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HID buffer writing problem

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zuby    0

hello everyone,
I made a program in mikroc compiler that reads hid buffer values and write that values to the 7 segment display.  I copied below ipcready.lua file into fsx modules folder, that file writes air speed values to hid buffer. but com.writefeature is not working i think.

Vendor = 0x1234

	Product = 0x0001

	Device = 0

	Report = 0

dev, rd, wrf, wr, init = com.openhid(Vendor, Product, Device, Report)

if dev == 0 then
   ipc.log("Could not open HID")

-- Finish HID Connect

function call_speed (offset, value)
    dev = ipc.get("dev")
    wrf = ipc.get("wrf")
    com.writefeature(dev,string.format("%03d", value), wrf) 

-- Arduino Gauges/Servos
event.offset (0x07E2, "UW", "call_speed") -- aircraft speed


In mikroc program im reading buffer and put values into 7 segment display like below:


          if(HID_Read() != 0) {


can anyone help how can i resolve the issue?

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Pete Dowson    155

This post seems to be a more elaborate version of a post I already answered.

On 8/30/2017 at 10:00 AM, zuby said:

dev = ipc.get("dev")
wrf = ipc.get("wrf")

Where are these Global variables being set?

Please also see my other reply.

Please stick to one thread per subject in furture to avoid extra work and confusion.




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