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FSX Fiber Accelerator - OUT NOW !

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Flight Simulator Platform Solutions presents FSX Fiber Accelerator, a product that will take FSX again to the peak, where it belongs !

FSX tweaking over the years was made -mostly- by making changes on fsx.cfg . That is the FSX settings file.
All changes – despite how good they were – are static, as when you load FSX these changes stay until you quit FSX and insert another tweak again.

This leads to problems: Either you had found a perfect setup for around a heavy airport but you would lose graphics quality on other places, or you had found the perfect setup for high lever flying but when close to the ground things went bad, or you had a "just average" all-around set up.

How about forcing FSX to be more clever and provide it with a way that keeps frames high at the best possible graphics quality, or lower frames to keep up with the graphics demand , according to your needs? 

Dear Simmers, FSX Fiber Accelerator is here ! For the first time in FSX, we directly, in real-time, dynamically inserting FSX  tweaks without touching fsx.cfg. Using revultionary techniques we draw power from where you DON'T need (in example while you are on the ground, from drawn graphics 80 miles away) and bring you this power to where you DO need (in example to better frame rate and better graphics quality around the airport). 

By – in other words – rewritting the FSX graphics engine, FSX now gives to Simmer what he need , when he needs it ! 

Better frame rates, better graphics quality, faster texture loading, smoothness in motion all together in the same flight! Maximizing the CPU and GPU power for FSX was never easier.

Doing what? Like updating FSX with a new fsx.cfg every millisecond !

How it works:
You start FSX and set a "Target Frames" in settings. (This will be the top number your FSX will get on the less demanding situations)
You start FSX Fiber Accelerator, and you set a "Lower Frames per second" target. This will be the number of frames FSX will try to catch up, according to your needs, lowering graphics quality (always gradually from places you cannot see anyway, moving closer to your position).
You then go to the hardest (i.e. the most frame-killer you got) airport you own. You test some settings until you find the best one. That's it. 

All is later done afterwards by FSX Fiber Accelerator and it will work perfectly on all other airport as you configured it for the worst possible scenario. 
Next time you just start FSX and FSX Fiber Accelerator... Nothing more to do, made to be as simply as possible, it is start-and-forget.

Main Features:

  • Best possible fps at any given situation with maximum possible graphics quality.
  • Best possible graphics in FSX quality according to the frame rate you set for the hard cases.
  • Best possible smoothness on texture loading during even the hardest viewpoing change.
  • Maximum CPU and GPU allocation to FSX during the whole flight.
  • Dynamically applying (every millisecond) the best possible tweaks to your FSX.

What it cannot do? Well it is not buying you new hardware. It just makes absolutely sure that the one you have will present FSX to the zenith , as best as it can do. To hard to believe it?

We agree. Download the demo from HERE to get the free try-before-you-buy chance to believe... (5 single uses of the application , for 5 minutes each) Do your tests where you know you PC barely makes it, and be amazed by the results.

Then we are sure, we will welcome you to FSPS family as the only possible next step would be you become a proud owner of FSPS – FSX Fiber Accelerator . 


FSX Fiber Accelerator, can run at any PC that is able to run Microsoft's FSX .

  • Windows: XP SP3 / Vista / Win 7 – 32 or 64 bit / Win 8
  • Flight Simulator X – Service pack 2 or Acceleration pack
  • Microsoft's NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  • Latest Version of FSUIPC by Peter Dowson. (Registered or unregistered)
  • Up and running internet connection for activation and license checking of the product on each application's start-up.
  • PDF viewer application for reading the manual.

FSX Fiber Accelerator is compatible with:

ALL tweaking applications (i.e. FSX Booster 2013) , ALL tweaking guides available on webpages or forums, ALL websites that use web-services where user could submit his PC specs and get back a recommended fsx.cfg. etc… 

• One active installation on only one PC at any given time. (Checked via online validation after every installation.) Users can have the application installed on multiple computers moving the active license around, using the “Transfer License” function.
• FSX Fiber Accelerator must run on the FSX PC in order to communicate directly with FSX.

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Now included in the demo,  some demo instructions cause many people asked for them:




Instructions for Demo:

- Extract the whole folder "FSX Fiber Accelerator DEMO" contained in the zip file to a
folder in you hard disk and run the FSX Fiber Accelerator Demo.exe contained there.
Do not try to run the .exe from inside the zip folder as it won't work.
- Don't run FSX Fiber Accelerator Demo immediately:
Steps to run the demo properly:
a) Start FSX , and at display settings select a "Target Frames" to act as higher upper frame limit 
b ) Start your flight by selecting the "worst" scenery, aircraft, and weather you got. Where "worst" 
we mean the most frame killer scenery aircraft and weather you can imagine. For me - just an example - 
is EGLL(payware), with a certain 777 model, and during a fixed major thunderstorms weather.
The purpose it to test the application to the worst possible scenerio, as in easier tasks
it will behave even better naturally.
Wait to load the flight to have as much time possible with the demo.
c) After you see your aircraft at the gate, start up etc to gain even more time with the demo.
d) Now start FSX Fiber Accelerator DEMO. 
You just not met with the requirements:
- You are missing FSUIPC (freeware version is enough)
- You don't have Microsoft.Net 3.5 SP1 installed. (It doesn't count if you have higher versions installed. 
.Net products are NOT backward compatible . You need exactly Microsoft .net 3.5.1
- Your FSX is not updated to SP2 or Acceleration Pack.

