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Taxiway F at KLGA

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Working KLGA I have noticed that some A/C exiting at taxiway F can't find their way to the terminal.

Example: EDV 3638Arr 1515 sat at the exit hold point & wont move. The following sequence occurred:

1515 Told to taxi to terminal, no movement

1516 Tols to taxi via R A. no movement

1516 Told to taxi via R B. same.

1517 A/C deleted by me

Log file (attached) shows rout calculation problems.

This has happened many times. This is the first time that I have captured a screen grab & a log file.

Any ideas.

Kev M



EDV 3638no taxi.jpg


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I can confirm, this happened to me quite a while ago (sorry, no logs; I haven't played KLGA for a while... hmmm, I probably should...), also with an Endeavor flight. Might be an issue with EDV flights, specifically.

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On 9.1.2018 at 12:23 PM, SimSmith Design said:

Thank you for your Remark!! We will check it and fix it A.S.A.P.

SimSmith Design

I think I found the reason just now.

I had EDV3325 (CR9) standing at F at 15:07 and not moving. The following DAL986 (320) did taxi to its assigned gate from the same spot.
Then, EDV3476 and EDV 3718 (both CR9) at 15:25 and 15:37 respectively both taxied to their gates at Terminal C from F without a problem.
Then, EDV3431 (CR9) at 15:49 was stuck at F being assigned for Terminal C, with the following NKS922 (320) taxiing correctly to its gate.
Epiphany happened when a JIA5175 (CR2) was stuck at F at 16:16 being assigned for gate C8 at Terminal B (according to the Google Maps satellite footage of KLGA, according to the game log it's "B_C4"). After deleting it, the next aircraft was UAL303 (320), which exited at F and taxied to its gate - which happened to be the exact same gate C8 at Terminal B, too!

So, the "road calculation error" seems to occur when two landing aircraft are given the exact same gate. So it could be a game error (seems like the program only did a check for free gates for aircraft already sitting at the gate and waiting for departure, instead also checking whether the gate will be occupied by an approaching or taxiing aircraft).

Since I'm now allowed to attach files bigger than 20kB, here's the game log.

At 15:03:27 ASQ5281 is given pushback clearance at gate D6 (takeoff clearance at 15:12:49), at 15:07:26 EDV3325 is given gate D6, at 15:17:21 DAL986 is given gate D6.
At 15:37:43 EDV3480 is given pushback clearance at gate D1 (takeoff clearance at 15:49:33), at 15:49:20 EDV3431 is given gate D1, at 15:51:14 ASQ5463 is given gate D1.
At 16:02:06 AAL358 is given pushback clearance at gate B_C4 (takeoff clearance at 16:11:57), at 16:16:56 JIA5175 is given gate B_C4, at 16:18:18 UAL303 is given gate B_C4.

(AAL358 was given the departure handoff at 16:13:20, even before JIA5175 got assigned its gate, so this seems to be insignificant. The error may probably be able to show until the aircraft leaving the gate has left the DBRITE screen and the program releases the handle on the object - which is still there even after departure handoff, as everyone knows who has experienced double callsigns/flights spawning like the AVA85 at LAX...)


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I just had the same problem at KSAN, so it's not a KLGA-taxiway-F-exclusive issue.

At 10:17:50, SWA4014 was given gate "T1_10" after being ordered to exit the runway at B8. But it didn't move an inch, couldn't even calculate the - short - way to the gate.
The reason was obviously that SWA2573 had just spawned before at the same gate "T1_10" and was given pushback clearance at 10:15:19.

It was not until I deleted SWA2573 (!) that SWA4014 could start moving.

The game log is attached.

And while I'm at it (from the same session), I found another bug at KSAN concerning general aviation aircraft (I don't remember whether it's exclusive to GA). I had seen it before operating runway 9, but now I also have the game log (it's the same). When issued the LUAW command, the aircraft turns a clockwise 360 before lining up. This happened with N940QS at 10:33:46 at the B1 entry for runway 27, but it has happened before on the B10 entry for runway 9, too. Unfortunately, the game log doesn't show it. I only have a screenshot.



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Hello Delta VII, 

Can you please post San Diego related issues in another KSAN thread, or in a new one? (Not in a KLGA thread!)  It would help us keep things organized :) We will add this report to the buglist however. Thank you for the info.

Best regards, 


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