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Can't select start position which works in FSX

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jparnold    0

I am really new to FS Commander but can create a flight plan and either use Navaid Plan, Low Alt Plan or High Alt Plan to automatically insert waypoints OR manually insert waypoints etc.

My problem is that I cannot work out how to select a parking position at departure airport which will result in FSX positioning my aircraft after loading the flight plan.

What I am doing -

Select Parking and Taxiways > select (click on) the parking position I want to use

SAVE flight plan

Start FSX

Load flight plan

Click YES position my aircraft

I am always positioned at the end of a runway instead of at the parking location.

What am I doing wrong? How do you ensure that the parking location you want is written to the flight plan for FSX to use to position the aircraft at that parking location.



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Volker Heine    28

Hi John,

you are using the function select parking and taxiways. That's wrong.

In the current manual on page 38 you will find a screenshot and a detailed description.

I am sure it is the solution of the problem.


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