dll for GoFlight users (FS2004 or FSX) GFDev.dll
This is version (January 2013). For the very latest versions please
check over at GoFlight, link: http://www.goflighti...m/pages/support
Older GFdev.dll for GoFlight users (FS2004 or FSX) Older GFDev.dll

GFdisplay version 1.30 for Goflight users (FS2004 or FSX) GFdisplay 1.30
(Now including GF-MCP Pro support)

Make Runways utility version 4.6992 MakeRunways 4.6992
This version handles scenery paths set as "Remote" as well as "Local".
Also sets correct State strings for US Airports in the XML file.
Checks the FS "exe" file in reverse released order, to cope with added EXE's for migration.
Updates RC's Transition Altitudes for Aivlasoft EFB users
-- 4.674 correctly finds the SCENERY.CFG file for Prepar3D version 2.
-- 4.675 adds runway centre and edge light info to the XML file.
-- 4.677 uses double float acuracy for Gate positions in G5.CSV
-- 4.678 finds correct FSX Steam Edition scenery file when both FSX and FSX-SE installed
-- 4.679 provides R5.bin and T5.bin files as well, binary versions of R5.csv and T5.csv
-- 4.69 provides helipad information in "Helipads.csv"
-- 4.692 corrects a long standing error which can provide incorrect gate and taxiway data.
-- 4.693 includes an option to include Water Runways in the runway lists.
-- 4.694 includes a command line option (/+Q) for silent operation, i.e. no display.
-- 4.696 adds VASI, Runway lights, File and Scenery names and other things to Runways.XML.
-- 4.697 prevents interruption during the final second or two whilst files are written
-- 4.699 corrects Runways.XML text characters &<>"', using the correct escape notations.
-- 4.6992 prevents errors in F5.csv, or possibly crashes, when COM station names contain no ASCII alphanumeric characters. The name is removed altogether.

FliteStar plans exporter, FStarRC, version 2.31
This update works with versions of FliteStar/FliteMap up to and including,
and with the latest FStarRC.rws and F5.csv files produced by MakeRunways 4.52 or later.
-- Signature removed

EPICINFO5 Beta version 4.941 for FSX/ESP EPICINFO5 Beta 4.941
For use only by experienced EPICINFO users. This is the DLL only, which was etrieved from archives after an unintended absence of 6 years, but without any documentation at all. It cannot be supported at this time.

MixW freeware virtual port simulator (not for Vista/Win7 or 64-bit) MixW Freeware
HHD freeware virtual port simulator at (works with bioth 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7)
(Alternatively, for Vista and Win7 try the Eterlogic one, 32-bit version is free, 64-bit reasonable at $25 (U.S.): VSPE Website


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