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Wael AL-qutub

Xtreme FSPS Help !

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Hello everyone.i have bought xtreme fsps recently. in FSX performance tweaks tab i want to change (show slew messege) once i uncheck it (as i dont want to see this messege in fsx) and save settings to a profile 1 for example. and click main page tab prepare profile to fly now which will be profile 1. i then leave the xtreme fsps opend and start FSX

but whats confuseing me is that the slew messeges is still appearing !

can anyone help me sort this out.

oh and by the way after this didnt work , i have tried editing the lines on the fsx.cfg to =false and it still doesnt go away.

Thank you


p.s is there a best settings guide for xtreme fsx pc ? or is the best settings are the defualts of FSPs ?

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