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Users requesting support : Please read this.

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FSPS ....
is a software company that tries to publish quality products.
is a company based on Flight Simmers , who put their knowledge in programming and aviation together, with the goal to expand Simming horizons.
is a company made by humans - not machines - who have feelings like everyone else.
is a company WELL KNOWN for their quality and fast support service.

Recently - maybe an echo - of the growing conflicts around the planet, of the economic crisis , of the personal corruption of everyone of us, we honestly don't know the reason, we witness while supporting users for their tiniest (lost my keys please sent new) or their huge problem (my application doesn't start) erratic behaviour.

What do we mean? "I will tell to that forum that you suck if you don't fix my problem at once" . " I will ask for a refund, you say in the specifications only FSX but I guessed it was ok for P3D, you missguided me" , etc etc. Yes that is erratic behaviour.

Or... on the initial contact... ( ...problem description ...) : FIX THIS OR GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK YOU THIEF ... ! ! ! Well this is not only erratic, this is not POLITE !

Well we had enough.

Having PAID for a software, doesn't make you King of the World. It makes you a customer, you have always right ( - we believe this 'moto' - ) , unless proved otherwise, we are obligated to help you, we LOVE IT to help you, but you have to follow certain rules when contacting us.

From now on requests for support not following proper language, including threats, impolite behaviour, especially on initial contact , before we didn't even have the chance to trouble shot the problem, will not be disregarded (this is not legal nor ethical) but WILL be dealt on the FS INDUSTRY standards. (1-2 full working days for a reply , Yes we buy software also: THIS IS the industry standard).

As you well probably know, FSPS Support , has a 4+ person team working around the clock to cover all world zones , replying in record time most usually, and solving issues even with remotely connecting to customers PCs , setting daily industry records. Proof are the words around this and other forums, and on customer or even official reviews.

PLEASE help us do our job more effectively. It is our goal, and - ultimately - this is the best for you.

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