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Sorry to yell, but I wanted to make sure and get everyone's attention. iBlueYonder has a new website, and included in it is a new official support forum. Please direct all support requests to http://iblueyonder.com/forum from now on. I will do my best to check back here often, but for fastest service you'll want to use the new forum.


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Hallo Mr. Womack,

I can´t open a topic or a post in the new forum despite I´m locked in. So I try here.

I just bought your brandnew Nantucket scenery strait away and before your discount E-mail reached me. But that´s not a problem, it´s ok for me as it is.

Nantucket is a fine scenery,  I like it and congratulations for that!

I just would like to aks where I can get your Heron´s nest scenery.

I joined a long time ago your mailing list but I cannot find the confirmation E-mail anymore or I never got one?

Despite I joined again with my second E-mail adress just today, I don´t get an E-mail from you with the link for download the Heron´s nest scenery!

If possible, could you please be so kind and help me out. I would be much appreciated.

Thanks and

best wishes



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