Since it starts without problem: Move the "Lower Frames per second" bar , to setting the frames as high: a) you have good steady frames, b ) graphic quality is not dropping significantly.
e) When 5 minutes passes the application will close. You can start it again to continue testing, and so on till all minutes and tries goes to zero.

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I am really interested in using this but unfortunately I find that the 5 minute evaluation period is nowhere long enough to see what benefit if any the program is giving even with 5 trials giving 25 minutes in total.  I use as my main test flying over Canberra in Australia with ORBX scenery, city and airport which drops my frame rates from the normal 30 down to about 12.  It looks like FSX Fiber might be increasing that slightly to around 14.5 but 5 minutes is no where near enough time to give it a good test and be sure before I pay out for it. There are several other airports I would like to try it out with before I considered purchasing.  I have already used up my quota and I am not convinced I am getting much improvement but I may not be doing the product justice due to the lack of real testing time.  It would be better if you could remove the time factor entirely and just limit it to say 5 trials without any time restriction.  Then we would have a far better chance of really seeing how it improves things.  I am sure I am not the only one who will be finding the current 5 minutes too restrictive to test it.  

Also, most of the time I fly FSX without being connected to the Internet.  Does this mean that I am unable to use Fibre?  If that is the case then that also is too restrictive.  Again I am certain there are a lot of simmers out there that do not fly using the Internet.


Just my thoughts for what its worth.


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New installer for demo uploaded (same link, just re-download)


Please read the new instructions, 5 x 60 minutes demo period extended.

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New INSTALLERS (version 1.1)



Demo: Re-download the same demo link and install over the old version


Full Commercial version:


Please run the "updater.exe" from inside your FSX Fiber Acceleration Installation folder.

It should find ver 1.1 , Press OK to download.

Run the exe and install over the old version.


OR use the direct link to the installer




Auto Updater now activated.

Broken .net users (who most have installed .net 4.5 in win7) should now be able to use the application.

Various fixes in GUI.

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Trying the new Demo and I first set the frame rate to 50 in FSX Display settings as instructed but when I open Fibre, it just defaults my frame rates to "unlimited"! Fibre seems to do this on its own! If I exit Fibre and only if I exit Fibre, can I change the frame rates back in FSX. And then I loose the demo turn. Fibre changes my frame rates to "Unlimited" Frame rates in the FSX Display settings. Why do you say to manually change this first when it is futile? 

I uninstalled and retried but demo says no, I already have it. I have only one demo try left and it will be the same result no doubt, so bye bye Fibre. Ill keep fibre for my breakfast cereal thank you.

This sounds too good to be true anyways. I wonder what Nick Needham over at Flight 1 would have to say about all this Booster Fibre junking up ones .cfg files?

Thx but no thx!

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I am experiencing exactly the same behaviour as kanadaken.


The Frame rates in fsx set themselves to unlimited without any external influence.


So I can't really see the improvements being promised by FSPS Fiber and my Trial Phase is running out...


So sad, as it sounded so promising.

Any clue how to solve the issue?



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@Dear rereverse


GO TO FSX SETTINGS - > Limit target to "50" , your choice.


SET LOWER TARGET FRAME -> Start from high, i.e. 40 and start lowering , not fast, let it work. i.e. 1 setting per 2-3 seconds. When you reach a point where unlimited is not shown you are done.


WE SET THE LIMIT to unlimited when the machine has nothing more to give. You should normally set a setting inside FIBER - IF YOU LIKE - to avoid this... (If you like because some people want to have this desperate measure).




@ kanadaken

You are completely out of "sync" as we say in programming words...

a) First you should read - if not the manual - the coming with the demo installer txt file.

b ) Do as above as user rereverse was instructed.

c) We don't give a f*** of what Mr. Nick Needham may say. We don't know him.

d) We don't touch fsx.cfg - neither read or write . It is completely ignored.





And this closes as it ment to be just an informations thread. If you like you can open a new thread below.

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Version 1.2 :

  • Logic change by adding 3 separate adjustable presets. Lower target, Middle Target, FA Deactivated. User now able to select via keyboard or joystick press, the required preset.
  • Auto-exit logic corrected
  • Messages inside FSX implemented (to show selectable preset)
  • Various GUI improvements / corrections
  • Fiber will now revert fsx.cfg to its default value (of selected FSX Target Frame – that is the only possible change) even if user force-closed FSX before Fiber. To make sure there won't be any error in the process and for extra safety of your setup file Fiber will create an fsx.cfg backup file upon startup at the usual folder.
  • Auto updater will now notify user if a new update is available.
  • Various base-code improvements.
Product description & Purchase : HERE


The ability to change - without need to swap to desktop - between the 3 presets will allow you to get the best out of the application.

We also implemented an FSUIPC offset (for those having a registered FSUIPC) so you would change between presets with the press of a joystick button or another cockpit switch.

The offset used is Offset Byte Setbits ,Offset: x78E3 parameter: x64 check manual for more details.


As always with FSPS product evolution will continue. Keep the feedback coming.

Thank you for the trust enjoy the new version!


FULL COMMERCIAL VERSION: DIRECT LINK or via the update button inside the app

DEMO VERSION 1.2 : DIRECT LINK (Users that had lost the ability to use it due to counter reached, can now re-try the demo with the new features)

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